Sunday, May 23, 2010

Pandora ships

The title of the endgadget story here says it all:

Pandora handheld now shipping: first mass-produced unit unboxed, world somehow survives

By Sean Hollister posted May 23rd 2010 5:49AM

The open-source Pandora handheld has had a long and arduous time to market, but the days of delay are apparently at an end. You gaze upon the very first Pandora off the assembly line -- the fruit of over two years labor -- and project leaders are presently shipping out the rest of the first completed batch, with scores if not hundreds already on the way. GP32X forum mod X68000 got this unit for his help in construction, which means you can see Pandora's box literally opened at our source link (har har). Puns not your thing? Spot a batch of handhelds at the soldering station instead, right after the break.
[Thanks to everyone who sent this in]

sourceGP32X Forums, Craigix (Twitter)

X68000, who received the unit pictured, has reported in:

Posted Today, 12:26 PM

I was in a major rush last night, so just took the photos on my iphone. plus there was little natural light left (10pm) and the light in the room came from halogen downlighters.
i could take better photos later on today, but they will still get shot down by someone!
just some quick observations
battery life seems to be as good as craig claims. ive had it on for 5 hours doing a mix of web browsing, games playing and just finding my way round the menus and still have 60 % battery life left which it currently tells me is good for another 7 hours!
the keypad is excellent and typing feels very natural, even during prolonged use. I love the Speccy 48k style space key!
I can overclock stably on my unit upto 850mhz
cant really comment too much on the emulators just yet, but will try some out later on and report back.
Typing this all right now on the Pandora. How surreal is that :D

Two years is a long time in this industry – and it’s been particularly bad luck for Pandora that its managed to hit a sweet spot in time when the Chinese handheld electronics industry has absolutely exploded with gaming handhelds, but also with channels for selling them in the West. Still, The Dingoo is no Pandora – and the Pandora is no Dingoo. Good luck to it: there is nothing like it, and perhaps never will be anything like it again.


  1. Lets hope the pandora sells like crazy,so we dont have to keep buying the crap that comes out of china.
    Lets face it 99% of the stuff that comes from china is crap,hopefully the pandora will give us the gaming device weve all been searching for.
    Well done openpandora team.......

  2. lets hope the pandora sells like crazy,so we dont have to keep buying the crap that comes out of china.Lets face it 99% of the stuff that comes out of china is crap,so i hope this could be the gaming handheld weve all been waiting for.
    Well done openpandora team....

  3. Hope this doesn't put a halt to homebrew Dingoo development...

  4. It truly looks like an amazing handheld but is far too overpriced. 330.00 + S&H?!?! I put my MAME cabinet together for less than that and it plays a crazy amount of games in perfect quality. Then there's the NDS. NDS can be purcahsed for 1/3rd the price, has excellent build quality, battery life and a ton of emulators available for it which you can find here: - The Dingoo A320 is also a great emulation handheld and sells for $79.99 fully loaded. Do the features of the Pandora device really justify the extra $200-250.00? I guess it's all in what you consider a value. If the OpenPandora team would get real on the price they would truly dominate as the features of are simply to die for in a handheld. But anything more than $199.00 for a handheld is too extreme IMO. I do have hope for Pandora and would like to see them do well. I really want one but I don't want to get divorced because I ordered one.