Monday, May 17, 2010

Viewimage for Dingoo

Viewimage for Dingoo
May 16, 2010

Stephanie has released a imageviewer for the dingoo


I was looking around for a simple little image viewer for Dingux, and didn't come up with anything so I found this Image Viewer / viewimage and ported it over.

Not sure if I'm reinventing the wheel, there's probably other image viewers out there that I missed, but this was a quick little excercise for me. The download includes the binary, a readme, and an icon.

All it does is display images, proportionately scaled to the Dingoo's screen. Just give it a filename or file names as command arguments, like "./viewimage.dge foo.jpg" or "./viewimage.dge foo.jpg bar.png"

It also accepts wildcards, such as "./viewimage.dge /boot/local/pictures/*.jpg"

* enable rotate (probably using L and R shoulder buttons)
* get rotate working properly, so that rotated images are re-scaled to fit the 240x320 format


If it has more than one image to display, you can use the D-pad to navigate left and right (back and forth). Select exits the program.

Discuss it here:

Ta Dingoonity.

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