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Booboo updates Dingux boot loader for ILI9338 Chip

Support added for new LCD type (ILI9338) A couple of maintenance releases, which basically boild down to the addition of support for a new LCD type, ILI9338. The support was implemented and tested by ChinaChip, I just prepared the dual boot installer and added the new zImage to the old system package. Check out the google code downloads page here .

Gamebox Rom loading update

Justin further reports: It appears that you must have the newer bios version in order for the ROMS to work with your Gamebox: V1.0Build85b , if you have any build lower than that, it won't work :( To check, hold START / SELECT on power on to see version of your Gamebox

CPS1 CPS2 NEOGEO PGM roms on Gamebox load from MicroSD?

Ibarasc claims you can load MAME roms for the Gamebox from Dealextreme. Even has instructions on how to do it: Anyone try those zip's he mentioned on an Micro SD card and got it to work? Thanks to Justin for the tip! Here are the instructions: CPS1 CPS2 NEOGEO PGM rom work on microsdcard ! lbarasc Monday, April 18, 2011 3:58 AM Reply I play successully additional games on from my microsd card : 1 - find and download BIOS files : and . This is a must to play more games. 2 - find cps1 or cps2 or neogeo roms (zip files) and download them. 3 - copy bios and roms to microsd card (DONT extract zip) 4 - for neogeo, the first launch is very slow, please wait (gamebox unzip roms inside the microsd card and write .mvs file).

Dingux running on A380

Dingoo A380 Runs Linux After All… If you listen carefully you should be able to hear the sound of me furiously chewing away on my hat. According to outsiderjohnson and Zear on the Dingoonity forums, the new Dingoo Technologies A380 is running Linux, and they have evidence to support it. Check this: So just for the hell of it, I downloaded Snes9x for the A320, and put it on the Dingoo and tried to run it. I renamed it snex9c.dge and placed it in plug-ins folder, and tried to run it in file browser but nothing happened. I then renamed the original SNES emulator sfc_emu.dge to sfcold.dge2 and renamed SNEX9C to sfc_emu.dge and went into the menu system and tried to run a SNES game, the system locked up, but lo and behold I heard the music playing for the SNES game, but was still forced to look at the menu screen. So A320 Apps APPEAR to work, they just need to be tweaked I’d suppose for the correct display


PSX4ALL DX V1.0B   Streak launched an updated emulator Psx4All . In this version, the author made ​​changes and redesigned the interface of the emulator. We also made ​​adjustments to the default emulator. I want to recall here, for those who know or do not remember such a program, that our beloved Dingoo won the port of an emulator of the classic PlayStation 1 (in this case, the Psx4All ) in mid-October 2009. The person responsible for making such a feat was Buddy Uli . Its release at the time was a sort of revolution for the console, as it can highlight even more the great potential of it. If you do not know how to proceed with the installation of the emulator, I suggest you access our tutorial on installing it. To access it, click here . Click here to follow the discussion on the amendment made ​​in this emulator Dingoonity DOWNLOAD

Minecraft 2d for Dingux!

Some smart cookie is working on this … the Dingoo 320 never ceases to amaze!

Automated installer for Dingux !

AUTOMATED INSTALLER FOR DINGUX xiq created a utility for Dingux. This nifty little tool that the author has created is a file batch which, when edited and installed, enables an automated installation of Dingux for Dingoo! To make the file work you must do the following: + Dingoo Plug your computer into the recording mode. For that to happen hold B while the device is reset + Right-click the file "setup.bat" and choose the option of editing the file + Go to the third line of the file that starts with "cd C: \ ...." + Change this party placing the path where the installation folder Dingux Save the document, run the batch and, voila ! You will be able to install the system without greater frights!=) Click here to follow the discussion on the utility in Dingoonity DOWNLOAD

New Dingux-MSX mod: PixaMod

New Dingux-MSX mod: PixaMod April 06, 2011, 04:00:11 PM by jagotu This guy modded (read: made better) dingux-msx. It's his first post in this board, so don't be shy to say thanks, otherwise he will run away to another community Quote I have made a mod of Dingux-MSX. It is based on Dingux-MSX 1.1.0 by Zx-81, but I added the changes from Caanoo-MSX 1.1.1 and some ideas from Cax mod, besides from adding my own stuff These are the changes since Dingux-MSX 1.1.0: * Updated the Z80 emulation to the latest fMSX one * Emulation of M1 cycles: R register is now fully emulated and cycles are more accurate. * Fix sound speed issue - UPeriod parameter in settings menu (from Caanoo-MSX 1.1.1) * Adjust max FPS when changing between PAL/NTSC mode (from Caanoo-MSX 1.1.1) * Fixed joystick emulation: joystick 2 must not be a copy of joystick 1 * Fixed

UAE4ALL Dingux Amiga Emulator updated – 30% speed increase!

UAE4ALL RC-3 Today at 01:15:22 PM by qbertaddict UAE4ALL has been updated and has a 30% speed increase! Quote I just released a new version of UAE4ALL for Dreamcast and Dingoo-A320 after we fix STOP problem in  FAME M68K core. Main changes: - 30% speed increased: Sound and Video render improved. - Savestates support: The length of a savestate file is 200-300KB, so SD-Card is needed. - Dreamcast SD-Card support. - New option menu for screen position. - Uses latest  FAME  Motorola 68000 core: More stable, fast and accurate Discuss it here: Author/Porter: Chui Download: Download Source:

Dingoo-scene … needs … more … facebook … friends … ->

Do I have your FULL attention? I mean, c’mon, 39?! Click where it matters, people. Don’t be a Winklevoss. Friend us.

Dingoo-Scene acquired!

(BUSINESS WIRE)  SEATTLE, WA Press Release: McKenzie Brackman Crane LLC acquires Dingoo-Scene Friday, 1 April 1011 11:59 GMT We're proud and excited to announce that Dingoo-Scene has been acquired by boutique private equity firm McKenzie Brackman Crane LLC, for an undisclosed sum. Started as hobby site in 2008, Dingoo-Scene has grown to be a premier destination for anyone interested in the burgeoning Chinese handheld emulator market. Each month Dingoo-Scene has seven million unique visitors (over 22 million sessions) who read over 120 million pages, although almost entirely on sites that are not actually associated with the same IP address. "We've worked very hard over the last few years to deliver consistently high quality content to our readers", founder Larry G’Miser said. "I make no actual comment on how bad we’ve been at this. However, it will be fantastic to be able to expand and build on that wit

Segundo aniversário Feliz Dingoo Brasil

Happy second birthday to ! It just has to be said.

JXDM1000 –the games that come with it

OFF - JXD M1000 - Games that come on CD's Good evening everyone! The JXD (both the M1000 as the 3000) come with four game covers (you can see the photos of my unboxing, and also in pictures DealExtreme for 3000). Each skin contains two CD's totaling 8. If these games are in the main memory of your device, GAME folder, the game name below the icon will turn yellow and you can start the game by that shortcut.However, if the game is on the memory card, you can not use the shortcut (weird, huh?). Well, here are the lists of games they see on these CD's. 1A - X-Men vs Street figher EX Edition (not like this version, you can not replace a fighter during the fight!) Advanced VG 2 Pocket figher Samurai Deeper Kyo (Limited Edition) Metal Slug X (runs VERY well!) Dance Dance Revolution 5th Mix Musashi PAC - MAN Striker

Dingoo Brazil unboxes the JXD M1000 – PS1 emulator thingie …!

First, you can get one here: Here’s what’s in the box Off - JXD M1000 Unboxing Look who's back! Well, very much later, I return here to DingooBR are proud of the work being done by all. The site has grown, it has thousands of hits, is important in the scene world of blogs being cited in several other languages, in Dingoonity, etc.. Congratulations to all! I think most visitors here know the JXD blog. This Chinese company launching live players, handheld games and the like. The latest release of the company, and this aroused the curiosity of the community of Mobile, was the JXD 3000, the first Chinese to emulate the portable Playstation (PSX). Yes, via Dingux Dingoo emulates, but the emulation is not ideal and have no sound. Since the 3000 emulates JXD reasonably well. Building on the success, the company, such as the Letc

SDLLopan – “Shanghai” for Dingux

SDLLopan for Dingux March 31, 2011, 03:16:26 PM by jagotu You may know it as mahjong (at least I do)... Quote This is my port of SDLLopan for OpenHandhelds Devices. Keymap: (DINGOO/DINGUX) Up: Mouse Up Left: Mouse Left Down: Mouse Down Right: Mouse Right L: Change tilesets R: Change background X: Undo Y: Redo A: Mouse Button Start: Restart Select: Quit Have FUN! Rikku2000 Discuss it here: Author/Porter: Rikku2000 Download: Download Source:

Updated CPS1 emulator for native

This is supposed to be updated version of the original native CPS1 emulator, but according to Frank_fjs only compatibility has been improved. Quote Nothing Discuss it here: or (Chinese) CPS1.rar Author/Porter: 小侠客 Download:

TiznajoS Graphics Editor v1.8 for Dingoo Dingux

Released TiznajoS Graphics Editor v1.8 for Dingoo Dingux Hi, Updated TiznajoS Graphics Editor Dingux version to the last one -AKA 1.8-, now with 'undo/redo' feature, among others: - Now there are two work screens selectables with SELECT (Screens mode) (This is good, for example, if we want to have the tiles on one, and the map/image that we are designing in the other. - Transparent color Highlighting on/off feature (Screens & Editor modes) - Color picker function for first and second colors (Editor mode) - Two 'range of colors' components: Now is available two colors ranges -making more comfortable the creation process- (Editor mode) - 90º rotating and horizontal mirroring operations over 24x24 pixels tile (Screens mode) - 'Erase' tool (Screens mode) Info & download: