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Joyou A320+ running CPS and FBA1

Thanks to ruffnuts for the news!

Race for GCW Zero v 1.1 (Neogeo Pocket emulator)

Race for GCW V1.1« on: June 15, 2013, 08:48:48 AM »Hello all,
Here is a new emulator for GCW-ZERO, it is Race a Neogeo Pocket emulator
Picture (from Windows SDL version, the source code is compatible) :

You can download here :
- race GCW0 v1.1 : Race opk executables
Source code will be available soon on  my github
What's new since last OpenDIngux release :QuoteV1.1 : 15/06/2013
  Add .ngc file extension
  Fix bug with uppercase/lowercase names
  Fix bug with skin if automatic launch of game
  Save current rom directory
  Zip support
  Clean up makefile
  Change R & L for Right & Left in menu browsing
  Add bad memory checking to avoid MSlug2 crashingEnjoy !

Meet the Joyou A320+ … A faster better Dingoo?

Courtesy of the Ruffnutts news service!:Juyou A320+Meet the Joyou A320+! Like an Updated dingoo a320 Also runs PSX. Rumoured to have a 1ghz Jz4770 but not confirmed yet...

Buy here:
main site:

Deen0X's JXDS5110B First impresions

JXDS5110B First impresions Hi everybody!, this is my first entry on this blog, and i want to share a summarize of my first impressions about this device. Hope you found useful and interesting!

I'm working with this now, testing and generating my review, but in advance i can tell that the device complies with the general requirements of an android player and regtrogamer in general. I'm enjoying testing this device, because playing on it is very nice and comfortable (today i played Nova3 for an hour, and is incredible to play these kind of games on a device of this size. Pleople on subway are so interested on my gameplay and the device!) ^_^

Of course, there are many problems yet and need to be solved by (Custom) Firmware and improving a good control device driver. My teammates (TheXSample team, Skelton, Tincore, etc) are working on it and they are so interested on this device, but for now please don´t ask for a custom firmware yet. If they can release a custom rom, will do whe…

What the f … ?!!

(Sorry, I’m a little behind, as always.)

JXD 5110B Dual Core Android Gaming Console now available from Willgoo

Well, you’ve waited, even preordered, and now you can actually buy one for a measley $109.99 from here!I repeat: a laughable measley $109.99 … from here!

Nick Nillo’s review of the PAP KIII

Here is NN’s review of this mysterious (hell, they all are) Dingoo-like device:Great review, Nick. Henceforth, it shall be known as Dick Snake Player.JZ4755 CPU. Now we know.

How to choose an open handheld console

Having trouble picking a device? Don’t know whether you should get a JXD S602 or a Dingoo A320? How much RAM does each have? Which one has analog sticks? Well, head on over to for the greatest thing since the openhandhelds comparison chart:Have fun!

Interview with Paul Cercueil–OpenDingux guru AKA Ayla!

Courtesy of[Exclusive] Paul Coffin, the author speaks of OpenDingux OpenDingux and zer0 GCW!Wednesday, June 5, 2013 GCW , Interview , OpenDingux , Paul CercueilNo commentsIt's been a while since we had not offered you a little interview. This time we decided to talk with Paul Cercueil, a leading figure of the OS OpenDingux and is very involved in the success of the zer0 GCW! If that name means nothing to you maybe its old pseudonym will enlighten you: Ayla.Paul (he allowed me to call it!), Gives us in his interview the genesis of OpenDingux (OD) and how is the link with the GCW Zer0.Without further ado, I invite you to discover the interview.- Who is Paul Coffin?
A young French 23-year expatriate in Chile. I have a diploma in computer pocket and I'm almost finished my engineering in embedded and mobile networks cycle.- Should we call you Paul Coffin or Ayla?Just call me Paul! Ayla is an old nickname, …

A 3d dingoo-ie thingie … the PAP KIII

Comes with blue and red glasses … what on earth does it do? Not that this is remotely  likely  to deliver on anything it promises , but  ain’t  it just so darn intriguing ?
Anyone game to try, report back please!