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Seagal posts Dingoo Centipede Emulator!

Seagal said... Hi, I didnt find any mail on the blog to send you some news so i let it here. [Email me here: –> now on sidebar under “Support this site”]

I coded a Centipede emulator for the gemei/dingoo, currently emulates only Millipede and has no sound, but is playable and is full speed.

Regards, Seagal.March 31, 2009 8:50 AM Well done Seagal, and thanks for sharing!!

Nice pouch for Dingoo

This looks like it might work well with the Dingoo, as it’s roughly the size of the bottom part of an NDS.  Only $2.57 – Grab it from DX!Of if you prefer *pink* click here ….Or black, click here!Or try this, which might work as well, or even better  ….PS – if you buy these, you help support this site … well, kind off, as DX points are pretty worthless!

What do I play now?: 100 best NES games of all time!

Holding potentially up to 12 GB is a lot of ROMS.  Factor in that the NES has close to 800 games in the full romset, and some sort of filtering is definately required!  So, don’t waste your time on crap movie conversions.  Go to instead, and enjoy THE list of the NES’s best 100 games of all time.

A600 posts A320 overclocking app!

A Dingoo overclocking app has been released!“Looks like A600 has been a busy wee bee and released his Overclocking Application for the A320.
You can nab the file HERE
Unpack the RAR and put the files in your GAME/3D Folder on the Dingoo
There are various speeds 200/336/370/400/430.
The files need to be selected and run through the 3D Game menu and when you click and run it does not look as if anything has changed. Once you have clicked on the preferred speed, cancel out of 3D game and goto Interesting game and you should start to see a difference. I noticed a real difference on CPS2 and Neogeo so far, not got round to trying it out on everything yet though.
As with all these unofficial hacks - USE AT YOUR OWN RISK.”Props to Bingo83 at the A320 freeforums for posting this!

Lots and lots of GBA homebrew

Kojote was kind enough to post this link on the A320 forums: At the PDR's GBA section ( ) you can find more than 400 games to be used with the Dingoo's GBA emulator. 99% of the entries come with screenshot so it's pretty easy to pick the pearls!
It's also fully legal, as all games are homebrew!
So if you’re bored of those badly written GBA ROMS, why not expand your horizons?:)

Labelled Dingoo mainboard

Here is the Dingoo mainboard again with some labels.  The AV out chip is a Chrontel 7024b(Click for datasheet).  There are two ElpidaUPD45128163G5-A10-9JF - 128M-bit Synchronous DRAM 4-bank, LVTTL chips (Click for datasheet).There are also 2 Samsung K9GA080U0MPCB0 2CB NAND Flash chips (Anyone know what this is? Faster/slower ram than the Elpida, perhaps?).And of course, there is an Ingenic JZ4732 CPU (and this is a link to the datasheet for the JZ4740, which is meant to be pretty much identical).(Right click here and save to get full picture so you can read the labels!)

How to open your Dingoo

Inevitably, you will find yourself consumed by an overwhelming desire to see what’s inside the Dingoo.  Whether to change the battery, to work out what makes it tick, or just because it’s there, I’ve saved you the trouble!Opening Dingoo, is dead easy, compared with say, cracking the shell on an Xbox 360.  No special tools are required – just a set of mini screwdrivers at a minimum.First, prise off those 4 lovely rubber feet to reveal the screws underneath:Unscrew the screws.  Then gently prise Dingoo apart (you can see where the internal clips are in the picture below).Voila! Be sure not to lose the power switch, which might fall off when he case is opened!The battery will appear to be secured to the board somehow. It is actually stuck on to a sticky pad.  Use a flat spatula, screwdriver or tweezers and slide underneath the battery from right to left, gently lifting the battery off.  Careful, don’t go hard, or you might pull components off the board.Use your hands to finish the job:He…

The Handheld Blog’s Dingoo Review

The Handheld Blog has posted a new Dingoo review.  Click here for an English translation.

Dealextreme promises more Dingoos shortly

For those of you who may have been waiting, a DX rep posted the following on the DX Dingoo forum:Fernando:Just got a phone call from factory, the item will be back before the end of this month, so if you want this player, order now, I will get all these in 3 to 4 days!If you’ve been waiting to order, the time is now.Forget the above. They are in stock now, according to Dealextreme. Why not click here to do it, and gimme some DX points so I can get a piece of aluminium?

Rockbox or Linux on Dingoo … anyone game to try?

Rockbox is alternative firmware for MP3 players.  There is a version available for the Dingoo’s chipset, which is believed to be the Ingenic JZ4732Click here to read more about possible Rockbox for the Dingoo, and if you try, probably to brick your Dingoo as well!  Still, there appears to be a wealth of information on the Jz4732 chipset on that link, which may be useful for someone who knows what they’re doing (but if you did, you wouldn’t really be reading this blog now, would you?):)Those of you who are even more masochistic may be inclined to attempt installing Linux, which is possible on at least one Ingenic Jz4732 device (or try this link).  Then, there is this little nugget in one of the comments on this article:Doug :
Is possible run this Linux into Gemei X760+. This MP4 uses a JZ4740 chip, but don't have touchscreen, but buttons. Is possible adapt to this MP4? Thanks Of course the linux can be ported to Gemei x760+. You need to write the key driver and LCD driver for it.…

Another way to Dingoo Homebrew

As the Dingoo SDK is still slightly less than readily available, here is a link to another set of “development tools” for the Dingoo.The Dingoo is a very fine GBA. The GBA development scene appears pretty evolved (albeit somewhat, ah, dormant) – so if you’ve been dying to code for the Dingoo but couldn’t quite figure out how to get the official SDK, why not try this lateral approach?

While waiting for MAME: Dingoo running Mr Do!

One of the reasons I hanker for MAME in every system is that I want to play Mr Do!Sure, you can probably get Neo Mr Do! to work via the Neo Geo emulator on the Dingoo, but nothing works like the pure gameplay of the original, and the best – all 175K of it! Fortunately, even without MAME, someone to whom we are all grateful worked out how to emulate the arcade ROM on the GBA. Here it is running on the Dingoo!:Nothing beats the pure satisfaction of taking out 4 monsters in one hit AND completing the EXTRA life bonus with a single ball. Click here for the link to your own arcade emulated Dingoo Mr Do!

Tips: Megadrive extension for Dingoo

Rename your ROMS to .smd or they won’t be found by Dingoo.

HexxenOverdrive posts Gameboy Color Full Set Collection – Goomba converted and ready for Dingoo

The GBC emulator for the Dingoo does not work, IMHO, as well as emulating the GBC through the Dingoo’s GBA emulator.  I suspect it was not originally written for the A320.The trouble with Goomba is that it can be confusing to use it.  Goomba converts GBC Roms through this interface:… and saves the all the converted games in a single file (you give this file a name, like “GBC.gba”). You place this file on your Dingoo, and launch it as if it were a GBA ROM.  It’s not that difficult, but it can be a tad confusing for the uninitiated, or annoying for the lazy)Click here for pretty much every GBC game ever made, converted by Goomba, ready for running on your Dingoo (warning, ~67meg). Just unzip and place the files where you put your ROMS (NOTE: The original file didn’t work properly.  Archive is now split into several .GBA files. The A and B Roms don’t appear to work, but C to Z run fine).Thanks Hexxenoverdrive! free of Trojans and back online!

Good news!  True to their word, Dingoo’s official site is back up, free of trojans.Click here for the English version of Dingoo Digital’s official site.  Thanks for letting us know, Sofia!(Not too much on it at the moment, but hopefully this will improve over time!)

A better Dingoo?

As I mention here, China is a very competitive market for PMPs.  Check this out:Here’s a video review (there are several reviews on Youtube):This is the SmartQ T5II, which seems to do everything the Dingoo can, including, importantly, play GBA. Megadrive, SNES.and NEO GEO games – at least as well as the Dingoo it would seem from the video.  It has a faster chip (600mhz) and has a nifty trick (see video) which lets you connect another controller (where you’d get this though, is not clear) to the unit wirelessly, so you can play two player games, on say, your SNES.It’s about the same size (SmartQ: 112×58×13 mm v Dingoo 125x55.5x14 mm) and 10g lighter (SmartQ 100 gm v Dingoo 110 gm)It’s ugly as sin though, IMHO.  It doesn’t appear to have shoulder buttons. And about 107 Euro - without postage, is a bit pricier than our favourite white chicklet (the Dingoo clocks in at about 65 euro, delivered, from DealExtreme). You can check out the price and the full specs of the SmartQ and buy one her…

What those included Interesting Games REALLY are

The Dingoo comes with some free games titled, very helpfully, 1001.jgc, 1002,jgc … and so on.They live in the “GBA” folder of “Interesting Game”, which is somewhat of an understatement. It turns out that a few of these games are made by “Jungletac”, which may explain the “jgc” filenames. I assume they are GBA compatible.They aren’t complete rubbish, either. Some are pretty playable clones of popular classics or well known games. You might not keep ‘em if you’re down to your last meg or two, but they’re pretty playable in their own right. Here is a list of their filenames, titles and a brief description.FilenameTitleDescriptionScreenshot1001.jgcTiger RescueA pretty tough from the top shoot ‘em up, reminiscent of Raiden. My pick for the best of the bunch.1002.jgcHero LegendClone of Don Doko Don.1003.jgcJewel Fever 2Clone of Columns, only it features a pirate doing it in reverse. That may not have come out right.1004.jgcPinball FishClone of Arkanoid1005.jgcFire FighterYou control some me…

Retrogamer2k9’s facts about the Dingoo

Retrogamer2k9 indicates that:“The N64 can NEVER be emulated on the Dingoo. Not only because the Dingoo is way too slow for that, but also because it has no 3D hardware acceleration. But that is needed, as LLE of the N64's graphics chip has not been archieved yet (all attempts made so far are crappy and slow even on the fastest PC). Amiga is a no-go either, unless you do a very basic HLE of an A500 or porting some old DOS crap like Fellow.and“It runs a custom OS made for/by Chinachip, just like any other PMP with the Ingenic chip.”Good information. Thanks retrogamer2k9!

Sega Master System/MSX/Gameboy/Gameboy Colour/Spectrum/PCEngine/Neo Geo Pocket/Sierra/Coleco Vision and Extra NES emulators for Dingoo – well, kinda sorta

While we’re waiting for the Dingoo to emulate a PSP (as kinda hinted in the Dingoo interview, question 1 :)), not to mention the N64 and Amiga:() (down boy!) Hellsing1 over at the DX forums has identified a workaround to increase the number of systems which the Dingoo can "emulate". Basically, this involves running emulators originally written to run on the GBA on the GBA emulator of the Dingoo. The mind shudders to think of what massive frame rates this might achieve – but apparently, it works well for some systems, particularly the Gameboy/Gameboy colour.On the surface, the GBA is able to emulate a surprising range of old systems! This is the link to get the emulators: you just want all 18 emulators from the above page, click here to download all of them, in a single RAR archive. You’ll get in the archive a number of NES emulators which you absolutely don’t need your Dingoo GBA emulator to run.

Hellsing1 posts his best frameskip settings for Dingoo SNES emulator

Dingoo-Digital provides further information about the A320!

Most impressively, within 24 hours of asking Dingoo-Digital’s representative over at the A320 free forums some follow up questions from our original Dingoo Digital Interview, Sofia has provided even more information on the Dingoo and Dingoo’s future plans. The following is reproduced from the A320 freeforums. These were my follow up questions:Hello, Sofia, it is wonderful to see a Dingoo representative here.
Today, Jim from Dingoo-Digital answered some questions for me at about the Dingoo A320. [url]His answers are here ... rview.html[/url]
Jim was very helpful, and it was exciting to hear from Dingoo itself! His answers raised even more questions for us, which I hope you can help to answer.
We asked Jim:
"Will more emulators will be made for Dingoo(for example, C64, MAME, PCEngine?)
For A320 , will not make more emulators.
For other new product , maybe we could provide more …

Gameboy Colour Emulator for Dingoo

This is a link to the Gameboy Colour Emulator for the Dingoo. Just copy it into the “Game” dir on your Dingoo.Thanks to Retrogamer2k9 from the DX Dingoo forums!

Dingoo representative at !

Sofia, a representative of Dingoo, is now available at !

This is her post:

Hello every one,

Good day there!

This is Sofia from Shenzhen Dingoo Digital Product Company. Thank you all of you have so much interesting on our Dingoo A320 firstly! And , I'd like to be your friend helping you to know this item well.

Our company is really a leading manufacturer of 3D game consolers in China. I guess all of you already knew this ,right? ^_^ Thus, I hope I can do as much as possible to lead you feel easy on A320. Also, I expect to discuss and share with all of you in order to improve my professionality.

If , any of you need to buy this for try or wholesale, it will be my greatest honor to service for you ! P.S:My email address is"

Have fun !

This is an excellent development!

Any other questions for Dingoo? Join the discussion at this thread:

Support the Dingoo A320!

Read the post below this first!

It's no surprise that no new emulators appear to be planned for the A320. Reading into the Dingoo Interview, and knowing there are hundreds of these products on the Chinese market, it is probably the case that the Dingoo A320 is just another model number, with a limited product lifespan, in a very competitive market. Plus, there's the whole world financial crisis thing!

In the midst of a financial crisis though, what better than to buy a little, affordable piece of joy like the Dingoo? This is the perfect picker upper to gloomy times.

So, though it's certainly nowhere near extinction at the moment ....

I honestly don't think Dingoo themselves appreciate what a gem of a product they have in the A320. This is the little PMP-Emulator that COULD!

But capable or not, we have to face facts that the A320 will inevitably die, unless WE do something about it.

What can we do?

The best way to show there is a Worldwide Market is to order one, so don&…

Exclusive Dingoo Digital Interview

Dingoo-Scene recently put some questions to Jim, a spokesperson from Dingoo Digital. The following are the questions and answers received:

Dear Larry
Thanks for your email.

1. Will more emulators will be made for Dingoo(for example, C64, MAME, PCEngine?)
For A320 , will not make more emulators. For other new product , maybe we could provide more emulators , such as psp emulator .

2. Will the existing emulators continue to be improved? (for example, the SNES emulator, for example, is a disappointment to some people)
Yes. will be continued to be improved.

3. Will new firmware be made? What is the planned release cycle? Will this provide new features?
Yes, new firmware will be made, to make the system more stable. I don't think so it will provide new features.

4. How big is your research and development team, working on the Dingoo A320 firmware, emulators and software?
15 for firmware, emulators , 40 for 3D games.

5. Are you working to fix the virus and trojan problems with the Engli…

Download Dingoo SDK here

Click here to download what is apparently NOT the Dingoo SDK. (see the comments - this may be for the Gemei A720, as it happens). Warning - it's about 173 megs in size!

However, from the Dingoo interview, it is now confirmed that the Dingoo SDK is at:

Further, Dingoo representative Sofia has the following to add so hopefully, it will be easier to access for non-Chinese readers soon:

"Q: . Many people would like to download the SDK from , but it very hard for non-chinese speaking people to log-in, and to find the files. , or I am sure, these forums, would be very happy to host copies of the SDK on our server, if you could help us to get the SDK. Can you help?
A: Well , this is really a problem as we all realized it already. And, our company will try to work out some other places for down loading the SDK. Of course we will make it in English language as well. And for now, we only responsible to help the clients…

Tips: How to load ROMS from MiniSD

The Dingoo user interface looks great, but has a few ... interesting approaches to user experience.

The emulators, in particular (of course, this is not the MAIN reason anyone buys a
Dingoo - it's CLEARLY the E-book feature which gets us hot and sweaty:)) are launched in a peculiar way.

In fact, launch is not really the right word - there is no menu item which says "Start SNES Emulator", for example, or "Start NEO-Geo Emulator". Instead, you just go straight to wherever your ROMS are, and the relevant emulator self-launches when a compatible rom is selected.

So, that's the general idea.

A. This is how to launch ROMS from the internal memory:

Go to Game center -> Interesting Game ->

Select the folder where your ROMS are (eg: GBA) ->

Launch ROM!
But where are the 8Gigs of yum yum ROM goodness you put on your Kingston mini-SD?!!

B. This is how to launch ROMS from a Mini-SD Card:

Go to Game center -> Interesting Game ->

Press LEFT when on this screen ->


Dingoo spotted in the wild - for $400!

The following Dingoo was spotted in a shop window in the Chinatown of Sydney, Australia, for a mere - for Australian $400. As at the date of this post, purchasing from DealExtreme would save you about, oh, 296%! That's a pretty good return in these pressing financial times!

Dingoo running SNES Earthbound Rom

Ask and you shall receive!

By popular request on the DX Dingoo forum, this video shows the Dingoo running Earthbound via the SNES emulator. I had to film the output on a TV screen as my camera wouldn't clearly focus on the Dingoo screen at close distance. However, you can see from the various menu shots that this is not a fake and that the game is really running on the Dingoo's SNES emulator.

I don't know this game at all (looks good though), but it seems to be running well to my untrained eye. On the poorly regarded SNES emulator too!

Reasons to love your Dingoo: Rubber Feet

There are plenty of pictures of the front of the Dingoo. However, flip it over and look ....

... yes, right there, on each corner: rubber (or a viable substitute, anyway) feet.

These aren't hard plastic nubs like on a DS or PSP; these are little buds of grippy traction, and I swear they go some way to absorbing minor shocks too. Or anyhow, they feel nice when you place Dingoo down, and stop it from slipping off angled surfaces, which helps with video viewing.

It's the little things in life! No other portable console I know has rubber feet.