Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Can someone help Denny flush his Dingoo’s memory?

A plea for help from one of our readers:

Cool site very informative.  I had a question regarding the memory of
the Dingoo.
It lookslike I am only using 1.4 GB of memory but the free space is
only showing a few hundred MB.
I think the continuous play is storing some movies.  I can't see them
when I plug the usb into my Ubuntu machine.  My other vista pc does
not recognize the Dingoo through usb.
How do I clear out the memory of the continuos play movies?

Can anyone help?


  1. Flopsy T. HamsterMay 26, 2010 at 5:55 AM

    If recommend first running a Scandisk on the "drive". This might clean up some of the flash RAM that's being allocated incorrectly. Next, if he's doesn't want any of the videos that are on the drive, he could try deleting the VIDEO folder. If he wants to keep any of them, copy them to the local hard drive, delete the VIDEO file on the Dingoo, recreate the VIDEO folder, and copy the files back. He could also try right-clicking on each of the folders in the root directory, and selecting "Properties". This will show how much space is being used by the files in that folder. It might reveal where the problem is occuring.

    He should make sure that he's able to view hidden files as well. In Explorer, click on the Tools menu, select Folder Options, click the View tab and then make sure "Show Hidden Files And Folders" is selected. This alone might reveal one or more hidden files or folders that are taking up a massive amount of space.

    The final last resort might be to reflash the firmware. If I remember correctly, when I updated mine, it erased the flash memory, and returned it to "factory settings". But I also updated the firmware on my GP2X Wiz about that time, which I KNOW erased the device's internal flash memory, so maybe I'm confusing it with that.

    Hope something there helps him out.

  2. is it a 2G version Dingoo(for China market)?

  3. you have to format the dingoo first in the ubuntu disk utility then mount it from there when deleting files using ubuntu make sure you empty the trash folder on the device before disconnecting or you wont free up any space