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Public Service Announcement: [Warning][JXD S7300]DO NOT flash Stock firmware 2.1 if you have a custom firmware

[Warning][7300]DO NOT flash Stock firmware 2.1 if you have a custom firmware.According to the JXD site users with sxelrom can't update to 2.1 from the company( no idea why you would want to anyways it has nothing new for us), and users updating from NCCE will be greeted to a black screen(sorry the translations are bad and vague I'm trying to get a better informed translation on the why).
Badly translated reasons:
something about partitions change and sd methods on their 2.1 cause issues.
Badly translated changelog:
update on the new MX chip compatible processing
, update the HDMI bug in processing
3 backwards HDMI update
4, update the virtual keys (individual game to open the virtual buttons will be black or exit, such as the trigger of death, monsters shooting )
V2.0-0410 update:
1, modify the system stability, crash, standby revive the problem basically solved
key map…

New Dingoo A-380 Custom Firmware CFW V2.08.03

Alien Grey strikes again! A new Dingoo A-380 CFW version is available for download. You can read about it here:“The new Dingoo A-380 CFW V2.08.03 is available for download.
With the release of the source code we could finally fix the wrong L-R and X-Y buttons. The kernel in the firmware is replaced to make that possible. The module files are replaced and the cfgfs partition is formatted from EXT2 to EXT3.
Note: The L and R button function is now reversed in DMenu. A link to a new tool to write the CFW image on a MicroSD card is added in theTools section in the OP.
Thanks to d_smagin for his help. You now made it in the Special Thanks section in the OP.  “Download firmware here:,0,0,0,42,690
Thanks Alien Grey!

iBenx appears to be 3 different iben game pads


Game Pad L1-B
-Allwinner A20 Dual Core
-1GB Ram
-8GB Internal Storage Capacity

Game Pad L1-C
-Allwinner A31 Quad Core
-2GB Ram
-16GB Internal Storage Capacity

Transformer Game Pad L2
-Detachable Hardware Controls like that of the Wikipad
-Allwinner A31 Quad Core
-2GB Ram
-16GB Internal Storage Capacity

Mini Slug for OpenDingux

Mini Slug - OpenDinguxApril 25, 2013, 06:24:44 PM by qbertaddictThis is a reimplementation of Metal Slug. Enough said go grab it now!QuoteWhat we have here is a project of the talented programmer Clément CORDE, Slug Mini, in its version for OpenDingux. Unlike Airball, the Mini Slug is not a remake, but rather a kind of reimplementation using sprites and sounds ripped from some of the games in the series, but the stages are totally new and difficult .
The Mini Slug Project by Clément CORDE
OpenDingux Build by Shin-NiL
* D-Pad - Move
* A Button - Shoot
* B Button - Jump
* X Button - Grenade
* Y Button (at name entry only) - alternate characters
* L Shoulder (at menu only) - alternate number of creditsDiscuss it here:
Author/Porter: Shin-Nil

Rockbot 1.0 beta 4 for Dingux

Rockbot 1.0 beta 4April 25, 2013, 06:16:24 PM by qbertaddictCheckout this classic-megaman-style-game.QuoteHellow freinds, after a long time, I have the pleasure to announce a new version of the classic-megaman-style-game, Rockbot for Dingux. This version is a big improvement over previous beta, and should be finishable from start without major issues.
Get here and if you find any relevant problems, please tell me.
About a native version: the native SDK support to C++ is really poor, so, unless it chances (any clues?), I won't be able to port it for native, sadly :-(Discuss it here:
Author/Porter: protomank
Download Source:

Dooom - A Doom port for the Dingoo Native OS

Dooom - A Doom port for the Dingoo Native OSApril 25, 2013, 06:02:41 PM by qbertaddictthe_wub has released a port of doom for the native os.QuoteHi all!
Version 0.3 is now available with lots of fixes including Ultimate Doom (retail) now working and textures being drawn correctly.  Everything looks pretty sweet!
Still a few bugs to crush, I'll edit my original post to include the latest readme with all the details on this.
Enjoy!!Discuss it here:
Dooom 0.3
Author/Porter: the_wub
Download Source:

Main GCW Zero thread on Dingoonity locked

Dude, where’s my thread? Where’s my thread, dude?Over at Dingoonity, ominipotent admin omgmog has done what readers of and posters on this loud, boisterous, often obnoxious, sometimes informative and rarely boring thread covering the ever late GCW Zero have probably long expected. He’s quite understandably locked the thread.  And deservingly so!  So full of vitroil, venom and bile was it! An evil thread. If you viewed it, you would die!  One moment, it was a sweet innocent little child without acting talent, next its like all black, dark, scarred, scarring, spouting bad dialogue and then, and then … noooooooooo:For a while, my days were sunny again.  The clouds lifted, and the implacable darkness that overtook my soul whenever I heard the words “GCW Preorder” was no more.  Dank, destructive, dark and drab disappeared.  Rainbows streamed across my newly winsome skies. I sing. I play with ponies. Lollypops taste good. I dress like Bradley Cooper. My forum reading days, long imprisoned, …

JXD S7300 for $129.99 until April 30

Offer site is running a special on JXD S7300’s for $129.99, including free DHL Shipping. A bargain worth considering if you’re in the market for one of these! Check them out!

Here’s what I saw this weekend at the Sydney Lego Brick Show 2013

If you play classic games, you make Lego.  That’s my rationale, and I’m sticking to it.Check out for detailed pictures.Normal programming resumes shortly!

ipega Android gaming tablet

Source: new handheld gaming device will be launching in May in the form of the iPega Android gaming tablet, which is equipped with a quad core processor.Watch the video after the jump to see it in action, together with a new alcohol tester for Apple’s iPhone 5 that was also unveiled at the Hong Kong HKTDC Electronics Fair.
The iPega Android gaming tablet is equipped with a HDMI output, USB port, WiFi connectivity, and a headphone jack, together with gamepads on either side of the devices and 4 shoulder buttons for extra gaming control.Unfortunately no information on pricing or worldwide availability has been released as yet, but as soon as information comes to light we will keep you updated as always.Thanks to Shelby for the news!

TheXSample-SXELROM v3.0 for JXD S7300B

TheXSample-SXELROM v3.0 for JXD S7300B Use of this article
It allows you to use this review, either by copying or referenciándola link to anyone who wants it, with the only condition that remains the author and a link to the original source of this review, which is cited in the following section .
Source and update the information in this article
The original article (in Spanish) is in my blog .
For updates on this article, I suggest visiting one of the links above.
About this overview
This article is a summary, and contains only the most relevant features.
To read the full article, look at the link above.

Here is a short list of changes included in this version of firmware.
Later in this article, there is a section with extended information about these changes.
Firmware Include support for USB Bluetooth dongles This includes new governors set for the console hardware
Tincore Driver Calibratio…

It’s … an Iben Android Game Player

Source: Android tablets with built-in game controllers is now a thing. A company called ibenX is showing off a new 7 inch gaming tablet galled the ibenX GamePad, and it clearly shares some DNA with the Archos GamePad, JXD S7100, and Tekniser Tek 807D.But the ibenX tablet has a few features tha tmake it stand out.First, it’s powered by an Allwinner A31 ARM Cortex-A7 quad-core processor with PowerVR SGX 544 graphics.Second, it packs a 1280 x 800 pixel IPS display. With those specs, it looks better on paper than the Archos GamePad, which has a Rockchip RK3066 ARM Cortex-A9 dual core CPU and a 1024 x 600 pixel display.Check it out in action in this video (jump to 8:48 for the console in action):When I die, I wish to be reborn as a PCB in a Chinese electronics trade show

Vektor posts prototype XMB Launcher for JXD S7300

here you can have a little preview, it's just a proof of concept, it works but for example it takes ages to load the roms list.
Follow this here:

Another 7-inch Android gaming tablet cometh!

Via Liliputing
Not a bad looking render, and the specs are decent too:

Rockchip RK3066 ARM Cortex-A9 dual core CPU
Mali 400 quad-core graphics
1GB of RAM
8GB of storage
Micro SD card slot
7 inch, 1024 x 600 pixel display
5-point capacitive multitouch
HDMI output
Weighs about 13 ounces
Claimed battery life of 9 hours on a charge

Gnuboy for GA330 released

GNUboy for Gemei A330 v1.0.5 beta 2 by David Cervilla
This is a beta release of the GB / GBC emulator GNUboy. This work is based
on the original GNUboy port for the Gemei A330 released by cex, and the
latest GNUboy v1.0.5 source code from
07/04/2013 beta 2
- Fixed "Select" key assignment.
- Savestates working without .rc file editing:
"Select" + "L" = Save State
"Select" + "R" = Load State
- Changed default savestate behaviour. Now each savestate has the same name as
  the rom filename. You have one savestate for each game (for now).
03/04/2013 beta 1 - Initial release
- Updated to the latest GNUboy source code.
- Disabled sound channel 3 (wave) that was c…

OUYA … starts to ship! - Now for that other Kickstarter console …

Never mind the brand, try to see the dots – $250 retina screen quad core Android tablets you can buy NOW

While 8 bit scanlines are the old black around these parts, and we hiss at resolutions greater than 360 * 240, who among us has not stared enviously at the 2048 * 1536 res screens of rich Uncle Muppet’s Ipad 3? A screen so sharp, so bright, and packed with pixel densities with numbers so large, matched only by the numbers following their price tags? We might not game on them, but hotdarnnit, them large table things with retina screens look dang nice. Pity you have to sell Boxer to the glue factory to raise funds if you want one.That is, of course, until recent times, thanks to the magic of Chinese mass production.  Yes, Android 9.7 inch tablets with ultra pixel dense IPS screens – ok harkkit, let’s call them retina screens – are now readily available in the wild! Check these models, all with Quad Core CPUs and 2048 x 1536 screens out (and click on the links to find out more … or to buy one from Tinydeal):(AINOL) Spark 9.7" Retina Android 4.1 Quad-core Tablet$258.82(CHUWI) V99 9.7…

JXD S7300 NCCE Custom Rom v 1.1 now released!