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SMS_SDL, DCaSTaway, And UAE4ALL Update For OpenDingux

SMS_SDL,  DCaSTaway, And UAE4ALL Update For OpenDingux Coccijoe has updated chui's and joyrider's great emulators so they run in OpenDingux now!! Discuss it here: Discuss it here: Discuss it here: Author/Porter:chui,joyrider,coccijoe Download:,0,0,0,72,536 Download:,0,0,0,71,537 Download:,0,0,0,72,535

In my spare time, I like to …

… fix leaking toilets

Chui releases AES4ALL and NEO4ALL for Dingux

AES4ALL and NEO4ALL for Dingux I just release of NeoGeo emulators AES4ALL and NEO4ALL for legacy Dingux, here a couple of videos under Dreamcast (same speed using a bit overclock): About OpenDingux, I don't test it yet, but source code is available. Downloads and more info at NEO4ALL site

Dingoo A330LE’s on special at DX!

Dingoo A330LE Portable 3.0" LCD Game Console MP3/MP4 Player with FM/TV-out/Micro SD - White (4GB) For 4 days and counting down, DX has the A330LE’s for $59.99, save $22.21 on the normal price:

Dingoo A380 “Custom Firmware”

Hats off to Sonic Shocker for this nifty work: Re: NEWER VERSION BELOW 2.00.2 Here is an updated version of the Firmware : 2.00.2 Updates include: More emulators, That was previously thought impossible work on the A380 'English text fix' Menus have better meaning now, and make more sense. Missing EMULATORS Folder is back. Different backgrounds for menu. SS.

A380 v A320 … Dingoo camps get catty

The Dingoo A380 brings with it no small degree of controversy , thanks to its makers taking the idea of free source code a little more literally than they should’ve. Meanwhile, over at the Dingoonity forums, the chatter about this grows increasingly, like, you know, rrrrrRrrrrrrrrRrrrrrrRwLLLL , as they say at prom night. Check out the whole sorry spectacle in this thread: Easy chicks, remember, these things run ROMS, and where do you think ROMS come from?

Dingoo-Scene Twisted Mario Halloween Competition 2011

Well, we seem to have found ourselves a willing sponsor, being those nice folk at   who have promised prizes for whatever half-assed competition I can come up with for Halloween, which as we all know, is celebrated fanatically in China, mostly by the companies who supply Halloween gear to the US of A. A willing sponsor is a terrible thing to waste, and so, I present: The Dingoo-Scene Twisted Mario Halloween Competition 2011 To enter, send me either: 1. a photo/movie of you in costume as a lovable video game character but with a horror twist , and either a Dingoo or the words “Dingoo Scene Twisted Mario 2011” somewhere in the picture   [Must be real, no photoshop] ; or 2. a photoshopped image of a lovable video game character but with a horror twist , with a Dingoo, and with the words “Dingoo-Scene Twisted Mario 2011” somewhere in the image. Rules: a. “Lovable” means

A380 “hacked” – upgrade internal memory to 16GB

Sonic Shocker opened up his A380 and found that the internal RAM is … a mini SD Card! Watch the video for a quick and easy way to upgrade the internal memory to 16GB! Read more here:!/msg33662/?topicseen#new

Most impressive Dingoo A320 D pad mod

matiasmotomel1 posted this impressive looking Dingoo d-pad mod – more detail please! Is it truly analog? How how how? Please share!

And the winner is … Atanas Todorov

Y’all thought I forgotten, didn’t you? Thank you for all your entries. As kindly dictator, I declare Atanas Todorov, of Bulgaria who made these lovely (PG-13, but what the hey) pictures for us   the WINNER of the Di ngoo Scene Strip For Dingoo Competition. He tried the hardest, and even made these ones, which I now post: … while declaring Atanas Emperor of Dingoo Photoshopper (Second cousin to the King of Iron Fist)! Congratulations and thank you Atanas, I shall email you regarding your prize! Hah! Next time, y’all better take these competition posts seriously, eh?

Dingux-Vectrex Optimized For OpenDingux

Dingux-Vectrex Optimized For OpenDingux Today at 03:28:12 AM by qbertaddict This is an updated version of Dingux-Vectrex that has some performance enhancements but it is for OpenDingux only. Quote i did an "OpenDingux only" version available on my page. I think this version will gain few fps for the openDingux user, it use hardware surface and doublebuffer. Discuss it here: dingux-vectrex_ODonly.tar.gz Author/Porter: Coccijoe Download: Download Source:

Handyod for OpenDingux

Handyod for OpenDingux Today at 03:22:03 AM by qbertaddict Atari Lynx goodness on OpenDingux!!!! Quote Handy is an atari lynx émulator from SDLemu team. this emulator is for OpenDingux it's a bit slow and the sound is not very good. Use the selector browser to select your rom. put lynxboot.img with handy.dge Discuss it here: HandyOD.tar.gz Author/Porter: Coccijoe Download: Download Source:

Unbricker Tool For A320's With A ILI9338 LCD

Unbricker Tool For A320's With A ILI9338 LCD Today at 07:20:21 AM by qbertaddict This is what a lot of people have been waiting for!!!! Thanks and much respect goes to Dingoo-Digital-Usa for this much needed tool! Quote Everyone wanted it so here ya go ili9338 driver with unbricker tool for the A320... Discuss it here: Download 1: Download 2:

R480 pictures

Quasist sends in some pictures:

uPCE,uNGP and uSMS For OpenDingux Released

uPCE,uNGP and uSMS For OpenDingux Released October 06, 2011, 10:23:40 PM by qbertaddict uguru has ported his wonderful emulators to opendingux. Quote Here's some Opendingux bins taken from the hoven, there're still hot. uNGP, UPCE and uSMS are compiled for Opendingux, no other relevant changes for now. Discuss it here: Author/Porter: uguru Download:

Another (or the same?) Russian Console - Ritmix RZX-50

News of this Russian Console, the R480, emerged in June: In this latest post from, comes further news of the Ritmix RZX-50, another Dingux based console that kinda looks the same; I can’t tell: Layout package for Ritmix RZX-50 Yes! Managed to get to the layout package. More photos under the cut, but now that news of the "Iron Front": The production line is running at full steam On Friday (this) inspection at the factory. If all goes without incident - the prefix in 2-3 weeks in Russia Apart from Russia, the sale will be in Beloruscii. The rest of the representatives of neighboring countries so far. But who knows ... Is this the R480? Anyway, sold only in Russia and Belarus … c’mon guys, think of us further afield!

How to fix Dingoo A320 Charging Problems

Our Russian brothers at have posted this great Google translated tip on how to fix Dingoo A320 charging issues: Size does matter, or again about the problems with charging Dingoo A320 Users often complain Dingoo A320 problems with charging. Of the symptoms can be listed as follows: Dingoo A320 can not finish the charging The prefix a report on completion of charging, but is cut down after power outage Strange sounds, which publishes the screen while charging Other Do not hurry to flee for a new battery. As recently as today, I personally have seen this - decided it is very easy. Use chunky cable USB-miniUSB. In my case, all issues decided by replacing the cable to the short cord from the USB-modem. The fact that the cable that is included Dingoo A320 is poor in quality. Yes, and chargers in the latest models, to put it mildly, "skinny» -

Gnuboy For OpenDingux

Gnuboy For OpenDingux Ayla has ported GNUBOY to OpenDingux Quote Hi. Looks like OD is lacking a GBC emu, so here is one. It does not have all the features of Oh-Boy or Gnuboy4D but it does its job. Please note: - it does not have auto-frameskip. This has been disabled on purpose to get a perfect sound output, and was kinda useless anyway (all the games do reach 60fps without overclock). - there is no fast-save/fast-load, but the emulator saves the SRAM (and the saves are compatible with gnuboy4d). - Press L to quit the emulator. If you don't like it, please spam clach04's mailbox and ask for a port of Oh-Boy Discuss it here: gnuboy-OD.2011-09-28.tar.bz2 Author/Porter: Ayla Download:

Dingoo A380 Review

The nice folk at isharegifts gracefully sent me a sample Dingoo A380 for review. Having declared my pecuniary interest, in truth though, after playing with this new Dingoo, bribery and graft is strictly unnecessary for its promotion.  IMHO, the product does stand on its own merits.  It remains a testament to the original A320, and its rabid, passionate community (hey, that’s us dudes) that even in 2011, some 3 years after the word “Dingoo” became somewhat a part of the English language,  that it still remains the best Dingoo-type device.  This is because it is still the best supported, thanks to Booboo’s original Dingux, and now OpenDingux.  Dingux means access to emulators and software other than those that came with the original A320’s native uCos firmware.  Dingux allows for ports of games like Doom and Duke Nukem.  Dingux is what turned the A320 from a glorified media player into the device we know and love. It’s still necessary to put Dingux onto a stock standard A320 thoug