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TiznajoS Graphics Editor v1.8 for Dingoo native O.S.!!

Released TiznajoS Graphics Editor v1.8 for Dingoo native O.S.Released version 1.8 now with 'undo/redo' feature, among others:
- 90º rotating and horizontal mirroring operations over 24x24 pixels tile
- 'Erase' tool

Password Protect 0.1a for Dingux

Password Protect 0.1aDingueiros Comrades,Alex320 launched Dingux for the program Password Protect . This exciting program allows the user to create a password in order to protect the system from third party access. It uses the encryption system of A2DCrypt , which allows passwords up to 2048 bits.To install the program just copy the program folder to / pwd / usr / local / apps /. Then go to / usr / local / sbin / main and open the file with Notepad. At the beginning of the file you will add the following command:cd / usr / local / apps / pwd
. / Protect.shSave and close the file. Restart Dingux and, once the system starts, it will ask you to enter your new password. To put the password you want to use the directional pad, and to confirm, press START.If you want to just change the password, first of all, delete the command that you entered into the file / usr / local / sbin / main. Then delete the files chksum.k, both located in / usr / local / apps / pwd /. With it…

HTTP server for Dingux(!)

NullHTTPdDingueiros Comrades,Alex320 launched , for Dingux, the port program NullHTTPd . This program, whose port is based on the program of the same name , is a small but effective HTTP server. He is not really a good browser, but a kind of receptor. Anyway, bear such a program for our beloved Dingoo is already a big step!To install the program you must copy the folder "httpd" in / usr / local / apps /. Then you should write the following command in the file located at / usr / local / sbin / main:cd / usr / local / apps / httpd / bin
. / HttpdThen put the files. Htm and the like in / usr / local / apps / httpd / htdocs. Restart Dingoo and connect it using the USB cable to your computer. Open the browser on your computer and type And ... voila! =)Click here to follow the discussion on the program in Dingoo ManiaDOWNLOAD

15 – sliding puzzle game for native

15March 25, 2011, 02:26:11 PM by jagotuClassic. Thanks to Frank_fjs for finding out how it's working.Quote from: miralokHello! This is my first app for Dingoo Native OS.
(Sorry for my English)Quote from: Frank_fjsIt's one of those numbers games.
So there's a 16 x 16 grid with one box free, so you can shuffle blocks numbered from 1 to 15 around, the aim being to get them in sequential order.
Start button creates a new game, B button or SELECT button quits the application.Discuss it here:
Author/Porter: miralok

Jo-Ken-Po (Rock Paper Scissors) for Dingux

Jo-Ken-Po! for DinguxMarch 23, 2011, 04:05:43 PM by jagotuYou can play rock-scissors-paper against your dingoo! Sadly it doesn't contain rock-paper-scissors-lizard-Spock QuoteHello folks!
I am here to share my latest work is still under development a simple game developed by me for Dingux. This is a version of the popular game "Rock, Paper, Scissors" who never played it? Well, this is the opportunity to play with his beloved dingoo. Soon I will be releasing updates with some improvements!
for details visit my blog: it here:!-for-dingux-(-project-game-)/
Author/Porter: dihegols
Download: or

Some dude reckons all of these games run on the Gamebox …

This might offer some hope on how to add some extra games to gamebox – apparently, you have to find the correct ROMS, stick them on the SD card, and off you go: I just thought i would let you people know that once i figured this thing out it was cool and is still cool, here is the game list i promised. Sorry i have been busy lately would have done it sooner but im setting up a shop at moment. hope this game list helps you all! by the way some remarks i made could have been seen as a little racist but i can assure you it was poorly chosen words im not a racist so i apologise to anyone i may have offended sincerely
1941 Counter Attack (World) 1941 - Strikes Back (International Version)
Captain Commando (World 911014) Commando Long (International Version 911014)
Cadillacs and Dinosaurs (World 930201) Dinosaur Century (International Version 9…

The Last Mission Dingoo SDL Remake for Native OS

The Last Mission Dingoo SDL Remake for Native OSMarch 20, 2011, 05:14:25 PM by jagotuI don't know this game, but it looks interesting. It's some sort of pre-release, but as author says - try it yourself.QuoteThe Last Mission Dingoo SDL Remake for Native OS
Hi, everybody! Here's my replica of the classic game The Last Mission. The graphics is CGA-like 4-color, the sound is adlib-emulation. It's a pre-release version as the sound is not completely finished. Anyway, please try and test it.
Description from
The Last Mission is a side-view arcade game without scrolling (viewpoint moves from screen to screen) with map of big dimensions. The game takes its inspiration from games such as Underwurlde and Starquake.
You control a tank-like robot which can be divided in two: you rotate caterpillar and head-canyon, and the head part can fly off on its own. However,the head can only survive separately for a short amount of t…

TiznajoS Graphics Editor v1.7 for Dingoo native O.S.

Hi, I have the pleasure to announce that I have released TiznajoS Graphics Editor v1.7 for Dingoo native O.S.
Official site:

Vice 2.3 for Dingoo (native) [2011]

Oh joyous day!Vice 2.3 for Dingoo (native)   [2011]Released by :
Release Date :
21 March 2011
Type :
Other Platform C64 ToolUser rating :   awaiting 5 votes (5 left)
Credits :Code
Peiselulli of Arsenic, Oxyron, Tristar & Red Sector IncorporatedDownload : (downloads: 6)Look for downloads on external sites:
Pokefinder.orgProduction Info
Submitted by Peiselulli on 18 March 2011 Dingoo native port based on the Vice 2.3 release.
With patch for building from source.

Booboo gives Dingoo GA330 the boot … literally

At least, that’s that I think this says:Running code on the GA330Check out usbtool here:
The CC1800 has 16KB of SRAM located at 0x0010000, and also mapped at 0x00000000 if certain bit of a special register is set. At boot time this bit is clear and ROM is mapped at 0x00000000.
The A330 can be made to boot from SD card by pressing DOWN during power up. In this mode the ROM code will load sectors 2-17 into SRAM at address 0x00100000 and execute. The code in rom.bin will then in turn execute the USB boot code, and from then on you can use the usbtool above to upload and execute your code through USB. Much more convenient that moving an SD card around.
Note however that since the USB boot code is not executed from ROM but from SRAM, the same SRAM you will be uploading to (at least until the SDRAM controller has been initialized), some restrictions apply: the USB boot code code in rom.bin is loaded at 0x00100000, and first thi…

Pymon Dingux v0.2

Symple Symon met another Pymon …Pymon v0.2March 15, 2011, 06:19:32 AM by qbertaddictPymon has been updated to version 0.2QuoteV2 released !
-No cautions to follow 
- enable the display of the mouse
- can type during the demonstration
- sound addedDiscuss it here:
Author/Porter: Monstercrunch

openMSX 0.8.1 for Dingux

openMSX 0.8.1Today at 02:13:57 AM by qbertaddictA new MSX emulator for DINGUX has been released!QuoteToday we released openMSX 0.8.1, including a binary for Dingux. The most prominent changes in this release are not applicable to the Dingoo, but there are some accuracy fixes in the VDP and sound emulation and OSD elements such as the menu and the virtual keyboard use gradients now. Also the new 60Hz variants (Japanese and Brazilian) of the C-BIOS machines might be useful if you want to play Japanese games at the speed they were designed for (the default C-BIOS machine runs at 50Hz). For details, please read the release notes.Discuss it here:
Author/Porter: mth

sz81 updated again

sz81 updated againMarch 10, 2011, 05:13:44 PM by jagotuIf you're fan of this emulator, this is a must-have for you.QuoteNew revision r4
Fast manual:
In the emulator mode:
SELECT+L – hardware menu (in the screen 4/4: keyboard remapper)
SELECT+R – Virtual Keyboard mode
SELECT+X – Exit emulator
SELECT+B – Load state
SELECT+A – Save state
SELECT+START – Load File (Load programs)
In the Virtual keyboard mode:
Dpad (up,down,left and right buttons) – Move the green cursor in virtual keyboard mode
B – Press the selected key / open selected item on menu
Y – move cursor to back (SHIFT+5)
A – Move cursod to forward (SHIFT+8)
SELECT – Exit…

DinguxCommander 2.1

DinguxCommander 2.1March 09, 2011, 05:26:28 PM by jagotuUpdated again. This file browser is getting better and better.QuoteI just released version 2.1.
New features are :
- Rename a file or a directory
- Create a new directory
For consistency purposes, I tried to make the virtual keyboard look like gmenu2x' keyboard (but there are still differences).
Also, the source code is available.Discuss it here:
Author/Porter: Mia
Download Source:

OpenTTD for Dingux

OpenTTD for DingooMarch 09, 2011, 05:21:53 PM by jagotuDo you like tycoon games? There's one for your Dingoo.QuoteSo, version 1.0
It is a port from OpenTTD version 1.0.5. OpenGFX is included, but there is neither music nor sounds. I don't like them. Copying OpenSFX into the game directory should work though.
It renders a 640x480 picture and then downscales it via linear interpolation to 320x240. This allows more things to be seen at once than 320x240 version, which is quite unplayable.
It is not as fun as it could be, because controlling the mouse with a d-pad is quite slow, but it is playable.
If you set up an internet connection for dingoo, then in-game content downloading should work too, but I can't test that now.
Also, the Options screen is too big and can't be seen as a whole, so I suggest using the openttd.cfg file directly to change options.
I hope that the next version will have better fonts, wil…

How to install Dingux (Spanish instructions)


Booboo buys a Gamebox

Well everyone, it’s early days yet, and he has plenty to do, so there are no promises or anything like that, but these comments and response on Booboo’s Dingux blog are good news in my book:Chui said... ¡ANIMO!
Can I help you on anything? I am impatient for porting DCaSTaway, UAE4ALL and PSX4ALL. :-D
Btw, Some people are trying to hack GameBox/ArcadeBox:
It has a JZ4755 CPU, I suppose that it is a MIPS similar to Dingoo-A320.
Are you interested about port Dingux to GameBox when it can flash an alternative firmware?
CHUI.March 1, 2011 11:38 AMbooboo said... @Chui
Just purchased one from DX. Let's have a look at it...March 1, 2011 12:24 PM

Watery - Dingux

WateryMarch 03, 2011, 02:57:43 PM by jagotuYeah, from what i understood it's not finished yet, but it's worth of trying.QuoteHi! Doing a little game, so that worked in Windows, Linux and Dingux.
Honestly I can not evaluate the playability of this game (if I may so call it) because it makes it all for fun and purchase some of the experience in game development and SDL.
The game is not completed yet, there are many mistakes and yet only 4 levels, but we can see what happened.
The plot is trite, the protagonist must go through the levels, to water a cactus.
The main character - droplet. The faster will be passed the level the more points.
2 kinds of bonuses. Droplet - a life. Clock - taken away 10 seconds from time, it is understandable that they can spend on the passage level of less time.
arrows - walking, B - running, Select - exit.Discuss it here:…

Pymon Dingux v0.1

Pymon v0.1March 03, 2011, 05:26:43 AM by qbertaddictMonstercrunch has released a new game for us. Its like simon. I loved this game as a kidQuoteHi guys, I've just finished my game: Pymon.
It's an adaptation of Simon's game.
To change the difficulty, type left/right when the cursor is on the same line, then, go on "new game" and type "A"
In easy mode, there will be 1 key added per turn.
In normal mode, 2 keys added per turn
In Hard mode, 3 keys added per turn.
/!\ Read the readme ! There are some cautions to know. /!\
Main menu:
In game:
Saving score:
Showing Hight scores:
I'm waiting for your comments. Discuss it here:
Author/Porter: monstercrunch

SDL SLiDing - v0.2 Dingux

SDL SLiDing - v0.2Today at 05:53:35 AM by qbertaddictSDL SLiDing has been updated!QuoteSDL SLiDing is my first original (not a port) game for Dingux. It's a implementation of the well known sliding puzzle or just 15 puzzle. The object of the puzzle is to place the tiles in order by making sliding moves that use the empty space.
This still need to do some things, but it contains enough to play 
* Faster loading;
* Use of customizable background images *;
* Proper success sound (bye Blanka);
* Numerical tips;
* Pause;
* Adjust the left pane.
* To add your own background images, just convert them to BMP format, and copy them to the directory "data/bg". It is important to remember that the images must have a resolution of 240x240, necessarily.Discuss it here:
Author/Porter: Shin-NiL…