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NVidia confirms Shield 2 is a tablet! I knew Shield 1. Shield 1 was a friend of mine.

It is rare that 80’s presidential politics has much to say about 2014 gaming, but then, black swans appear, like now. After months of speculation, Nvidia has confirmed that its impending Nvidia Shield 2 gaming device is a … tablet ?! Tablet? Yes, let’s call a spade a spade. It’s a well specced beast of a tablet, but the fact is that unlike the Shield 1, which was a daring, hideously ugly but damned functionally excellent piece of gaming kit for the handheld android (retro)gamer, the Shield 2 looks to be JAFT – just another frickin’ tablet, with an optional controller. Optional . Look, here it is; so optional, it’s floating in space. Which is, of course, the subliminal message of this image: to gamers, the Shield 2’s optional controller is as optional as air in space.  When the Shield 1 was released, the general consensus of reviewers was that it was a bold move to dominate a niche market, but that more time was needed to see if this would pay off for Nvidia. Time appears to

New JXD S7800B review on

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Version 2: S7800B 1.6GHz - (Tweaked+vSync Fix+60Hz+Apex Launcher) ROMs

Version 2: S7800B 1.6GHz - (Tweaked+vSync Fix+60Hz+Apex Launcher) ROMs Current Version: webclaw-tw116-9.img: This is a collection of ROM's for all JXD S7800B devices (3188 & 3188-T SoC's). These ROM's include a working vSync fix (resolves frame dropping issues) in games and when playing back video / movies. Battery life is also significantly increased! Includes all previous stock JXD fixes, my previous "WebClaw ROM v1.0.2" fixes as well as SD Card Swap w/better Google Play Store compatibility. I've tried to include fixes, patches, and features based on everyone's feedback ("some people like this, some people like that") - hence the ROM collection. On another note, the new Kernels (dubbed by JXD as version 1.1.5 and / or KitKat versions) are [currently] terrible. I won't be creating a new / updated 1.X ROM as I think we've all beaten the 1.X versions to death . Hopefully