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Gamestreaming desktop consoles (PS3/X360/PS4/XOne) to Android (and other) devices

Universal Gamestreaming method I  posted a guide (in spanish, use translator) for gamestreaming our desktop consoles  (PS3/X360/PS4/XOne). The main goal of this guide is providing an universal method for streaming/gamestreaming our desktop consoles, and get them on our devices such Android consoles, allowing to play on it in normal way, using the android console controls directly, and get a new way to play on desktop consoles, even in remote (outside our local network). This guide is part of the  Guide for Gamestreaming  that i published some days ago. (and is so extensive for translating to english for now) Note : WiiU is not included for now because there are some tech problemas that don´t allow to use this device for streaming. The client devices may be from many kind. Android device IOS device PC Widnows PC Linux windows phone Google Chrome Browser (with add-ons enabled) etc. (Example running streaming of PS3 on Google Chrome browser via Kainy) The