Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Chipworld for Native

Chip World 1.0
May 25, 2010

Hartex has released Chip World for the native firmware!


Chip World 1.0 has finally been released!

PLEASE NOTE: To play you need CHIPS.DAT from the windows version of Chip's Challenge. I'm sure Google can help.

*** What is Chip World ***

Chip World is a complete re-implementation of the Windows version
of Chip's Challenge.

Help Chip win the respect of Melinda, to join the Bit Busters club.
For this, Chip must complete a number of challenges set up by
Chip must collect all the required micro chips to be able to pass
the socket, and get to the goal.

For more information, read the hints ingame by stepping on the
hint tiles.

If you're having problems completing a level, you have 5 skip
credits you can use to skip levels. To get the skip credits back,
simply go back and complete a skipped level.
You can skip levels from the in-game menu.

Somewhere along the way I got tired of trying to emulate all the
glitches in the windows version of Chip's Challenge.
As a result of not doing that, some levels which were partially
broken in the windows version now works as intended.

Discuss it here:

Thanks to Dingoonity!

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  1. Just a note, title says dingux, and this is for native...