Monday, May 31, 2010

Countdown v1 – again with the watch thing!

Countdown v1
May 30, 2010

Here is another nice little app from xdpirate


Presenting, a countdown timer for Dingux!
Just fire that sucker up, use the D-PAD to set the time, and press A to start the countdown! LEFT/RIGHT adjusts seconds, UP/DOWN adjusts minutes.

Source code is included, though the source is a horrid mess. It kept hanging and stopping and I couldn't figure out why, so it looks like something a 10-year old wrote right now. But it works! If I ever decide to update this, I'll probably clean up the source :3 If you feel like cleaning it up for me, be my guest! xD

Extract to /local/apps/. It doesn't take any commandline parameters, everything is controlled within the application itself. Press A to switch between countdown mode and time set mode. You can use the font and alarm sound of your choice if you replace font.ttf and alarm.mp3! Smiley


Get it while it's hot, only at my Google Code page!

Discuss it here:

And cheers to Dingoonity for all the below!

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  1. Wow, not only could this save someone a minimum of $1, but you can make a custom font and custom alarm sound, now that is the kind of programmer I enjoy. A programmer that programs like me, that adds open modifications to suit the users customizable choice which allows user-made settings/files which means it can serve many more purposes. A countdown could have a "Happy New Years!" celebration, or "Happy Birthday" or as a joke you could record yourself saying like "Hey I'm stuck! Someone get me out of here!" and put it behind a couch and set the timer for like 15 minutes or whatever when you know someone un-suspecting is going to be in that room, hehe. Maybe a cooking timer that can say "Your food is now ready". So many possibilities!

    You Rock!