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The openhandheld comparison chart to rule them all has been updated!

If you’re struggling to tell your YDPG-19 from your JXD-602, there has now been an update to the fantastic open handheld comparison sheet, and you can find it here: now features the specs of 27 devices, in an easy to compare table. Kudos to BA Felton for making this!

Better late than never: PPSSPP (got that?!) PSP emulator for Android released!

OK, this is not fresh news, but it is important news, not covered here before.  Check out this thread on the XDA forums for more information, and the video:Anyone game to test it on those consoles we know and love?

DOSBox for Dingoo A-380/A-320e !

DOSBox for Dingoo A-380/A-320e

Here's DOSBox for the Dingoo A-380 and A-320e.Don't ask for the source code because I didn't recompile it. I've been reading about DOSBox on the Ritmix RZX-50 and I thought if it's possible it should work on the Dingoo A-380 too. I decided to give it a try and changed the configuration settings and to my surprise it runs on the Dingoo A-380.Here's a test version for the Dingoo A-380 and A-320e. I hope it's good enough to run some games. 
Download: Code:
Read more here:

New version of Gamekeyboard released for Android gaming consoles!

apeine from our forums reports:Ok, folks, A new gamekeyboard version (3.0.0) just came out yesterday, and YES, it does work on ICS. There is a new option "Advanced input detection", along with mapping all buttons and all hardkeys to such buttons. Just run your prefered game, position your controls and hide the keyboard! Voilá! Games running with physical buttons.
So far, I got Gangstar Rio to run well (in this game, you don't press the keypad on screen, just slide it). So choose this option on gamekeyboard and you are fit to run.

Alien Grey changes location of A380 custom firmware

Hi,The download links for the Dingoo A-380 CFW are changed because there's to much traffic on my Dropbox account. I don't want them to close my account so I uploaded everything (CFW, tools, open-source games and emulators) on openhandhelds. emulator pack for the Dingoo A-380 CFW can be found here: of the Dingoo A-380 CFW: use the links to the A380 custom firmware so Alien Grey can keep his dropbox account!

Fix the Original GBA’s screen - With the AGS-101 Mod!

Ruffnuts shows us how the Ggame Boy Advance’s screen should have been done originally, with the new AGS101 Mod!Thought you might like to see the best GBA ever made with a back light mod,
Buy the way I got the full console from zerey as I was to lazy to do it my self lolfull console here kit here
or email zerey here fantastic guy great responder :-)also check out dingoonity thread here out :-)And check out the great article on obscurehandhelds on the same mod here: succinctly explained as follows:“But one clever dude in China has come up with an even bette…

JXD S18 Android 4.0 Tablet in action (Rebranded in Video)

Click here to get one for a great Willgoo price.

Re: Gpchip , Chip 8 emulator for Dingoo A380

Gpchip , Chip 8 emulator Gpchip , Chip 8 emulatorI build a new version for the Dingoo A-380/A-320e.
It isn't perfect but this is the best I can do. The "beep" still doesn't work and the last pixels sometimes get stretched on the right and bottom side of the screen.
Download dingux-chip8:
Source Code:
Note: ROMs should be in .c8 format.Read more here:

Dingux Vectrex Emulator


Pang clone for Dingoo A380


Dingoo A380 Custom Firmware (Updated 5 November)!

Dingoo A-380 Custom FirmWareDingoo A-380 render by SantoHistory:
Enabled NEO-GEO zip support.
Enabled CPS1 fba support.
Emulator options fixed.
Added FBA to the emulators list.
Enabled sms support for SEGA Game Gear. (rename your *.gg rom to *.sms to run the game in SEGA Master System compatibilty mode)
Replaced the Japanese Language with the Dutch language.
Replaced the default icons and list select with the icons and list select from zipaway.
Moved the audio, video, picture and e-book folders to the external MicroSD.
Enabled bin and gen support for SEGA Genesis/Mega Drive.
Added Reboot.
Added Open-Source Games.
Added support for Fceu320. A full speed NES emulator. Thanks to d_smagin.
Fixed English language.
Full emulator names.
Changed ROM folders "fc" to "nes" and "sfc" to "snes".
Added Ayla's SDLWrapper to center the image from SDL games on the screen. Thanks to Ayla.
Added an Atari Lynx emu…

JXD S18 Android 4.0 Tablet offer - $49.99 from Willgoo

Our very nice friends from Willgoo have a special on these little tablets that you can buy, play with and then use – at this crazy price - as a coaster if you wish. And what a coaster it would be!

Material: Plastic housing
Operating System: Android 4.0
CPU Type: Single Core
Processor Model: Cortex A9 AMLogic 8726-M3L
Processor Speed: 1.2GHz
RAM: 512MB
Memory Type: DDR3 SDRAM
Capacity: 4GB
Extend Card Type: TF/Micro SD
Max Extend Card Capacity: 32GB
Screen Size: 4.3"
Resolution: 480 x 272
Screen Features: TFT LCD screen; Resistive touch screen
Supported Network Type: Wi-Fi
Wi-Fi: 802.11 b/g/n
Audio Formats: MP2, MP3, WMA, WAV, AC3, AAC, OGG
Video Formats: MKV, TS, FLV, AVI, VOB, MPG, DAT, RM, MOV, 3GP, MP4, WMV
E-Book Formats: TXT, PDF
Image Form…

Win a Dual Core JXD S7300 Dual Core from Willgoo

Image gives you the chance to win one of these hot new JXD S7300 Dual Core Android Joy devices (you can’t actually buy one yet, but winning one is an even better option)Win JXD S7300 Dual Core-How you want us to Sell it
yep, JXD S7300 dual core is still not available. But as the rumors said, it will be released before 2012 Christmas. We will bring it to you once this device is OK. But now we offer a chance for every body here in Dingoonity: You guys get chances to win one unit JXD S7300 sent from Willgoo- yes, when we retock it.We need you tell us how you want us to sell this device when it is available. For example, we will sell in bundles such as:  JXD S7300+ 32GB external memory card+ Strap+ pouch bag+ screen protector or any combos you suggest us to list.1. People can post his suggestions, and don´t worry if this is posted before( posted by you or others!)
2. Give some reasons about why will buy this bundle
3. All posts will become consider, and the m…

Dingoo Emulation Pack v1.4 released (some time ago) …

… a little late, but here is the link, for completeness:Re: Dingoo Emulation Pack v1.3
« Reply #30 on: October 12, 2012, 08:24:15 AM »
Dingoo Emulation Pack v1.4 is available v 1.6 (09.10.2012)    Added support for Game Genie cheat codes are added to the main menu item "Cheating"
    Minor changes and improvements in the GUI
    Added support for displaying the skins game cartridges
    Minor changes and improvements in codeDingooSMD v 1.2 (09.10.2012)    Added support for the playback of audio tracks, Sega CD (mp3 format) added CDDA audio playback settings»
    Added support for Game Genie cheat codes are added to the main menu item "Cheating"
    Minor changes and improvements in the GUI
    Added support for displaying the skins game cartridges
    Minor changes and improvements in codeDingooSMS v 1.3 (09.10.2…