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Oh, and then there was the GPD XD


JXD S192 Singularity Android Game Console looks like it actually has the chops

In these frigid times, the worst and driest Chinese console winter of recent memory, one would be forgiven for losing all hope of ever playing with a handheld in the sun again. Better to buy a PS4 and become a GTA V in mom's basement.  Nothing else required. But then, this protocell comes oozing out of the JXD skunkworks, festering into evolved multilife and bridging the epochs of 2012 and 2015 in a single generational jump.  As usual, for something not quite released , it is stunning on paper: Size Weight length: 274.1mm width: 143.6mm thickness: 53.3mm colour: black Display Material Full HD Retina display Size 7 inches (diagonal) Resolution 1920*1200 323ppi Processor CPU NVIDIA Tegra K1 quad core, 2.0GHz ARM Cortex-A15 GPU NVIDIA Kepler GPU, 192 CUDA cores Capacity RAM 2GB LPDDR3 Flash memory 16GB support ; Micro SD (TF) UP TO 128GB Game Supporting Android Game Nvidia special effect android games Nvidia Tegra K1 chips Exclusive Games Goo