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DeenOX’s JXD S5800 phablet tablet review

Aching for a phone that will also work as a handheld game device? Check out DeenOX’s take on the latest JXD phone/phablet/tablet (It’s always worth reading his fab reviews! Check out his blog for more ). Like Mr Sheen, is there anything this phone cannot clean?: [REVIEW] Phablet/Console JXDS5800 (Quad-Core, 5") [REVIEW] JXDS5800 (Quad-Core, 5") Note : In first place, apologize my rude english. I do my best for writing directly in english, avoiding automatic translators, but is possible i do some mistakes. I will be glad receiving any improvement or fix, if you consider necessary, but in general speaking i think the main content of the article is understandable (most of this article is technical information). Hope you don´t get problems on reading it. NOTE This is a summarize version of the original article located on my blog . Acknowledgments To GeekBuyiung for send me a sample of JXDS580