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K1 GBA Decals now available

New decals for k1 released look amazing professionally fitted before your k1 ships they look amazing not only do they look great they protect your precious from erveyday scratches I just ordered the link is as follows Thanks to PJ for the news!

New Archos Gamepad android game console announced

Source: SLASHGEAR This week the folks at ARCHOS have revealed the GamePad, a gaming tablet with physical controls integrated into the device itself. This device brings on a lovely 7-inch display made to display games like the brand new Gameloft title Asphalt 7 – a racing game to be reckoned with. This device comes packed with a 1.5GHz dual-core processor paired with a Mali 400mp quad-core GPU for high-class graphics. This device is an officially Google-licensed device, meaning you’ve got full access to Google Play for apps as well as media of all types – music, music, magazines, and books. ARCHOS also notes that this device works with a brand new bit of technology that ensures control compatibility with every advanced Android game: “automatic game recognition and mapping tools.” You’ll be able to play anything! This device takes on the Android

JXD S602 Preview by Willgoo – and win a free one!

The upcoming NEW Device- JXD S602 with Android 4.0 Multi-playing 4GB I do not know how many people like JXD S601 here. But I can see there are many people keep talking about it from its first releasing. And now, JXD is going to release its upgraded version called JXD S602: Currently, this new JXD s602 is still not available. We will test it and bring you more details about it in these coming days. At the same time, We will update its real stock once we restock it. Finally, we will pick out one person whose comment is the most excellent for this device. And give away one FREE unit for him when this device is available. So say something about this new upcoming device. At the same time, I will make more testing for this device in these coming days and post them here. You guys can tell me what you want me to test. I will try my b

Lolicopocalypse For Dingux

Lolicopocalypse For Dingux August 28, 2012, 11:20:50 AM by qbertaddict Here we have a game that was part of the Ludum Dare competition. It was created in 2 days! It is a rouge type game. Quote Roguelikish movement. Evolution takes place not only on the level - the screen rots, all colors mutate... Made with SDL+OpenGL+SDL_mixer and software pixelated renderer for mobile devices lolicopocalypse.tar.bz2 Author/Porter: quasist Download:,1,0,0,37,613

OhBoy For The Dingoo Native OS Updated

OhBoy For The Native OS Updated August 28, 2012, 10:55:17 AM by qbertaddict OhBoy for the native OS has been updated with a few small changes. Quote Ok, i've had this sitting in my HD for months, so i've decided to release it. New Ohboy version (20120815). Until it is updated in Openhandhelds, you Changes from last Dingoo version: (2012-08-15) - Minor changes (DemoVision palettes and filters). (And of course, background BMPs) Included are SIM and APP versions. Discuss it here: Author/Porter: hi-ban Download: Download Source:

Tehcrucible releases update to Droid X360 Super Script

Hey guys, v0.3 of SuperScript is finally up!  I've updated the OP.  HUGE swag of features and improvements in this one so go take a look.  Please give me feedback and bug reports!  NOTE: I do recommend running this version of SuperScript from a fresh install.  I know its a pain in the arse but after this version, you do not need to factory restore anymore so hopefully this will be the last time! UPDATE - NEW IN VERSION 0.3: - Significant tidy up of code and dependencies - Cleanest, fastest version of SuperScript to date - Consolidated Steps 3-5 into "Express" step - Option to incrase system UI size - Better touchscreen sensitivity and responsiveness - Increased WiFi speeds - Increased battery life - Remaps gamepad controls to correct "gamepad" keycodes - Removes Apex Launcher as default - Restores File Browser ap

PC Engine - Dingux-Hugo for Dingoo A-380 and A-320e

  Hello my friends.  Here's a PC Engine - Dingux-Hugo test version to try out. There's still some work to do and I didn't try it myself yet but I let you do the testing and let me know if it works. All credits go to the Hu-Go - PC Engine emulator team and ZX-81 for his Dingoo port. Download test version:

Dingoo A380 Dosbox – running games and Windows 3.1

  by Fabriciowilbert1 This video is a small sample of DOSBox public alpha test. Many told me that it was impossible to play with DOSBox but I kept trying and got it, hope you like it, have a little tutorial on dingoobr forum if anyone's interested. Hugs.

World Heroes Supreme Justice for Dingoo

World Heroes Supreme Justice (XBOX,WII,PSP,GP2X,DINGOO,WIZ) Hello everyone!Finally the consoles version is ready too! Video: This is the XBOX,WII,PSP,GP2X,DINGOO,WIZ version only.Not for psp phat! (For PC download the PCversion) The game is tested with the OpenBOR v3.0 Build 3675 engine which is included in download. 5 playble characters + 1 secret character The game uses 4 buttons : Punch Kick Jump Block (Be sure to define the key buttons before you play!) You can combine Punch and Kick combos like: Punch,Punch,Punch,Kick Punch,Punch,Kick,Kick Punch,Kick,Kick Kick,Punch About the rest moves and how everything works,check the "moves_list.txt" or the "How to play" screen.

DeenOX’s Droid X360 Keypad Mod!

DeenOX shows how to fix perhaps the Droid X360’s greatest design flaw.  The original is in Spanish here , or you can read googly translated English here: THURSDAY, AUGUST 16, 2012 Droid X360 D-PAD Simple Mod DROID X360 D-PAD SIMPLE MOD On the use of this article The original source of this article is at this link . Permission to use the content of this article or any part thereof, provided that the source is mentioned and its original author. I am not responsible for any damage that may occur to any device by trying to follow the instructions in this article. Introduction After writing the article Droid X360 console and see that a problem as silly as the poor design of the D-PAD could remove all the good that can offer that console, I decided to try to find a solution that on one hand it be most crude and simplistic, but otherwise just wanted something that was easy to do for anyone who wants to try

OpenPandora 1Ghz Unboxing

1 Ghz Openpandoras … what’s next?! CyanogenMod7 and a few apps / games running on the Pandora (DM3730) You can use the Pandora hardware keyboard and gaming controls, so besides having a Mini Linux PC you can now also use it as a Mini Android PC. The port still has some quirks, but it runs pretty well already. More information can be found here:  

Handy320 - Atari Lynx emulator for OpenDingux

Handy320 - Atari Lynx emulator for OpenDingux Hi, everybody. -------------------------------------------- Handy320 v0.1 for Dingux and OpenDingux -------------------------------------------- Based on: Handy/SDL 0.5 (c) 2004 SDLemu team Handy 0.95 (c) 2004 K. Wilkins Gui browser is mostly copy-pasted from gpSP by Exophaze icon is from coccijoe's HandyOD What's new compared to Handy/SDL 0.5 - Simple gui with rom browser is added - Load/save states are working - Two image scalers: simple2x and fullscreen - Better synchronizing and better sound quality PACKAGE There are 2 binaries in the archive, handy320-od.dge - for OpenDingux (Dingoo A320) handy320.dge - for legacy Dingux (Dingoo A380/320e, Ritmix rzx50) INSTALL Copy either handy32

ADVANCED HOWTO: Upgrade internal NAND flash on any Android Allwinner A10 device (up to 64GB) - by Furan

Furan is the man … how to really upgrade your RAM in any Allwinner A10 device! ADVANCED HOWTO: Upgrade internal NAND flash on any A10 device (up to 64GB) Ever since I saw a YDPG18A mod post where flash was upgraded, I've been curious about upgrading NAND flash. After I started investigating I realized the upgrade mentioned wouldn't work, so I called the guy on it and he mentioned it didn't work, just that he hadn't gotten around to posting about it. If he'd found the exact same model flash chip as the existing one, soldered it on, and reflashed, it would have worked. But a lot of the flash chips used in these devices are old and hard to get ahold of. Luckily, they use a standard footprint (TSOP48), and a standard pinout used for SLC and MLC NAND flash. When a system is flashed using LiveSuit, LiveSuit first sends over some modules located within the flash image file to load into system memory to assist with the flashing.

OpenTitus for Dingoo A-380/A-320e

OpenTitus for Dingoo A-380/A-320e « on: August 17, 2012, 09:07:58 PM » Here's an OpenTitus version for the Dingoo A-380/A-320e. It's compiled with Ayla's SDLWrapper with some help from Coccijoe. All credits go to the OpenTitus team. You need the original game files to use OpenTitus. Download: Have fun!!! 

K1GBA in new form factor … introducing the K101GBA SP clone!

Looks like someone’s found a use for those excess A330 cases at last … How about using Gemei A330's case for GBA SP? It is K101 GBA SP- hardware clone, 100% game compatibility to GBA roms, unfolded version, excellent button contorl, headphone offered. For more information, visit: The main differences between the K1 and the K101, apart from the change to a more comfortable form factor, include a more responsive d-pad and buttons. Due to the larger casing, there is space to accommodate a real RTC funtion into the K101, so all your Pokemon games will fully function. Unlike the K1, the K101 includes a normal 3.5mm video output, and headphones are also also supported through a seperate 3.5mm port. You can enjoy its excellent audio output when playing games or listening to MP3s without any special cables or adaptors needed. Coming to the Screen, K101 uses AUO high difinition screen- 3 inches with resolution: 960x480.

New Skelroms released for JXD s601 and JXD S5110!

Skelton writes: Hi, I've updated some new roms for Jxd s601 and s5110: Skelrom alternative for JXD s601 (Android 4.0),146.0.html And Skelrom v1.5 for JXD s5110:,104.0.html

Tehcrucible’s Droid X360 script tested by … Tehcrucible!

Tehcrucible’s Droid X360 script tested by … Tehcrucible! Is that an Aussie accent, mate?:)

JXD 5100 Game Testing: Banjo Kazooie N64


Don’t think I’ve seen one of these before … the DS ML(!)

Over at Tinydeal, yet more Chinese creativity: Features: High-powered handheld video game console Dual screen design for multiple view gaming Color LCD screens are wide format and backlit Keys and stylus for convenient operation Touch screen provides a revolutionary new way of playing and controlling games Draw, sketch, write and send wireless messages with up to 16 other users with the built-in communication tool, PictoChat Built-in wireless communication allows you share specially designed games, chat, or play real-time multiplayer games You can download new games and applications via WiFi Built-in clocks, calendars, microphone and speaker Supports GBA format game Built-in rechargeable Li-ion battery I/O Ports: ----1 x Game Card Slot ----1 x Game Park Slot ----1 x External Extension Connector -

TehCrucible releases Droid X360 Super Script

DROID X360 SUPER SCRIPT BY TEHCRUCIBLE V0.2 - FOR ICS 4.04 INTRODUCTION =========== This script is designed as a "one-click" modification for a stock Droid X360 running ICS 4.04. Please read this guide carefully before using. I ACCEPT NO RESPONSIBLITY FOR ANY DAMAGE OR DATA LOSS. You will need to perform a factory data reset as part of the script. Use at your own risk.  That said, I have tested this many times on a stock Droid X360 without issues.  This script is built on the work of many others much smarter than myself and be sure to check the credits. UPDATE - NEW IN VERSION 0.2: - Install Apex Launcher - Droid X360 optimized settings for Apex Launcher - Remove HiMarket (Chinese App) - Option to re-map physical MENU button to BACK or HOME funtions. - Fixed issues with Google Play. Should work first time now. I have also included an

New JXD firmware for the JXD S5110, JXD S601 and JXD S5100 released

New JXD firmware for the JXD S5110, JXD S601 and JXD S5100 is now availablefrom their official site: Not sure what it does … anyone care to report back?

Qbertaddict’s Droid X360 Review!