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Yinlips YDPG16 Video overview!

… finally, the YDPG16 is in the wild! Thanks to crzune for the news!

JXD releases JXD S7100B …

… and ironically, the B doesn’t stand for bluetooth!
The latest Android retro handheld JXD S7100B- JXD S7100 upgraded version, more powerful. This new retro console tablet lacks of Bluetooth function. Other functions and features are totally the same with JXD S7100. The first round of production for this product has its limited quantity. We suggest customers place your orders as soon as you can. We will send out those orders which were placed earlier. For these orders, we will send out  one FREE Pouch Bag for JXD S7100B as a small gifts.Specification:CPU:  Amlogic M3, 3D graphics acceleration hardware GPU, 512MB DDR3RAM: 512M DDR3 Screen: 7" 800x480 touch screen,  Touch + professional game buttons, two operating modesSystem:  Google Android OS 2.3.4Conectivity: WiFi 802.11g/g/n Simulator Games:Perfect support Arcade games, Nintendo 64 bits 3D games, Sony PS1 games, Nintendo GBA games, Sega MD games Camera: Dual Camera (Front: 0.3M pixels, Back: 2.0M pixels) On line function: Sup…

Virtual DJ on YDPG18 via Kainy

Thanks to ruffnutts for the news!

Dingoo Emulation Pack v1.0

Dingoo Emulation Pack v1.0March 26, 2012, 07:48:59 PM by qbertaddictlion_rsm has released a great emulator pack for the native os and he through in a new emulator to boot DingooSMS!! It is amazing how much support the DINGOO is still getting after all this timeQuoteDEP v1.0 includes the following emulators:
DingooNES v1.2 - UPDATED
DingooSNES v1.2 - UPDATED
DingooSMS v1.0 - NEWDiscuss it here:
Author/Porter: lion_rsm

Psx4all V.8.1

Psx4all V.8.1March 24, 2012, 07:37:47 AM by qbertaddictflpstr updated psx4all again. This guy/girl is on a rollQuotePsx4all V.8.1
- Changes in the code;
- Frameskip poly initially disabled;
- Framekip image initially disabled;
- Decrease the size of the binary;
- Small changes in the menu, and selecting items on the options;
- * Added PSX CLOCK to 400;
- Selector PSX CLOCK now jumps from 10 to 10;
- To enter the menu press SELECT + START;
- To exit the emulator press SELECT + START + L + R;
- To increase the PSX CLOCK press SELECT + X;
- To reduce the PSX CLOCK press SELECT + Y;
- Cycle multipliquer back to the 10th;
- Fixed small bug in selector Interlance acount;
- Psx4all8_bios1000;
- Psx4all8_bios1001;
- Psx4all8_bios7502;
- Dingoo Converter 4.1.1;

Dingux-HuGo v1.3.0b1 for Dingux and OpenDingux

Dingux-HuGo v1.3.0b1 for Dingux and OpenDinguxMarch 22, 2012, 10:53:58 PM by qbertaddictTranslation from FLPSTR's blog:
Dingux-Hugo Opendingux 1.3.0 beta 1 Notes: -Works on Opendingux! Based on source-1.3.0 1.3.0 beta 2 Dingux; Retrieved menu-dial clock; Retrieved-reference to dev / mem (for use in Opendingux) ; -Still no sound: (; -Dingux also works on legacy (with sound); For flpstr (flpstrquerendoumdingoo!!) ​​Special thanks: ismaiden666 (Do forum dingoobr) Donate! to purchase hardwareQuoteStill no sound on opendingux but it works great on legacy dinguxhugo 1.3.0 beta 1
Author/Porter: flpstr

Sqrxz 3 v1.00 for OpenDingux

Sqrxz 3 v1.00 for OpenDinguxMarch 21, 2012, 08:55:43 PM by zearSqrxz 3 by Retroguru is a pretty insane Jump'n Run Game with Puzzle elements, available for OpenDingux. Make sure your mind works faster than a thunder and your fingers should be even faster than that.
Please be aware of the fact that we do not replace broken hardware, just because you threw your Dingoo against a wall, floor, window, etc.
Happy dying and please blame zear for the port
If you appreciate the game we would love your support! Tell your neighbors about Sqrxz 3, or preferable your favorite gaming blog or gaming magazine. You can play the game on 17 systems! Also you can donate to us to fund the next project. If you can't do any of those, we would just love feedback
Discuss it here:
Note from Zear: This build was tested with OpenDingux beta 2. It is not compatible with newer (not yet released) versions of OpenDingux withou…

Yinlips YDP-G18 with PlayStation d-pad




Blue and Red A10 YDPG18s – on sale now from

Must … have … bright … colours …In stock now at $149.95  – click picture to to buy one!

JXD-S601 Streaming Half Life From The PC using Kainy 1.01

Original link:

Here is a new app called Kainy... its a remote streaming app for playing PC games on a android device ect.. Please check out to see what its all about, and also check dingoonity forums to talk about the app.. special thanks to moofree for telling us about it.. The new verions supports hardware button mapping but also works with GameKeyboard 1.6.1 it can also stream across the internet to play anywhere enjoy!!

Thanks to Ruffnutts!

Gemei GA330 FAQ

Here is a useful FAQ on the GA330 from : on GemeiA330Q. What is gemei a330?A.Dingoo A320 — is a portable multimedia device, combining functionality of audio player, video player, FM radio and game console emulator.Produced by Shenzhen Dingoo Digital Co., Ltd. From march 2009. It is the main competitor of GamePark Holdings.
The same applies to Gemei A330, except production date and manufacturer. Device is produced by Gemei Digital Technology Co., Ltd.. From it’s predecessor - а320 differs with stronger CPU (CC1800 ARM 11 600 Mhz downclocked to 500 Mhz against Ingenic JZ4732, 336 Mhz (downclocked to 360 МhZ, can be overclocked to 433 Mhz)) and RAM amount, twice bigger than A30 (64 against 32). The CPU is the strongest side, and the weakest side on other hand, because all software for Dingoo A320 is incompatible with Gemei A330. You can read more about Gemei A330 here. Or check out the video review. http://www.…

JXD-S601 Onlive and GameKeyboard 1.6.1 Physical Buttons in Action!

Uploaded by ruffnutts1 on Mar 16, 2012As requested By a member of Onlivefans forum... there's lag sometimes but my JXD is still running @ 600Mhz and to me honest its only wirless G I think.. sometimes its better than others.. what can ya do lol

JXD-S601 TV-OUT Through Capture Card PC!!!


JXD-S601 Running Onlive with GameKeyboard 1.6.0 Mapped to Physical Buttons


How to unlock and root the JXD s601

Thanks to Zepxxx for thid great guide:Re: JXD S601 New android console from JXD with shoulder buttons!!!

Guide to unlock s601
1. Up Firmware Office Rom
- Download S601 0229cn
- Extrack with winrar or 7z.
- Copy and uImage_recovery to root sdcard.
- Turn off power and turn on (button Home+Menu) to recovery mode.
- Apply update form sdcard > button start > > button start
- Wipe data/factory reset > button start > yes -- delete all user data > button start
- Wipe cache partition >  button start
- Wipe media  partition >  button start > yes -- delete all media data > button start
- reboot system now >  button start
2. Root Rom
- Open S601
- Change language chinese  to english. Do this icon > Icon "A" ( keyboard key) > top menu > Eng…

abhoriel overclocks his JXD s601

Oh joyful days – the JXD s601 has been succesfully overclocked from its stock 600mhz to 1 ghz by abhoriel (fantastic work, abhoriel!!!):Re: JXD S601 New android console from JXD with shoulder buttons!!!« Reply #680 on: March 14, 2012, 04:16:34 PM »my s601 has arrived and I have hacked the kernel from the most recent update so that it can be overclocked.
I have made 3 kernels, which allow OC up to different frequencies, 800MHz, 900MHz and 1GHz. If you wish to test these kernels, I recommend testing the 800MHz one first, and then the 900MHz and finally the 1GHz one if you have no problems. This is because while all 3 kernels seem to run fine on my device, and yield great performance improvements, every chip is different. some chips can OC more than others. some fry more easily than others. I'm being particularly cautious because I don't really know why JXD refuse to release a kernel that can overclock.
If you want to test them then:
To flash the k…

Deen0X’s monster JXD s601 Review

Hot on the heels of his massive YDPG18 review, Deen0X has given the JXD s601 his once over.  Head on over to for his great review, or suffer through the joys of Spanish to English Google translate here:Video Review Console / Tablet JXDs601Thanks to the store sent me a sample of the * console JXDs601 of which is talking a lot lately in related forums retro consoles and Android in general. whereas now there are several similar alternatives (consoles android) try to make this review as objective and focused as possible, and if I use some reference to another console is only to graph or get an idea of some particular point. In no way do I want you to understand this review as a comparison between consoles. for that, possibly generating other inputs where talking about it. That said, I invite everyone to continue reading this review that, as in every previous attempt to make it in the most clear and direct as possible for an…

DingooSNES 1.1 For The Native-OS

DingooSNES 1.1 For The Native-OSMarch 07, 2012, 11:19:56 PM by qbertaddictDingooSNES has been updated! Grab it now. We really need someone to port this to Open Dingux!QuoteTranslation from Again Guys!)
List of changes
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
v1.1 - 28/2/2012:
-option «Auto save SRAM» Moved to section «Advanced sets -> Other settings», the default display in the "ON".
Added-«Fast forward» to fast-forward emulation (see "Keyboard shortcuts in the game".)
-When you access the volume control on the keyboard shortcuts instead of the figures shows the scale of the volume.
-Fixed minor bugs in the rendering user interface, menu items are renamed.
Added-delete key on the «X» game state saved in the selected slot.
Added auto-ROM compressed file when you exit the emulator and the option in the menu to activate this feature.
, Added an…