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New finalburn advance for Dingoo A380 released

Re: Dingoo A-380 Custom Firmware V2.05.03« Reply #359 on: December 25, 2012, 12:50:22 PM »Here's a X-mas present.
It's the latest fba-a380 version from d_smagin. I compiled it because it's a lot better than the old version.
Fixed loading screen.
Fixed CPS1 sound.
Fixed loading some CPS2 games.
Fixed loading some NEO-GEO games.
Download fba-a380:

“Hello World” on long forgotten Gemei GA330

Anyone remember this device from circa May 2011?Serious work was done by Booboo on getting dingux onto it, but he hasn’t been involved in the scene for quite some time, and there has been no action on the Gemei GA330 device since. So Steward doing this offers a sliver of hope:"Hello, world!" code and boot from SDCardHi, after one day working to disassembly Booboo's rom.bin(SDCard binary file).
Now, i have modified the disassembly file to assembly code and this code cab be compiled as binary file.
this binary file cab also be burned to 2G SDCard and show some initial message(Hello, world!) via uart(rs232).
i think this is a small milestone to hack ga330 game handheld.
i will continue to do such thing and find out all registers(if i can).
all steps as following:
uart line as following:…

Nick Nillo’s Production GCW Zero review!

Is this the start of actual deliveries for the GCW Zero? Thanks to Nick Nillo for the heads up!

Can’t wait for an OpenPandora? Build your own with a Raspberry Pi

It took a long time (relatively speaking) but Nathan Morgan built his own mini-laptop using a Raspberry pi and readily available bits and bob.  The whole thing will cost you a little more than the $35 for the Raspberry Pi alone, but is still a considerably quicker and cheaper option than waiting on an Openpandora … read the whole story here. Gotta love the bulk that this thing ends up being! Eats iphones for lunch.

Willgoo Christmas Week #3 Contest: Compose a song about Electronics

Starting! Week #3 Contest: Compose a song about Electronics« on: December 15, 2012, 06:31:26 AM »Week #3 ( 15th to 21th Dec 2012)
This week’s contest: Compose a song about Electronics
OH, Jingle bells, jingle bells,
Jingle all the way…

Yes, Christmas Day is almost there. We hope our contests bring you happiness and fun. In this week we want to do something more interesting. We will require you to compose a song which should include word- “Willgoo” in it. You “song” may be used in our video reviews for products! Here are rules for this week’s contest:
1. This song should be included word- “ Willgoo” at least once.
2. This song is about electronic- I suggest you a group of styles: Hip Hop, Electronic, Dance, Guitars etc.
3. You can use some apps on the market, such Caustic, Sunbox or similar, or any software from PC such Fruityloops, or any instrument (guitar, chords), etc.
4. We're asking you to send an actual son… reviews the Archos Gamepad

Here’s a massive comprehensive English review of the new Archos gamepad from  Click on the link to enjoy …

Yinlips YDPG17 now slashed to $69.99 by Willgoo

Willgoo have lowered the price of the YDPG17 to $69.99 from its original 80.99! The YDPG17 is Yinlip’s challenger to the JXD S60X series, but has a better build quality and screen overall.  At these crazy prices, they won’t last …Heck, used to be a single N64 cart would’ve cost you more than this pittance. So click here to get one for Christmas, at this new great price!

Yinlips YDPG27 now available

Yinlips has now released their new 7 inch open gaming tablet, the YDPG 27!You can get one here from Willgoo for $119.99, postage included.Here are more details:

At a glance:
7.0" HD five-point capacitive touch screen
Android 4.0 OS, WIFI
CPU :1.2GHz, RAM :512M
Dual camera for DC&DV function
Virtual key mapping function and almighty simulator game
Wi-Fi wireless multi-player Kumite function(no need the internet signal connection)Specification:
Android 4.0 OS, 7" HD five-point touch capacitive screen
ARM Cortex-A8, 1.2GHz, DDR3 512M
Power VR SGX GPU, fully compatible with APK, 3D games
Unique private mould, dual loudspeaker stereo, fashionable appearance and ring heat emission design
Virtual key mapping function and almighty simulator game
Wi-Fi wireless multi-player Kumite function(no need the internet signal connection)
Wi-Fi busines…

More GCW Zero videos – MAME, C64 and other stuff

While delivery dates for the GCW Zero are starting to resemble Openpandora proportions, here’s more videos for the indefatigable Qbertaddict1 to keep your interest pumping while waiting for that big day:

Archos Gamepad has button overlap issues–pray for a firmware fix

Midway into writing a review of the new Archos Gamepad, DeenOX reports:Re: GAMEPAD IS OUT! GET YOURS NOW!!« Reply #34 on:Today at 01:39:30 AM »Hi guys!
i'm preparing a review of this device, and i found a problem that i think is interesting to post here.
i grab two videos about overlapping button (yes... there is overlappings... and many)
as i said on another forums, my feel is that these problem may be solved with some update from archos.
for now, i only tested with FPSe. now, i´m preparing other testings to add to my review. if i found any intetersting to show you before, i'll post here.
greetings!Follow that discussion here!

Warning, this will make you salivate - Archos Gamepad tested/reviewed by BAF!

And the great folk at have written a massive test here, for the exciting new Archos android  tablet that may actually DO IT ALL (read this!)! It’s on sale now, but only in Europe.  Can anyone report in on where this can be bought?The review is in French, so if you can stomach the google translate, I offer the below as a public service with many thanks to tested the Archos Gamepad for you!
Thursday, December 6, 2012  Android , Archos , Gamepad  11 commentsAppointment was given Sunday with CAJL, administrator in a Parisian brasserie to put my fingers gamer on the new tablet Archos: the Gamepad.For those who do not know CAJL and I invite you to read the interview he granted us cordially at the following link:  Interview.It should be noted that these first impressions are more focused on the gaming console. Specs, part multimedia benchmarks and others are the strong point of CAJL ;) You can find the test here: Test CAJL .And for oth…

Naxaras’ JXD S602 Custom Script now confirmed working on JXD S603

Indask8 reports:Re: [SCRIPT] Update!! Naxeras 1.2 RCO for JXD s602 Root, Clean, Optimice and more!!!
« Reply #150 on: December 09, 2012, 12:34:42 PM »
I have a good news for JXD S603 owners, the script is compatible (tested with 0814 firmware).Only issue, you'll loose the front camera if you don't modify the script.To fix this you only have to go into the files/clean folder open build.prop and modify the ro.gplus.CMOS_SENSOR_2 value like this:
ro.gplus.CMOS_SENSOR_2=SP0A18_yuvit should be enough.Go here for the full thread!

Willgoo Christmas competition week #2–Win a YDPG 17!

Starting! 2012 Christmas Contest- Week #2
« on: December 08, 2012, 09:36:44 AM »
It is hard for us to select the best design in last contest. Finally we pick out mezgho's design. Congratulations! As Christmas Day is coming near, our contest is on its way going to Week #2:This week’s contest: Create a Slogan to Willgoo Still envy the winner in our week #1 contest just because you are not good at photographic? Well, you still get chance to win as we have three more contests in this month. No more PS this week but we require you to create a slogan to Willgoo.

Many of you here may be familiar with Willgoo. If not, just visit : It is easy to get a general idea on what Willgoo is. Baring in mind that those interesting and meaningful slogans will get more attention from us. Check the rules for this contest:1.   Slogan can be a short phrase or some words. Keep them as short as possible.
2.   No any offensive, Racism words i…

JXD S5300 (a 5 inch version of the JXD S602) released

JXD has now released its new JXD S5300 model – essentially the popular (for this sort of thing) JXD S602 with a 5 inch screen and form factor, and you can get one now from Willgoo here for a mere $89.99! This baby talks to the JXD S602 – see the video below.  Think of this as the JXD S602 XL of the JXD 602’s, a la Nintendo’s NDS XL range … oh fuggit, JXD really needs to work on their marketing budget!I’ll let willgoo do the talking:Good news! The first batch stock of JXD S5300 had been well received. You can place your order for it now here!An interesting finding from us- JXD S5300 can be linked with JXD S602 to play games:What do you think of this new device? It is a new device whose features and design combines JXD S5110 and JXD S602- the real capacitive touch screen and with the WiFi-Direct Multi-playing and key mapping, whose features that JXD S5110 do not have. And it owns 5 inches capacitive touch- not sure if it is 5 points as we need to test it, bigger screen than JXD S602 and…

Pcsx ReARMed R17 for Caanoo/Wiz Released

Pcsx ReARMed R17 Released!!!
Check out the new release of Pcsx ReARMed r17 from Notaz running Tekken 3 on the Caanoo at great speed : here Here!
ruffnutts from Dingoonity....

Willgoo Christmas Competition

Ho ho ho! ‘Tis the season to git an Android gaming device … for free! Enter now!Christmas Contest 2012 We have decided to hold 4 Christmas contests from 2nd to 25th Dec one contest in one week! We will give away on prize for each contest!Everyone should be able to enter at least one! And if you want, you can even enter all 4 of them.Week #1 ( 2nd to 7th Dec 2012)This week’s contest: Design a Christmas Theme Card. As we see, there are many talented guys that want to participate on these contest, showing their creations.What we're asking you this week is to design a Christmas Willgoo themed card (by card, we mean a simple JPG/PNG non-animated image). Check the rules for this week:• The card must contain the words "Willgoo 2012"
• The image you submit must be a non-animated JPG/PNG image. Post it in this very thread.
• Keep the source project file (PSD, PSP, etc.) as we may ask you to send it if you win.
• Your entry must be submitted as a re…