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SQRXZ 4 and Xump by RETROGURU for OpenDingux

The fourth part of the (now) quadrology Jump’n Think series Sqrxz brings you onto an cold icy island. Shiny marbles, evil penguins and ghosts, underwater creatures and many more to expect. Original Sqrxz made by Marcus Vesterlund and John Holmvall. Game made by the boys and girls from Retroguru.

Dingoo A320 OpenDingux port by Sergei Kolesnikov (Exl)

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Xump - The Final Run is a simple multi-platform puzzler by Retroguru. Initially released by Psilocybin Development in 2005 the game has been improved in almost every aspect you can imagine. New graphics, new levels, new music, new options, new everything...

Help Holger to clean up deserted space fields. As this is a very dangerous task for a human being a headbot named Xump will be the one who has to suffer.

Your main task is to clean all dissolveable tiles on several single-screen levels b…

Dingoo A330 reviewed in Blackpool Gazette

Things are slow in Blackpool on a Tuesday.  Which explains this:’ve never been to Blackpool, but know it well enough from The Beano. I gather it’s famous for pebbly beaches, donkeys, seaside amusements and presumably therefore, penny arcades, which makes the A330 a natural fit for the local rag.