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How to show all your 17,083 c64 games from the c64 romset ( on the C64 Mini or C64 Maxi loader

Update 4 January 2020:
New, much friendlier GUI version released - see this post:


Hello, friends, it's been awhile.  A happy 2020 to you all.

If Santa was kind this year, he may have brought you one of these:

If Santa did, you'll have worked out by now that 64 built-in games, classics though some of them are, is simply not enough.  

Your travels may have led you to this c64 romset: , which contains 17,068 games.

If you pop them on a USB stick and slip it into your c64 Maxi/Mini, only the first 256 games will appear.  This is because there is a limit of 256 items per folder that can be displayed on the c64 mini/maxi loader.

So you need to split the games into individual folders, each containing no more than 256 items.

17,068 …