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Connect Four: Zero gravity

Wow, people worked on Christmas Eve!: Connect Four: Zero Gravity v1.1 December 24, 2009 jo3_sum has released his Connect 4 style game for the native firmware. Glad to see another devolper for the native firmware    Welcome jo3_sum! Quote ======================== Rules: ======================== The rules are extremely similar to Connect 4, but with a few twists. A player can insert his or her own pieces from any angle of the playing field falling into the opposite direction. And sometimes spaces are covered by black spots which block the way for falling  pieces. First player to have their pieces 4 in a row wins! Discuss it here: Author/Porter: jo3_sum Download:

Merry Christmas from Dingoo-Scene!

Have a great Christmas everyone, and may you all bask in the season of goodwill and peace to all men.  Be safe, be cool, and show off that Dingoo! And ho, ho ho to you all!!

Look what Santa brought for Dingoo …

Right on cue, it’s raining releases. First, we have OpenJazz: Yoannd26 has released a beta port of Openjazz (Jazz Jack Rabbit) for Dingux just in time for Xmas. Openjazz v0.1 Beta December 22, 2009 Quote Controls: You can edit as you like in the game options. Pull = B Skip = X The game is currently only 320x200 is a bit too fast, too, the sound works fine but crackles from time to time. Release thread here: Openjazz v0.1 Beta Author/Porter: Yoannd26 Download: Download it here And Proosystem 1.0: The amazing Alekmaul has released ProoSystem V1.0 for Dingoo native firmware. It's a port of ProSystem Atari 7800 emulator by Greg Stanton. ProoSystem V1.0 December 22, 2

2GB 1000mAH battery UNFLASHABLE Dingoo emerges

Don’t panic, but the title says it all – thanks shred.  Check out this forum for more on this:

Alekmaul releases Commander Koon and Hexavirus for native firmware

Looks like Hello World might come third : Commander Koon v1.0 Author/Porter: Alekmaul Quote Hello, Here is a port of Commander Keen for Dingoo Native OS (port of CloneKeen in fact). You can find it in the dingoo digital website, because it's an  entry for its compo. Download: Download Here HexaVirus Author/Porter: Alekmaul Bust some icky viruses in this small, but fun puzzle game! Download: Download Here

Darfgarf releases xRick for Dingux; incites “RickFest”

Darfgarf has released xRick for Dingux – grab it here:,0,0,0,35,240 And discuss it here: For those who prefer native firmware, Alekmaul’s native version from July 09 can be found here: And fro those who would rather do something else with their hands, I recommend this, courtesy of Simon Phipps:

dpong for Dingux

Some late news … but then, it’s about Pong anyway, (from you know where): dpong - December 19, 2009 dpong Author/Porter: darfgarf dpong is a simple, yet fun pong game for Dingux Download: Download it here

Open Beats of Rage for Dingux released

Again, from Dingoonity news: OpenBOR Dingux Port Released! December 16, 2009 Shin-NiL finally released his OpenBOR port for Dingux! Go Grab it now! Hello guys! Finally done! OpenBOR Dingux Port v0.1 - First Release - 15/12/2009 This is a port of OpenBOR for Dingoo-linux, based on v3.0 build 2504. Installation - Copy the OpenBOR directory somewhere on your filesystem - Set your menu launcher to execute ./OpenBOR.dge - Copy yours paks files to the "Paks" directory - Have fun! Note: Only tested with latest Elta rootfs (20091208) Special Thanks - Brazilian Dingoo Community - Dingoonity folks Binary:,0,0,0,3,237 Source Code:,0,0,0,46,238 Release Thread: http://b

FCEU v0.2 released

Courtesy of Dingoonity news: The gama has updated his wonderful port of FCEU! Quote Features - Based on fceux version 2.1.2 - Great compatibility - Builtin nsf player - FDS support    NOTE: You must put a copy of your fds bios (disksys.rom)     in the /local/home/.fceux folder. - Fullscreen support - Blur filter support - Frameskip support - Zipped roms - Gui for configuration - Custom palette support    NOTE: You must rename the palette file (for example fceux.pal) to custom.pal          and put it in the /local/home/.fceux folder. Changelog and release thread is here : Author/Porter: the gama Download: http://www.filefro

Open Beats of Rage for Dingux – Work in Progress Videos!

Bam!!! Ker-pow! Waa-hoo! WIP is Looking good, niltonpd !!

Dmenu 0.6 for Dingux released

SavedLinuXgeeK brings news of a new Dmenu release: Hey everyone,    Dmenu has reached that point again where another release is ready for the public.  In this the release a lot of work has happened internally to make the code base more stable, and to prepare it for upcoming changes.  And as opposed to the last release, this release should not require any changes on the user's part, apart from dropping in the new files. So without further ado, the changelist: Quote - Various bug fixes - Added ability to use global resources in themes.      If you prefix a path in a theme with 'global:' it will pick up     the file from the "resources" directory.  This allows for the sharing of     fonts, sounds, images, etc.  Hopefully this will reduce the overall     disk footprint of the menu.  Not sure, but the menu may also run     better if multiple code points are using

Blaze Europe selling Dingoos

Vampire Mike has PM’d me to advise that Blaze Europe is now selling Dingoos! The more suppliers, the better – here is their link:

C-Dogs SDL for Dingux

Arr … Shin-NIL has released a new game: Hello everybody. Here is a initial release of C-Dogs SDL for Dingoo: Binary:,0,0,0,30,228 Source code:,0,0,0,46,229 Known Issues / TODO List This version only can be played by 1 player; Need to translate PC keys names to Dingoo buttons names; Setting resolution greater than 320 X 240 will crash the system; Setting video scale factor greater than 1 will crash the system; Shutting down Dingux improperly (not using poweroff command) will corrupt the savedata and display segmentation fault when exit the game. Deleting directory /local/home/.cdogs will correct this; The game is not at fullspeed yet. Thanks to D_Skywalk, darfgarf and vimrc.

Reality Bites (It really does!) - On to Plan B

Well, Mr Fry might appear at first glance to be terribly rude.  I’m sure he’s just terribly busy, and gets thousands of “Spruik me! Spruik me!” requests every day. So much so in fact that the small print on his Blog shows that he really has his act together on public contact: Contacts The management for Stephen receives many enquires and requests. In all instances you must contact only once. Replicating your request across various contacts creates confusion. In order to ensure you contact the correct person. Please follow the list below carefully. Professional engagement of Stephen Fry Hamilton Hodell Limited Fifth Floor 66-68 Margaret Street London W1W 8SR Telephone: +44(0)20 7636 1221 iPhone/Blackberry/Android friendly: +442076361221 info AT hamiltonhodell DOT co DOT uk Press requests of Stephen F

New Dingux Dual Boot installation video

Getting dual boot on is the hardest part of Dingux.  This new video from whosaywho might ease the pain:

Desperate times call for cheap publicity stunts: A free Dingoo from Dingoo-Scene – if you are Mr Stephen Fry

In July - too long ago - I wrote this chest thumping call to arms for Dingoo lovers everywhere.  In it, I declared that: unless we all made an effort to lift the Dingoo’s profile, it would die the Slow Tortured Death of GTZ (Gizmondo Tapwave Zodiac); and as no one on this planet is more than 6 degrees of separation from Kevin Bacon, it was inevitable that surely one of us must be linked to someone famous, who can be convinced to spruik the Dingoo, thus saving all our lazy bottoms. Sadly, the urgency which imbued my post is today, not less diminished. Here we are, 6 months on, and absolutely no one of any celebrity, minor, scandalous, self promoting, or otherwise, has emerged to promote the cause of this little machine that could. It is clear that more drastic action is required. Like bribery. I’ve made an executive decision that the subject of our bribery will be Mr Stephen Fry, actor, man-about town, raconteur and tech lover. Why you Mr Fry? Well, your blog ind

Dingux SNES9x – Game FAQ read function enabled

Thanks to Elta for this Dingoonity post: Hello people One thing I liked from the native OS emulators is the possibility to read the game FAQ from within the emulator. I travel a lot by train and I wanted to play some SNES RPGs, but taking a printed copy of the FAQ with me isn't the most convenient solution.  So I decided to modify snes9x to add the FAQ viewer functionality. I'm publishing the source code here because the code can easily be reused for any emulator. The archive also contains a precompiled modified version of snes9x. The viewer is rather simple for now, and will only work with ASCII files. Also all tab characters are replaced by a single space. To use it, simply put a text file with the same name as your ROM and with extension '.txt' in the same folder. For example if you load '' the viewer will try to load &

DX stocks replacement Dingoo cases

Chewed on that Dingoo one time too many? Well, now you can replace that shabby teeth pocked exterior with a shiny new case, courtesy of DealExtreme, although IMHO, at $19.23, it’s a tad on the pricey side! As always, click here to buy one and I’ll get a warm glow and some DX points.