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ricsi posts unofficial A330 FAQ

completely unofficial A330 FAQ

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As the A330 is selling now for some time, it is now time to move from rumour mill to here.
I try to sum up what we know about the A330.
The one and only review I could find is the one from omgmog:
Strange that no further updates have popped up. If you know one ... post URL here.
So let us start:
* What are the changes between A320 and A330
The A330 is very similar to the A320, main changes are:
- better LCD
- new housing (PSPish, but much smaller)
- 64 MB RAM (currently not used by hacked A320 Firmware, Dingux support for 64MB in the works)
- better shoulderbuttons
- proprietary wireless controller (analog sticks are mapped in HW to the dpad, and XYAB)
* Is it compatible to the A320
Yes ... it is compatible to the HK a320. This means all applications, sim files and dingux work on it flawlessly. Some old native apps need to be patched because of a new CPU used in the A330 and newer A320s. See http://dingoo-scene.blogspot.com/2010/03/fix-for-hk-dingoos-that-wont-play.html
* Which firmware is installed
That is the strange part. It comes with a320 FW 1.20 (dated september 2009). The theme and background have been changed. There were rumours that a new A330 FW is on the way .... but we have seen no results of that (yet??).
* Are the A330s fake??
No. They are manufactured by dingoo technology.
There is a second company (dingoo digital). Both companies are selling the A320, DT is selling also the A330. Background between those 2 companies is not yet clear. (rumours say that most employees of DD left it to form DT - unconfirmed)
* Does the A330 have a better/faster CPU
NO - they both use the exact same CPU. It is also clocked to 336MHz (as the A320)
* Is the additional RAM utilized?
NO(t yet??)
The native emulators are identical to the A320 version. They do not take advantage of the added RAM.
An update to the firmware and emulators could change that, but I have not seen any signs that it will come.
Dingux currently also does not support the added memory, but it is actively worked on, and will soon support the doubled RAM.
* How does the wireless controller work?
It uses a proprietary protocol to send keypresses to the A330.
* I have seen analog sticks on it - COOL
Sorry ... those are not functional. They are mapped to the DIGITAL dpad, and the second stick to ABXY. Also the controller has L1, L2 and R1, R2 - those are mapped to the shoulderbuttons L and R.
So to sum it up - the wireless controller has the same buttons as the A330. It has some additional buttons that are hardcoded to existing buttons.
* Is it possible to use 2 wireless controllers with one A330?
short answer: NO
long answer: maybe (with FW update) - I personally very much doubt it
* can the wireless functionality be used to connect 2 A330s for multiplayer?
* does the wireless controller work in dingux?
YES - as it is hardcoded in HW it works. This also means that it cannot be changed in SW!
* Is multiplayer possible between the A330 (player 1) and the wireless controller (player2)?
I personally do not have an A330 ... so if you have additions/corrections/whatever please speak up.
If you have contact to dingoo tech. and can provide future features/Roadmaps/additional info please post them.

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