Monday, May 31, 2010

Countdown v1 – again with the watch thing!

Countdown v1
May 30, 2010

Here is another nice little app from xdpirate


Presenting, a countdown timer for Dingux!
Just fire that sucker up, use the D-PAD to set the time, and press A to start the countdown! LEFT/RIGHT adjusts seconds, UP/DOWN adjusts minutes.

Source code is included, though the source is a horrid mess. It kept hanging and stopping and I couldn't figure out why, so it looks like something a 10-year old wrote right now. But it works! If I ever decide to update this, I'll probably clean up the source :3 If you feel like cleaning it up for me, be my guest! xD

Extract to /local/apps/. It doesn't take any commandline parameters, everything is controlled within the application itself. Press A to switch between countdown mode and time set mode. You can use the font and alarm sound of your choice if you replace font.ttf and alarm.mp3! Smiley


Get it while it's hot, only at my Google Code page!

Discuss it here:

And cheers to Dingoonity for all the below!

Startwatch v1

Startwatch v1
May 30, 2010

Here is a nice little program that turns your Dingoo into a stopwatch


This is a simple stopwatch for Dingux, based off of the code for my Countdown timer application.

A - Start/Stop
R - Reset time


Discuss it here:

Dingux Toolchain for Windows

Dingux Toolchain For Windows
May 30, 2010

SCiENcE has released a Dingux Toolchain for Windows.


I finally finished the Dingux Toolchain for Windows. You can now code for Dingux using Windows.

Downloads & Instructions

To all News sites: Please don't link directly to the downloads, just because without instructions this is useless.
Please link to my Site!


Discuss it here:


CBin GUI v1.0

CBin GUI v1.0
May 30, 2010

Here is a nice little program that converts your PSX images to cbin format.


Hello i programming a small tool for Windows to compress
the images file to ".cbn" for Dingux's PSX4ALL.

Momently can convert: *.bin, *.iso, *.img

Discuss it here:


Thanks to Dingoonity!

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Dingux for A330

The A330 gets Dingux, thanks to Stephanie!:

Dualboot loader, Dingux kernel, and installer for the Dingoo Technology A330
May 29, 2010

This is what all A330 users have been waiting for. 64 megs of ram and a default 400mhz clock speed in Dingux! Stephanie Rules!


I've finally finished the dualboot loader, Dingux kernel, and installer for the Dingoo Technology A330.

This dualboot loader is designed to take full advantage of the A330's upgraded hardware. With it and the updated Dingux kernel, you get full access to the 64MB of RAM and 400MHz clock speed.

The dualboot loader, kernel, and installation routines are packaged into a single zip file with detailed instructions. Please note that these files do not work with the original dualboot installer. Also note that you cannot simply use the new kernel with your existing dualboot installation, you must install the dualboot loader that comes with this package, and must use the included kernel (zImage file) in order to utilize these enhancements.

I have provided installation scripts for both Windows (32) and Linux (x86). Unfortunately I'm not able to provide a Mac version at this time.

Finally, though this should be obvious, you cannot use this on an A320! It will only work on the new A330!

If you have any questions or run into problems, please contact me here. Please read the instructions carefully and if you are submitting a bug report, please follow the bug report directions that are in the readme file.

Discuss it here:

Friday, May 28, 2010

MIDPath 4 Dingoo v0.3

MIDPath 4 Dingoo v0.3
May 27, 2010

rookie1 has updated his most excellent MIDPath port app on the Dingux!

MIDPath 4 Dingoo v0.3

Author/Porter: rookie1


I've released MIDPath 4 Dingoo v0.3. You can download it from

- Changed Midlet Suite Manager to display larger Midlet icons
- Force quit by using Start + Select + R
- Add a flag to use Nokia E61 style keypad (key '5' is mapped to 'g')
- Fixed a bug in image rotation causing graphics corruption
- Other fixes


Discuss it here:

Thursday, May 27, 2010

flatmush reviews the A330

Thanks flatmush and Dingoonity!

My Dingoo Technology A330 Review

OK, lets start my review on this beast now it has arrived (massive thanks to Dingoo Digital USA).
I'm going to take an advantages/disadvantages approach.
Looks a bit better, though some of that could be firmware modification. On my A330 the screen is squashed against the case in such a way that when buttons are pressed it distorts the LCD and makes it look awful.
The DPAD is easier to get diagonals on, but overall feels worse to use than the spongy a320 DPAD. The buttons are too sticky and bad to play any serious game with and even make it hard to operate the menus.
You can really only use this device with the optional controller (which I'll come to later).
The triggers are better than on the a320 no doubt about it, but they're not really a big selling point and they are still clicky micro-switches.
The shape of the device does make it nicer to hold than the a320, the PSP style is actually an improvement hard as that may be to believe.
Chipset Upgrades
This is where the unit actually shows some promise, the jz4740 seems to reliably clock higher than in the original a320 which seems to indicate that it's fabricated at 160nm rather than 180nm, the RAM is of the faster type similar to most a320 machines and obviously there is double the amount of it which is good.
The problem is that the unit still functions like an old a320 since the native OS doesn't really take advantage of the new features, though Dingux does now support the added ram.
The added wireless chip doesn't look too promising but we'll see.
The speakers seem to be higher quality to the ones in the A320 and don't sound as tinny, however they're pointed away from the user so in order to hear anything you have to blast very loud sounds at anybody around you while playing the game which means they're not useable in the presence of others which makes them pretty bad.
Not really tested this feature extensively but the 42" LCD in my house can't read the composite signals correctly (it uses composite for the Wii) so I'd say there are potentially some issues. I have heard reports that the TV-Out does work though.
Wireless Controller
The wireless controller is an advantage to this device, it makes up for the shoddy controls when you can use the console as a small portable games console, however the controller DPAD is over sensitive which makes it hard to navigate the menus.
Build Quality
The build quality of the machine is quite low, some of the buttons on my device are put on diagonally and looks terrible and pressing the button puts strain on the screen causing pressure points on the screen and changing the colors, which is terrible and makes the machine pretty useless.
The packaging seems much nicer and more robust, though they don't seem to understand what static bags are for since all the cables were shipped in them.
My Opinion
The machine is nicer to hold and has some good features, but the new problems introduced make it unusable. Unless a higher quality version is released then this machine can't be used for what it's sold for and you'd be better saving $30 and getting the original a320.
Things that need to be fixed
Pressure on the screen, due to shoddy build quality.
Speakers pointed away from the user.
Awful buttons need to be fixed.
The DPAD needs to have a central pivot.
The firmware needs to be updated to take advantage of the new hardware.

Protective Glow in the Dark silicon Dingoo Skins

image image image image

Seen one protective colourful figure hugging skin thing, seen ‘em all!  However, these are only US$2.60 delivered from Dealextreme; cheap enough to buy all 4 colours for when your mood swings:





Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Can someone help Denny flush his Dingoo’s memory?

A plea for help from one of our readers:

Cool site very informative.  I had a question regarding the memory of
the Dingoo.
It lookslike I am only using 1.4 GB of memory but the free space is
only showing a few hundred MB.
I think the continuous play is storing some movies.  I can't see them
when I plug the usb into my Ubuntu machine.  My other vista pc does
not recognize the Dingoo through usb.
How do I clear out the memory of the continuos play movies?

Can anyone help?

To lose one Dingoo native 3d games pack is unfortunate; to lose two is sheer carelessness!

And just in case you did lose all of them carelessly, here they are again:

Official 3D Games Pack

Here is a download that contains all the official games for the Dingoo A320 that I could find.
If a game is not an official Dingoo game or there is a game that's missing please let me know & I'll update the download. Keep in mind that some games share multiple names (Mahjong + Link 'Em Up | Puzzle Pobble + Popo Bash etc). Additionally, some games on the Dingoo Games website are for other devices.
The files are:

  • 7
  • Block
  • Candy's
  • Decollation Warrior - God of War Criminal
  • Hell Striker II - World
  • Link 'Em Up (Mahjong).app
  • Platinum
  • Puzzle Bobble - Popo Bash (Chinese).app
  • Ultimate
  • Yi-Chi King Fighter (Chinese).app
  • Zhao Yun Chuan (Chinese).app

Download link: (58.1 MB)

Busbymod for Dingux

May 25, 2010

8bitbubsy has released a new MOD player for DINGUX!


After working days on this, I feel it's time to release a test version for you guys.
You might ask yourself- Why code this when he have GMU which already plays ProTracker modules?
- Well, I do this for fun, and my player is even more ProTracker accurate (and supports the EF0-EFF effect). Also, it has got a cool pattern viewer!
I know there are some bugs and small stupid things, but I'll fix them in a later revision.

If some modules skips, overclock to 430Mhz! (Like in the start of face_another_day.mod)
Or press X! X stops all drawing, thus saves a lot of cycles in my slow code.
Why this happens? Well, my textout routine is very slow.

NOTE: To load a module, you must pass the executable file an argument.
With Gmenu2x edit your bubsymod shortcut, then turn "Selector Browser" ON, then make "Selector Directory" point to a directory with your MODs. For instance; /boot/local/app/BubsyMOD-dingux/MODs/
Every time you run the bubsymod shortcut, you get lead to the directory where you can choose what module to play.

Discuss it here:

And again with the Dingoonity!

Chipworld for Native

Chip World 1.0
May 25, 2010

Hartex has released Chip World for the native firmware!


Chip World 1.0 has finally been released!

PLEASE NOTE: To play you need CHIPS.DAT from the windows version of Chip's Challenge. I'm sure Google can help.

*** What is Chip World ***

Chip World is a complete re-implementation of the Windows version
of Chip's Challenge.

Help Chip win the respect of Melinda, to join the Bit Busters club.
For this, Chip must complete a number of challenges set up by
Chip must collect all the required micro chips to be able to pass
the socket, and get to the goal.

For more information, read the hints ingame by stepping on the
hint tiles.

If you're having problems completing a level, you have 5 skip
credits you can use to skip levels. To get the skip credits back,
simply go back and complete a skipped level.
You can skip levels from the in-game menu.

Somewhere along the way I got tired of trying to emulate all the
glitches in the windows version of Chip's Challenge.
As a result of not doing that, some levels which were partially
broken in the windows version now works as intended.

Discuss it here:

Thanks to Dingoonity!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Shameless cross-promotion: Check out

If you’re into Slatedroids, Apads, or Ekens – cheap Chinese Android Tablets from Ebay or anywhere else that takes your fancy, like these:

image image image

check out:

What’s that term they use in H’wood again? “From the makers of Dingoo-scene”! Oh darn, you’re not gonna go now, are you?

At least 201 Dingoos out there …

Well done guys, but to be honest, that’s pretty piss weak! Remember, we’re trying to beat this device:

As of March 31, 2010, the various models of the Nintendo DS had sold 128.89 million units, making it the best selling handheld game console to date, and second best selling video game console overall, behind the PlayStation 2.

We’re just 128,889,800 units away from beating the record, so keep clicking (but once only, please) ---->

ricsi posts unofficial A330 FAQ

completely unofficial A330 FAQ

« on: May 24, 2010, 11:31:39 PM »

As the A330 is selling now for some time, it is now time to move from rumour mill to here.
I try to sum up what we know about the A330.
The one and only review I could find is the one from omgmog:
Strange that no further updates have popped up. If you know one ... post URL here.
So let us start:
* What are the changes between A320 and A330
The A330 is very similar to the A320, main changes are:
- better LCD
- new housing (PSPish, but much smaller)
- 64 MB RAM (currently not used by hacked A320 Firmware, Dingux support for 64MB in the works)
- better shoulderbuttons
- proprietary wireless controller (analog sticks are mapped in HW to the dpad, and XYAB)
* Is it compatible to the A320
Yes ... it is compatible to the HK a320. This means all applications, sim files and dingux work on it flawlessly. Some old native apps need to be patched because of a new CPU used in the A330 and newer A320s. See
* Which firmware is installed
That is the strange part. It comes with a320 FW 1.20 (dated september 2009). The theme and background have been changed. There were rumours that a new A330 FW is on the way .... but we have seen no results of that (yet??).
* Are the A330s fake??
No. They are manufactured by dingoo technology.
There is a second company (dingoo digital). Both companies are selling the A320, DT is selling also the A330. Background between those 2 companies is not yet clear. (rumours say that most employees of DD left it to form DT - unconfirmed)
* Does the A330 have a better/faster CPU
NO - they both use the exact same CPU. It is also clocked to 336MHz (as the A320)
* Is the additional RAM utilized?
NO(t yet??)
The native emulators are identical to the A320 version. They do not take advantage of the added RAM.
An update to the firmware and emulators could change that, but I have not seen any signs that it will come.
Dingux currently also does not support the added memory, but it is actively worked on, and will soon support the doubled RAM.
* How does the wireless controller work?
It uses a proprietary protocol to send keypresses to the A330.
* I have seen analog sticks on it - COOL
Sorry ... those are not functional. They are mapped to the DIGITAL dpad, and the second stick to ABXY. Also the controller has L1, L2 and R1, R2 - those are mapped to the shoulderbuttons L and R.
So to sum it up - the wireless controller has the same buttons as the A330. It has some additional buttons that are hardcoded to existing buttons.
* Is it possible to use 2 wireless controllers with one A330?
short answer: NO
long answer: maybe (with FW update) - I personally very much doubt it
* can the wireless functionality be used to connect 2 A330s for multiplayer?
* does the wireless controller work in dingux?
YES - as it is hardcoded in HW it works. This also means that it cannot be changed in SW!
* Is multiplayer possible between the A330 (player 1) and the wireless controller (player2)?
I personally do not have an A330 ... so if you have additions/corrections/whatever please speak up.
If you have contact to dingoo tech. and can provide future features/Roadmaps/additional info please post them.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Viewimage updated

Viewimage for Dingoo Updated
May 24, 2010

Stephanie has updated Viewimage.


Another quick update, sorry. Version is now 1.2.1 with a bugfix - corrected segfault if the font is not found, and now getting the font path from argv[0] instead of assuming the font is in the current working directory.

Download link (unchanged) is in the first post.


Discuss it here:

Cheers to Dingoonity.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Man, I gots to know …

It’s obsessed me for months: how many Dingoos are out there? So let’s pursue the answer.  If you actually own a Dingoo A320, click once ----->

Pandora ships

The title of the endgadget story here says it all:

Pandora handheld now shipping: first mass-produced unit unboxed, world somehow survives

By Sean Hollister posted May 23rd 2010 5:49AM

The open-source Pandora handheld has had a long and arduous time to market, but the days of delay are apparently at an end. You gaze upon the very first Pandora off the assembly line -- the fruit of over two years labor -- and project leaders are presently shipping out the rest of the first completed batch, with scores if not hundreds already on the way. GP32X forum mod X68000 got this unit for his help in construction, which means you can see Pandora's box literally opened at our source link (har har). Puns not your thing? Spot a batch of handhelds at the soldering station instead, right after the break.
[Thanks to everyone who sent this in]

sourceGP32X Forums, Craigix (Twitter)

X68000, who received the unit pictured, has reported in:

Posted Today, 12:26 PM

I was in a major rush last night, so just took the photos on my iphone. plus there was little natural light left (10pm) and the light in the room came from halogen downlighters.
i could take better photos later on today, but they will still get shot down by someone!
just some quick observations
battery life seems to be as good as craig claims. ive had it on for 5 hours doing a mix of web browsing, games playing and just finding my way round the menus and still have 60 % battery life left which it currently tells me is good for another 7 hours!
the keypad is excellent and typing feels very natural, even during prolonged use. I love the Speccy 48k style space key!
I can overclock stably on my unit upto 850mhz
cant really comment too much on the emulators just yet, but will try some out later on and report back.
Typing this all right now on the Pandora. How surreal is that :D

Two years is a long time in this industry – and it’s been particularly bad luck for Pandora that its managed to hit a sweet spot in time when the Chinese handheld electronics industry has absolutely exploded with gaming handhelds, but also with channels for selling them in the West. Still, The Dingoo is no Pandora – and the Pandora is no Dingoo. Good luck to it: there is nothing like it, and perhaps never will be anything like it again.

Native Spectrum Emulator updated! reports on an update to the recently released Spectrum emulator:

Here some news update about Unreal Speccy Portable.

Unreal Speccy Portable 0.0.8 для Dingoo Native OS

Now it is packed with 2 executables for each LCD controller (hi from dingux kernel =)).


Friday, May 21, 2010

ZX Spectrum emulator for Dingoo Native Firmware released by!



Portable ZX-Spectrum emulator supports Z80 128K (Pentagon) AY/YM, Beeper, Beta Disk, Tape, Kempston Joystick/Mouse, Snapshots.
Based on UnrealSpeccy 0.37.3 by SMT
Created to be ported to many platforms such as Windows/Linux/Mac/Symbian/WinMobile/Dingoo/…

Authors : SMT, Dexus, Alone Coder, deathsoft.
Portable version : djdron, scor.


first released dingoo version 0.0.7 for native os
supported images: sna tap tzx csw scl trd
no config file currently supported
reset only in service rom (madrom by AXLR)

for install, unzip archive in your dingoo folder and start

Check it out here:
It's partially english-friendly, but use google translate for the russian part. Here is a link for the translation:

Thanks to for the news!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

And don’t forget this one … it’s a Letcool!


Different CPU than the Dingoo – a Sunplus 8000, which can do this:

Oh my, i almost started to am drooling all over the new Sunplus 8000 media chip that is soon to come out. The Sunplus 8000 chipset will be a tri core chip with a ARM926, DSP and 3D graphic engine all built into one low priced (read CHEAP) chip. The chip will be capable of playing hi res videos that are up to a resolution of 1280×720, this is something that we have not yet seen in any Chinese MP4 Player and for the most part in any other PMP from anywhere else.


It supports 8 bit NES(FC) GB GBC ,16 bit SNES (SFC)SEGA MD,32bit GBA Bin; but the clincher, if there is one, is a nice large 3.5” screen!

Read more (and stay tuned) here: and here and here


It’s another … Dingoo? $46.50


Specs for this one:

- Model: PMP3100
- Color: Silver
- Can be used as MP3, MP4 player, voice recorder, video player, mini game player, picture viewer
and FM radio
- 2.8" TFT LCD screen
- Support RMVB/RM/AVI/WMV/FLV/MPEG/DAT/MP4/ASF video formats
- Support MP3/WMA/APE/FLAC audio formats
- Picture browsing support JPG/BMP/PNG format
- FM tuner function
- Support dual 3.5mm jack audio out
- Games: GBA games
- Built-in microphone for voice recording
- E-book with background music play
- Internal memory: 2GB
- Support up to 8GB Micro SD card
- OSD menu language: Simplified Chinese / Traditional Chinese / English / French / Japanese /
Korean / German / Italian / Spanish / Portuguese / Dutch / Swedish / Danish / Russian / Polish /
Finnish / Norwegian / Greek / Indian / Vietnamese / Indonesian
- Built-in rechargeable Li-ion battery
- Package included:
- 1 * PMP3100
- 1 * USB cable
- 1 * 3.5mm stereo earphones
- 1 * Power adapter (AC 110-250V/EU plug)

GBA roms only, apparently … and yet, for the price, which includes postage …. could it be??!

Presumably, this is made by neither Shenzen Dingoo-Digital or Dingoo Technology! But as this intrepid reporter said, hey, everyone west of Hongkers has a cut of this machine!

Monday, May 17, 2010


Today - 3 months since this; 7 months since it fell:


Without the forum above, who knows where the Dingoo would be today? Take a moment today, to remember. Or to put it another way:

This site supports the film makers of the future

HeThrewUpEverywhere — May 13, 2010 — done for a school video production class, a monthly news show that broadcasts at school and on a public access channel (olympia news network). due to time constraints and the fact that its school-related, the humor (if any) is cheesy and the editing is kind of choppy. i could have done a lot more if i had more to work with, such as a longer time to edit and more length of the video (limit was 3-4 min). i was also catering to a pretty large audience, most of which are not familiar with videogame emulation, so i had to dumb it down a bit. regardless, i thought some people would enjoy this and it was fun making.

Good job matey, and pretty entertaining. A- in my book!

Hello Dingoonity

HelloDingoonity v1.0
May 13, 2010

Looks like we have another developer on our hands...xdpirate


Yoyoyo! After almost going nuts, I finally got the Dingux toolchain working, so here's my first killer app. Shoutout to Darfgarf (SUPAR DEV) and mth for actually bothering to help me with getting the toolchain up and running.

HelloDingoonity v1.0!

This is a super-high-tech killer app everyone must have on their Dingoo. I won't go into more detail here, download it and see for yourself!

(And pretty please, don't spoil the surprise for those who haven't downloaded it! )

Get the juicy goodness that is mah supreme application here

Discuss it here:

Thanx again!

Viewimage for Dingoo

Viewimage for Dingoo
May 16, 2010

Stephanie has released a imageviewer for the dingoo


I was looking around for a simple little image viewer for Dingux, and didn't come up with anything so I found this Image Viewer / viewimage and ported it over.

Not sure if I'm reinventing the wheel, there's probably other image viewers out there that I missed, but this was a quick little excercise for me. The download includes the binary, a readme, and an icon.

All it does is display images, proportionately scaled to the Dingoo's screen. Just give it a filename or file names as command arguments, like "./viewimage.dge foo.jpg" or "./viewimage.dge foo.jpg bar.png"

It also accepts wildcards, such as "./viewimage.dge /boot/local/pictures/*.jpg"

* enable rotate (probably using L and R shoulder buttons)
* get rotate working properly, so that rotated images are re-scaled to fit the 240x320 format


If it has more than one image to display, you can use the D-pad to navigate left and right (back and forth). Select exits the program.

Discuss it here:

Ta Dingoonity.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Magic Dingoo Ball

[RELEASE] MagicDingooBall v1.0

« on: Today at 01:37:48 PM »

Sup yo, I'm getting really tired, so I'll put this out there before I fall asleep at the keyboard.
Thanks to darfgarf for shitloads of help.

Remember that Magic 8-Ball you had when you were little? Now you can have this awesome piece of high-tech software on your Dingoo.

  • On the bus and wondering if you should punch that filthy chav in the face? MagicDingooBall!
  • On a boat and wondering if you should ride on a dolphin? MagicDingooBall!

It's Dingoolicious!
Get it while it's still hawt:
Source is included. Exits on any keypress.
Protip: You can replace the images with your own if you don't like the ones I spent a total of 10 minutes on making Wink

News courtesy of Dingoonity.

Rebel Dingoo makers get cocky; branch out into nutty territory

(There used to be a picture here that explained everything ... just google for a "Gingoo".)

Shenzen, 13 May 2010: In a shocking twist to the “Fake A330” saga that has deflated Dingoo owners everywhere, a group of rebel Dingoo loving engineers have formed a Y new front in the battle for the hearts and minds (and genitals), of Dingoo fans everywhere. Just like the British Liberal Democrats, these engineers will now spend their every moment dedicated to protecting the conservatives, and covering up for members.
Not to be deterred by the already confused state of the Dingoo manufacturing industry (73,491 companies, and the entire population of Shanghai, currently have rights to the name, all at the same time – but that was last Tuesday’s figure) these brave upholders of the Dingoo ideal simply headed on two letters down, thereby proving the penis mightier than the sword of litigation. “We toyed with ‘Dongoo’, but it was much safer going with the G”, Lead Rebel Engineer Johnson Wang is quoted as saying. “Had we called this the ‘Eingoo’ we were  pretty much one step away from a trademark infringement action. Plus it sounds painful.”
For too long has the lack of any meaningful testicular support capability been a glaring weakness of the Dingoo’s design. “I mean, it emulated OK, but was just absolutely hopeless at keeping my meat and two veg toasty.  Even the NDS could do warming if you tried”, says Johnson again. “So I thought, why not deal with this hairy issue? Why not offer different sizes; colours? Why not think about what users really want? Voila! We’ve now made it work with joysticks. And knobs.” 
As with the earlier iterations of this product, the Gingoo will be sold largely in China. Says Wang: “We expect this to be huge in most provinces.  We are especially sure this will explode in Shandong, Guangdong, and particularly Heilongjiang.”
I’m not actually sure about the above though.  It could be a bad Google translation.

Midpath for Dingoo v0.2 – running Tower Defense

chtsau — May 11, 2010 — 在dingoo A320上用dingux 的MIDPath 4 Dingoo v.0.2 測試Tower defense這款java遊戲,不開啟聲音時非常順,開啟聲音後會有點延遲現象,片尾還當機了

Google Translate: chtsau - May 11, 2010 - in dingoo A320 on the use of dingux the MIDPath 4 Dingoo v.0.2 Test Tower defense this java game, do not open when the sound is very smooth, open sounds a bit after a delay, credits also crash

Alekmaul posts update to MAME4ALL for native

Mame4All Dingoo OS Native V1.0

« on: Today at 10:14:46 AM »

New version 1.0.
Here is the change log :


V1.0 : 13/05/2010
+ Add new games for Classic
+ Add new games for Capcom
+ Add new games for Konami
+ Change mameVector to mameVectSega and add all sega games
+ Add Deast+Irem, Atari+Namco, Others mame .app files
+ Change default sound freq to 22050
+ Return to menu when exiting a game
# Change key X to key B to return to menu (on config screen)
+ Hiscore saving and configuration saving added
+ Add CPU overclocking -> USE AT YOUR OWN RISK !!!!

Of course, it's for OS native and actually, you have more than 2000 games to test.
Just read readme.txt and FAQ.txt files for all you need to test Mame4ALL !

Available here : Mame4All OS Native
Warning, lots of games hang the Dingo !!!

Source code is also available, if someone can help me for compatibility and memory management (too much games need lots of memory)

News courtesy of Dingoonity!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Jump n Blob preview Demo

Sylphiren — May 08, 2010 — Jump n Blob is a plattform game released for the the following systems: Sega Dreamcast, GP2X Wiz and Dingoo. The german development-team( has now provided the 3rd Demo of the Game and here is a short preview of what to expect from it. Have fun watching!

Teardown - Pictures of the insides of A330

Dingoonity’s avid hackers have posted some pics of an opened A330:


Look at the nice wireless antenna looking thingie in the top right … sadly, I think this is for the (optional) second controller only.  Go here for more!

OMGMOG reviews the Dingoo A330

Well, my plea for outright graft has fallen on deaf ears, and no one has sent me an A330, but over at Dingoonity, OMGMOG has put one through its paces.  Check out his thoughts here:

Lotsa pics too! Onya, OMGMOG.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Can’t believe I missed this …

Fresh and hot from, uh, August 2009, is this Geekdad review from of the Dingoo. The Geekdad column is never less than fun to read;  and here’s a sample to wet your appetite:, The a320 Handheld Emulator is a Pocketful of Gaming History, Aug 2009

Typically, I try and keep my shenanigans here at GeekDad to a minimum. I mind my Ps and, occasionally, even my Qs. When I review an item it’s typically something along the lines of a kid’s music CD or the occasional stroller, but today’s review is different. I am about to discuss a topic so taboo that readers’ spines may spontaneously contort and their hands twist to wretched claws upon the merest glance. I am prepared to lay bare the secrets of a device so diabolical that few dare speak its name. I have sealed my infernal pact with the shadowy forms that lurk beyond, and will shortly embark upon an extended tour of bone-bleached shores by way of this Stygian artifact.

Head on over if you missed it (like me!) the first time.

I’m Dingoo! I’m Dingoo!

The folks at Dingoo-Digital (that is, Dingoo-Digital, not Dingoo-Digital, geddit?) reckon that the other bunch of so called A330 makers are a load of trademark and copyright infringing pirates (oh the irony!).  Check this out from their webpage:


Mind you, this leaves me all rather confused, a bit like this:

More light (not) shed on this here: and here:

Friday, May 7, 2010

MIDPath 4 Dingoo v0.2

MIDPath 4 Dingoo v0.2
May 4, 2010

Rookie1 has updated MIDPath to include sound!


In case there is any interest, I have released MIDPath 4 Dingoo v0.2.
No other change compared to v0.1 besides the sound which is now enabled.

Discuss it here:

News courtesy of Dingoonity.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Alekmaul releases MAME4ALL for native Dingoo firmware!

Wow!  One day you’re curled up in bed, suffering some horrible virus, and then this happens! Alekmaul releases MAME4ALL for Native! Grab it here:

Discuss it here:

Mame4ALL Os Native base on Slaanesh Dingux source code, which is based on source code
from the GP2X port of MAME4ALL.
The original MAME4ALL is based on MAME 0.37b5.
This readme file is also based on Slaanesh readme.txt file.
FAQ.txt file also based on Slaanesh FAQ.txt file.
Features :
MAME4ALL Dingoo currently emulates lots of arcade games supported by original MAME 0.37b5
plus some additional games from newer MAME versions. Some larger games currently do
not work due to lack of system RAM.
Missing :
Configuration saving
Hi Score saving
Adding all Mame4All games
Return to menu when a game is quit
Check updates on my web site :
History :
V0.9 : 03/05/2010
Initiale release for *test* purpose
How to use this emulator :
Put all directories in your game directory and choose 3D game.
Use "3D game" from Dingoo menu and choose your directory of the desire mame4all version
.app file.
Controls :
Standard in-game MAME controls:
- D-Pad: UP, DOWN, LEFT and RIGHT.
- Buttons A,B,X,Y,L,R: MAME buttons 1,2,3,4,5,6.
- Button SELECT+START: Insert credit.
- Button START: Start game.
Extended controls in game (to access menus and options)
All use the SELECT button + an additional button.
This is analagous to pressing "SHIFT" and another key on a regular keyboard.
- Buttons SELECT+L: Show profiler.
- Buttons SELECT+R: Show FPS.
- Buttons SELECT+Y: Pause.
- Buttons SELECT+B: Enter/Exit Volume menu.
- Buttons SELECT+X: Enter/Exit MAME menu
- Buttons START+L+R: Exit (to OS menu).
The "MAME menu" (see above) can be used to:
- Redefine DEFAULT keys for all games.
- Redefine keys for the current game.
- Display game information.
- Set Auto-fire options.
- Enable cheats.
Controller Notes:
- All keys can be redefined, including the "shifted" SELECT keys.
In some cases this is essential. ie. Robotron.
- To type OK when MAME requires it, press LEFT and then RIGHT.
The Game Selector will search for MAME ROMs found in the ./roms directory.
Games found will be displayed in the game list.
- Use UP and DOWN to select a game.
- Use LEFT and RIGHT to page up and page down.
- Press A to select the game to play.
- Press SELECT+L+R to exit.
After selecting a game, configuration options are available:
- Use UP and DOWN to select the option you want to change.
- Use LEFT and RIGHT to change the option.
- Press A to start the game (and save the configured options).
- Press X to go back to the game list.
Configuration options:
-- Dingoo Clock --
No overclocking actually!.
-- Video Depth --
Sets MAME´s internal video depth (NOT the Dingoo´s video depth).
8-bit is generally faster though some games require 16-bit.
Some games may be faster in 16-bit mode - it´s dependant on the game driver!
Auto: The emulator uses the most suitable video depth.
8 bit: MAME uses 8 bit color (DEFAULT).
16 bit: MAME uses 16 bit color.
-- Video Scale/Aspect --
The video aspect is configured with the following combination of options:
Nominal video resolution (320x240). Games with a resolution less than this
have a black border. Games with a resolution higher are cropped.
Scale Half Size:
Useful for high resolution games like Rampage and Tapper, etc. 8-bit video
mode is quickest as extra pixels are just truncated. 16-bit mode does pixel
mixing resulting in a nicer, but slightly slower display. Should still be
quick enough for most games.
Scale Horizontal:
Useful for games like R-Type and Final Fight, etc. Other smaller resolution
games will stretch out to fill the screen. Take from MAME4ALL Wiz version
(code originally from Notaz & Franxis).
Scale Best:
This is a generic rescale that can resize any screen to fit the Dingoo´s native
320x240 resolution. It produces the best quality scaled display as pixels are
merged both horizontally and vertically. The downside is that it may be slow.
Scale Fast:
his is a generic rescale that can resize any screen to fit the Dingoo´s native 320x240
resolution. It produces a good scaled display as pixels are merged horizontally.
Speed should be somewhat quicker than "Scale Best".
The display is rotated from landscape to portrait orientation. All the above scale
options are present for screen rotation.
-- Video Sync --
Normal: Single buffer and dirty buffer is used (DEFAULT).
VSync: VSync activated (Unlikely to be ever implemented due to lack of hardware support).
DblBuf: Double buffer without dirty buffer (NOT IMPLEMENTED YET).
OFF: No video synchronization, use manual frameskip.
-- Brightness --
No Brightness actually.
-- Sound --
The sound options are the following ones:
ON: The sound is activated. 8, 16, 24, 32 KHz sound mixing rates are available in
both mono and stereo, (16000hz mono DEFAULT).
OFF: The sound is disabled. This can vastly improve the speed of the game.
Fast sound: Improve performance at the cost of sound quality.
-- CPU Clock --
The clock of the CPUs can be adjusted from 50% to 200%. The nominal value is 100%
(DEFAULT) and the CPU is emulated accurately.
The clock can be safely underclocked to about 80% to gain performance in almost all
games (be careful because some games could not run correctly). Use lower values to get
more performance but probably several more games would not run correctly. Also the clock
can be overclocked up to 200%.
-- Audio Clock --
The clock of the audio CPUs can also be adjusted from 50% to 200%. The nominal
value is 100% (DEFAULT). See "CPU Clock" above.
-- CPU Cores --
-- Volume --
-- Cheats --
ON: The cheats are enabled. To access in game press SELECT+START and enter the "Cheats" menu.
OFF: The cheats are disabled.
Note: The high scores are not saved if cheats are enabled!!!.
-- Auto-Fire --
To access the auto-fire configuration, during game press SELECT+START and enter the "Auto-Fire" menu.
The following files and directories may exist in the mame4all directory.
Optional entries are noted with [*]. ->Mame emulator version for each type of games.
cheat.dat -> [*] Cheats definition file
hiscore.dat -> [*] High Scores definition file
artwork/ -> [*] Artwork directory
cfg/ ->MAME configuration files directory
frontend/ -> Frontend configuration files
hi/ -> [*] High Scores directory
inp/ -> [*] Game recordings directory
memcard/ -> [*] Memory card files directory
nvram/ -> NVRAM files directory
roms/ -> ROMs directory
samples/ -> [*] Samples directory
skins/ -> [*] Frontend skins directory
snap/ -> [*] Screen snapshots directory
sta/ -> [*] Save states directory
Supported games :
The original version of MAME 0.37b5 supported 2260 romsets. For more details, see "gamelist.txt" file.
Games must be copied into the /roms/ folder.
Neo Geo games are currently not included. Use Standard emulator instead for these.
Folder names or ZIP file names are listed on "gamelist.txt" file.
Romsets have to be MAME 0.37b5 ones (July 2000).
Additionaly there are additional romsets from newer MAME versions.
Please use "clrmame.dat" file to convert romsets from other MAME versions to the ones
used by this version for Dingoo, using ClrMAME Pro utility, available in next webpage:
NOTE: File and directory names in Linux are case-sensitive. Put all file and directory names using low case!.
The sound samples are used to get complete sound in some games.
They are placed into the ´samples´ directory compressed into ZIP files.
The directory and the ZIP files are named using low case!.
The sound samples collection can be downloaded in the following link:,0,0,0,5,2511
You can also use "clrmame.dat" file with ClrMAME Pro utility to get the samples pack.
Artwork is used to improve the visualization for some games. Download it here:,0,0,0,5,2512
- MAME 0.37b5 original version by Nicola Salmoria and the MAME Team (
- Z80 emulator Copyright (c) 1998 Juergen Buchmueller, all rights reserved.
- M6502 emulator Copyright (c) 1998 Juergen Buchmueller, all rights reserved.
- Hu6280 Copyright (c) 1999 Bryan McPhail,
- I86 emulator by David Hedley, modified by Fabrice Frances (
- M6809 emulator by John Butler, based on L.C. Benschop´s 6809 Simulator V09.
- M6808 based on L.C. Benschop´s 6809 Simulator V09.
- M68000 emulator Copyright 1999 Karl Stenerud. All rights reserved.
- 80x86 M68000 emulator Copyright 1998, Mike Coates, Darren Olafson.
- 8039 emulator by Mirko Buffoni, based on 8048 emulator by Dan Boris.
- T-11 emulator Copyright (C) Aaron Giles 1998
- TMS34010 emulator by Alex Pasadyn and Zsolt Vasvari.
- TMS9900 emulator by Andy Jones, based on original code by Ton Brouwer.
- Cinematronics CPU emulator by Jeff Mitchell, Zonn Moore, Neil Bradley.
- Atari AVG/DVG emulation based on VECSIM by Hedley Rainnie, Eric Smith and Al Kossow.
- TMS5220 emulator by Frank Palazzolo.
- AY-3-8910 emulation based on various code snippets by Ville Hallik, Michael Cuddy, Tatsuyuki Satoh, Fabrice Frances, Nicola Salmoria.
- YM-2203, YM-2151, YM3812 emulation by Tatsuyuki Satoh.
- POKEY emulator by Ron Fries ( Many thanks to Eric Smith, Hedley Rainnie and Sean Trowbridge.
- NES sound hardware info by Jeremy Chadwick and Hedley Rainne.
- YM2610 emulation by Hiromitsu Shioya.
The frontend graphic skin used in the emulator can be changed by adding two new files:
skins/dingoosplash.bmp -> Game selector intro screen.
skins/dingoomenu.bmp -> Game selector background screen.
Bitmaps MUST be 320x240 pixels x 256 colors (8 bit).
The resulting file should be exactly 77878 bytes in size. If it is not, then
it´s not in the right format. Paint Shop Pro saves BMPs in the correct format.
Previous versions of splash screens are included in the skins/previous directory.
Special thanks to :
Slaanesh for Dingux port of mame (
Franxis: Originally porting MAME to GP32, GP2X and Wiz (
Great thanks to flatmush/harteex for the new sdk lib for Dingoo Native OS.
Without the help of the infos from these people, this emulator can´t be here.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Replacement Dingoo LCD Screens at DX

Plonked your ass where your Dingoo shouldn’t have been? Large crack showing? Well, replace that LCD screen now, for a mere $15.15, postage included, here:

And look what you don’t get!

- Made of high-quality material
- Let you replace your damaged or old LCD display by yourself
- Replace the cracked or damaged screen with this spare part
- Note: Touch Screen Digitizer Glass is NOT included




Saturday, May 1, 2010

Pandora Angst Coding Competition results

Pandora Angst Coding Competition Results
May 1, 2010

The final reseults were:

1st place - So Lets Roll A Smile for Dingux by Rodrigo Cardoso

2nd Place - Nether Dimensional Runner for GP2X and WIZ by Imerion

3rd Place - Tower of Gowno for Dingux, GP2x, and Linux x86 by Povder & Zear

Congrats and thanks to everyone that was involved

Checkout the official website here:

Thanks to Dingoonity!

Oldplay v1.11 for Dingux

Oldplay v1.11 for Dingux
April 29,2010

the gama has updated Oldplay again


- Added aac plugin based on FAAD2.
- Added SC68 plugin.
  * Please copy the Replay folder and the config.txt file */
- Fixed error when searching for TFMX sample files in UADE.
- Fixed subtune support in UADE.
- Fixed audio issue when song ended in UADE.
  (But is still present in subtunes  ).
- Switched to stereo sound in UADE.
- Added HOLD switch support, by default when you press it
  the keys will be locked and the screen will turn off.

Discuss it here:
Author/Porter: the gama

Thanx Dingoonity!

NuPDF v0.2 Final

Nupdf v0.2 final

Nupdf is a relatively fast pdf vewer for dingux and the nanonote, based on the mupdf library ( and SDL
note: This is the first proper release, not just the competition testbuild that was uploaded before, I highly recommend that you update to this version, or at least don't report bugs if you're using the testbuild


30/ 4/2010

11.53 MB



Website: or grab it here:,1,0,0,113,345

Snes9x4D (for DINGUX) v20100429 - play Star Fox

Snes9x4D (for DINGUX) v20100429 - play Star Fox!

von SiENcE on Donnerstag, 29. April 2010

Play Star Fox (StarWing) on your Dingoo (using Dingux)!

ver 20100429
FX1 support
-Star Wing/Star Fox
-Dirt Trax FX
FX2 support
-Super Mario World 2 - Yoshi's Island
-Winter Gold
-Doom (slow, unplayable)
OBC1 support
-Metal Combat: Falcon's Revenge
DSP-2 support
-Dungeon Master
DSP-3 support
-SD Gundam GX --bugged?
DSP-4 support
-Top Gear 3000
other that work now:
-Super Mario All-Stars
-The Lion King
-Sunset Riders
+autodetection of HighRes Games added
+some other Bugs fixed
For Fx Title use 400Mhz, Frameskip to 60/3 and the NoSound commandline option "-ns" !
Have fun. Please give me feedback if you like it!

Thanks to the mystery emailer for the newz!