Thursday, May 13, 2010

Rebel Dingoo makers get cocky; branch out into nutty territory

(There used to be a picture here that explained everything ... just google for a "Gingoo".)

Shenzen, 13 May 2010: In a shocking twist to the “Fake A330” saga that has deflated Dingoo owners everywhere, a group of rebel Dingoo loving engineers have formed a Y new front in the battle for the hearts and minds (and genitals), of Dingoo fans everywhere. Just like the British Liberal Democrats, these engineers will now spend their every moment dedicated to protecting the conservatives, and covering up for members.
Not to be deterred by the already confused state of the Dingoo manufacturing industry (73,491 companies, and the entire population of Shanghai, currently have rights to the name, all at the same time – but that was last Tuesday’s figure) these brave upholders of the Dingoo ideal simply headed on two letters down, thereby proving the penis mightier than the sword of litigation. “We toyed with ‘Dongoo’, but it was much safer going with the G”, Lead Rebel Engineer Johnson Wang is quoted as saying. “Had we called this the ‘Eingoo’ we were  pretty much one step away from a trademark infringement action. Plus it sounds painful.”
For too long has the lack of any meaningful testicular support capability been a glaring weakness of the Dingoo’s design. “I mean, it emulated OK, but was just absolutely hopeless at keeping my meat and two veg toasty.  Even the NDS could do warming if you tried”, says Johnson again. “So I thought, why not deal with this hairy issue? Why not offer different sizes; colours? Why not think about what users really want? Voila! We’ve now made it work with joysticks. And knobs.” 
As with the earlier iterations of this product, the Gingoo will be sold largely in China. Says Wang: “We expect this to be huge in most provinces.  We are especially sure this will explode in Shandong, Guangdong, and particularly Heilongjiang.”
I’m not actually sure about the above though.  It could be a bad Google translation.


  1. could you steer away from posting gross pictures on your blog? not exactly work safe.

  2. I for one LOVE the pic! ^_^ But that's just the perv in me. ^_-

  3. Hey man this is not appropiate nor is it relevant or good journalism on your part. If you are gay/straight/bi it's YOUR business. This is a site for the DINGOO. You cheapen this site with stuff like this.

  4. I second the previous comments. Please put a NSFW tag.

  5. Relax and chill, loyal readers. Live and let live. Did your eyes so fixate on the image that you didn't read the EXCLUSIVE NEWS STORY? It is Dingoo related story, my word. In fact, it absolutely blows the cork off the crack at the bottom of the fissure that divides the Chinese Dingoo industry today! (Trust me, I'm a professional.)

  6. I guess the problem is not being offended at all but something as simple as opening the link at office, that's all :)