Wednesday, May 26, 2010

To lose one Dingoo native 3d games pack is unfortunate; to lose two is sheer carelessness!

And just in case you did lose all of them carelessly, here they are again:

Official 3D Games Pack

Here is a download that contains all the official games for the Dingoo A320 that I could find.
If a game is not an official Dingoo game or there is a game that's missing please let me know & I'll update the download. Keep in mind that some games share multiple names (Mahjong + Link 'Em Up | Puzzle Pobble + Popo Bash etc). Additionally, some games on the Dingoo Games website are for other devices.
The files are:

  • 7
  • Block
  • Candy's
  • Decollation Warrior - God of War Criminal
  • Hell Striker II - World
  • Link 'Em Up (Mahjong).app
  • Platinum
  • Puzzle Bobble - Popo Bash (Chinese).app
  • Ultimate
  • Yi-Chi King Fighter (Chinese).app
  • Zhao Yun Chuan (Chinese).app

Download link: (58.1 MB)

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