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iReadyGo Much i5 now available for preorder from Willgoo

The iReadyGo Much i5 is now available for preorder from Willgoo! What’s in it for you? Because, 3G. Because, Quad Core. But mainly: Because, Colored Buttons!Here are some vids of it in action:You can get more specs from the Willgoo page, and you can order for a mere $219.99 (and help me out too) – OK, it’s not a “mere” $219.99 compared to a pizza, but it’s kinda OK for a phone with controls, innit? Mind you, your friends might also think you’ve finally upgraded from that Nokia NGage!Ah, everyone needs new toys. Go on!

PSX4All release for the Dingoo A-380 CFW


SNESFan’s videos of Nvidia Shield running MAME4Droid, Doom3, rtcw, and Quake3!

Mame!The rest!Thanks to SNESFan!

PSX4All by retrodd on the Dingoo A380

Aliengrey puts the A380 through it’s PSX chops! Cheers AG!

Retrocollect’s JXDS7300"B" Review (Or rather, JXD 7300)!

A fresh (OK, July wasn’t that long ago now, was it?) review of the JXD S7300 has been posted on Retrocollect, and other than the fact that it’s called a JXD S7300B review, it’s a pretty good review!Check it out:And if you like what you read, even if it’s about the old square model, do spare a minute to click here to buy it, or better,  click here to buy the real JXD S7300B so I get a few drachma.

SNESFan’s videos of Nvidia Shield running PSP/PS1/N64/Retroarch!

Enjoy, as SNESFan runs the Nvidia shield - ugliest, heaviest, most expensive - and most kick ass emulation console on Planet Terra his side of 2013 through it’s emulation paces. Sure, you can run Shadowgun on it, but you’d of course be misguided.

New GPD7018 Handheld device, another Dual-Core alternative

GPD7018 There is another dual-core device that wants to be popular where the dual-cores are dominated by JXDS7300B.

This new device appears to be in some specs better than Archos Gamepad, and may be a serious alternative for JXD S7300B, where stability is not their strong poing, but this new GPD7018 appears to be so stable, inclusive at 1.5GHz of speed (yes, this device can handle this speed)

The bad thing, their D-PAD is similar (but not equal) to Archos Gamepad, but is better. Fighting games can be played without issues with this!

Other games such Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3, running in the last Retroarch, run very well too!

there are lots of vids about the device.

You can check the review of this device on Deen0X's Blog (original in spanish, use translator tool)


Obscure handhelds covers the current state of handheld emulation gaming – August 2013

It’s not easy to make sense, at any given time, of what is what in the great world of handheld console emulation gaming.So you can easily tell dedication to the cause when you see it, and Obscurehandhelds has just completed a great roundup of the current generation of latest and greatest handhelds in the spirit of Dingoo – and lots of other upcoming ones as well.  If you want to know who the contender consoles are today, there is no better article than over here: from the GCW Zero to the Joyou A320 to the Nvidia shield - and then some - is covered, so if you’re new to the scene, there is no better place to get your bearings.

Skelton shows us the GPD G5 - Another controller/console mashup

GPD G5« on: August 05, 2013, 11:24:02 AM »Hi, I just received these two images of a new coming GPD device: Seems that specs are nice and design is at least quite original, different to PSVita or PSP knock offs. I am not sure of screen size though, perhaps 5 inch  I guess.
Here are the pictures. When I have more info, I will post more:

No idea when this will become available or price, if I get more info I'll keep you posted.Follow the story here:

JXD S7800 and S5800 quad core Android gaming consoles officially announced –S7800 now available for preorder on Willgoo

Obscurehandhelds over at, um, , recently broke news about 2 new JXD quad core models.  You can read more at: to Shelby for the news about the breaking of the news!You can preorder an S7800 from Wilgoo with this link, and I get a little cut.

New SDL-VICE V2.4.4 for Dingoo A-380/A-320e/A320(OpenDingux) Released!

SDL-VICE V2.4.4 for Dingoo A-380/A-320e/A320(OpenDingux) is now available.Grab it here: again to Aliengrey!