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qbertaddict’s Yinlips YDPG16 (G16) review!

No one does review videos on these things better than qbertaddict – so joy oh joy; check out his initial take on the Yinlips YDPG16:   qbertaddict: This is my new toy the YINLIPS YDPG16. It is an ANDROID based handheld that runs on version 2.3.4. The processor is running at 1.1 ghz by default and has 512 megs of DDR3 RAM. It has a 400 mhz MALI GPU as well. My version has 4 gigs of space on the main device and I installed at 16 gig micro sd card. There are some things that I don't like about this device which I mention in the video that can all be fixed with a custom rom or update from YINLIPS. The touchscreen is resistive not capacitve and still isn't very good but that is ok for me since I use this to play games that use hardware based controls. Find out more about it here: Looks like Yinlips has made progress towards fixing the soundlag in emulators issue:

Skelton posts new JXD s601 Custom Rom – Skelrom v 1.0

Great work from Skelton! Original post here: [ROM] Skelrom JXD v1 for S601 Hi, I have spent time cooking a custom ROM for S601 and here I present the result. Skelrom v1 for JXD S601 Key Features: - 1 GHz CPU speed - Rooteada completely. - Market fitted as standard. - Launcher by default removed and Go Launcher changed EX - build.prop modified (type XperiaPlay) - keylayout modified (type XperiaPlay button configuration) - Removed duplicate libraries. - Emus and apps installed in data / apps (can be upgraded and / or deleted) - Emus included in installed: Nesoid, Gensoid, Gearoid, Snes 9x EX, SNesoid, Arcade Tiger .... - and installed Apps Included: Chainfire 3d, Battery Indicator, Is File Explorer, Rom ToolBox, Youtube. - Changed the bootanimation by other Zeld

Yinlips launches YDPG18A with capacitive touch screen

Main differences from YDPG18 A10 YDPG18A uses 5 inches 5-points Capacitive touch screen YDPG18A's system can be updated to Android4.0 CPU up to 1.5GHz Good compatible for all Emulator roms Less power costing, longer standby time 2160P HDMI video output Supports WiFi, 3G dongle Specifications: Screen: 5 inches Capacitive screen (multitouch 5 points) OS: Google Android 2.3( can be updated to Android 4.0 later) CPU: BOXCHIP A10 1.2GHz( can be flashed up to 1.5GHz) 512MB DDR3 4GB memory Flash 10.X 8bit nes/ fc/ gb/ gbc.16bit/ smc/ smd/ sfc/ snes.32bit/ gba/ mame 64bit N64/ Sony PS/3D PSX (480X272) 3D (800x480) android apk 3D game HD playback capabilities, supporting up to 2160P (3840 x 2160 resolution) high definition video Supports Yinlips TDPG18 A9 Model – clearance offer!

Image writes to say: Currently, we have 8 units YDPG18 old version. 6 units are black colors and 2 units are white one. We combined this device with one Yinlips Pouch Bag and 4GB TF card as  a bundle sales. It is: Yinlips YDPG18 old version + Yinlips Pouch Bag+ 4GB TF Card only Only  $119.99 from here ! This could be among the last readily available A9 consoles left – while the sound lag problem in A10 YDPG18s is hopefully soon to be nothing bad a bad memory, you never know with Yinlips, do you? Why not grab some A9 insurance?:)

New JXD S5100 and S5110 Android Consoles

Thanks to b l@ck m@ge   for the news : Known specs: - Amlogic M3 (ARM Cortex A9 CPU, ARM Mali-400MP, 512MB DDR3) - Android 2.3 - 4GB internal storage - 5" 800*480 LCD with multi-touch - cameras: 0.3M (front) и 2M (back) for S5100 and one 0.3M (front) for S5110 - Wi-Fi, G-sensor I saw both on some Italian webshop, but the price of 159 euros (~208 bucks) for each one is quite high even for a nice 3DS rip-off with obsolete d-pad imho

SnaKemaN - Yinlips YDP-G18 v2 (CPU A10 + Android 2.3.4) Custom Firmware released

Source: [Rom] SnaKemaN - Yinlips YDP-G18 v2 (CPU A10 + Android 2.3.4) Hello world, For some time I received my new Yinlips YDP G18 but I really was not satisfied with the system, so I began to glean information to refine my console. Well here, I am humbly pleased to present the ROM Snakeman for Yinlips V2. Attention: For YINLIPS YDPG18 2nd generation (with Core A10) only Thank to: mdO RedScorpio losber ivanz BAFelton     Here what differ from official current software (SKE602): All chinese emulators and librairies removed Google mobile fix (the browser would not connect to google mobile more than once - may not be a general problem) Mobile networks configuration support (for connecting 3g dongles - not tested) Gesture locki

Yinlips YDPG16 now in stock at

Image is now stocked up with Yinlips YDPG16s, ready for shipping: Good NEWS-  Yinlips YDPG16 retro handheld had been well restocked now!  We got 90 units devices in stock! Any order for it can be send out in time from now on!( Currently, we only have the black color in stock. The other color will be available from the next production.) Good news Willgoo brings to you! We had restocked this Yinlips YDPG16 on 17th, April. Currently, we are now testing these devices. For orders which were placed in March and early April, we will arrange shipping for them in adavance. They will be send out at the end of this weekend. For compensation, we will add one 4GB TF card as a small gift for each order. Shipping will be a little delay as there are many pre-orders for this device. We suggest customers wait patiently. Thank you for your great understanding. Function acts like Yinlips YPDG18. It has L,R shoulder buttons. And it can play PSX emulater.

md0 releases new Android 2.3.7 Yinlips TDPG18 Firmware

a10mod v2 - android 2.3.7 for YDPG18 A10 Given the recent disappointment with the latest official firmware I thought it would be nice to give you an alternative. Over the last couple of weeks I've been working on porting android 2.3.7 to the YDPG18 (A10). I'm now glad to report that the job is done, and we have a (fully) working firmware! From what I can tell everything works, but I may have missed a couple of things :) Here are the highlights of this firmware: - android 2.3.7 (full AOSP build) - *PARTIAL* sound lag fix; has nothing to do with the yinlips fix, as I used the old kernel version - may not be as good - performance enhancements: Antutu 2.7.3 reports 7-8% improvements in 3D performance and database IO - completely clean system; no software besides the bare necessities and no proprietary google apps - no ethernet or gsm support, as these wer

New YDPG18 A10 Firmware sighted … stay tuned!

Bl@ck m@ge over at our forum spotted new firmware for the updated A10 YDPG18 – will this fix the soundlag problem? Stay tuned to the thread ! bl@ck_m@ge Reply | Threaded | More       Apr 18, 2012; 11:06pm A New YDP-G18 A10 Firmware!!! 29 posts I've been checking Yinlips site daily for month hoping for a new firmware to show up and here it is!!! Don't know about the changes as I'm currently downoading it with ~20 kbs

JXD S7100B reviewed by Deen0X!

DeenOX is fast becoming the reviewer against which all others are judged, and he strikes again this time with his thoughts on the brand new 7 inch Capacitive screen JXD S7100B here in Spanish . My appetite is whetted, and I want one! Click here to get one from ! If you order between now and April 30 2012, enter the coupon code “deenox” for a 9% discount! And here again, thanks to the marvel of Google translate, is something approximating the above (although you would be better served translating from the above site, as there are some great pics and videos in it): Tablet Video Review / Console JXDS7100B Acknowledgments Thanks to store that sent us a sample of the video game manufacturer  JXD , specifically the model  JXDS7100B for us to do a review. also wanted to thank users skelton (from http://www.elotrolado . net ) and bitrider ( ) for their willingness to clarify some questions I had

Yinlips YDPG87 unboxing

Italian fansite The Phantom Castle unboxes the Yinlips YDPG87. To paraphrase, this goes to … 87 . It must be better.

How to update the YDPG19 A10 (New) Model

The A10 version of the YDPG18 is rather more fiddly to update than the older A9 version. vandickk has written a great tutorial here to walk you through the steps involved: Kudos vandickk! And here is a Google translate: Yinlips update procedure YDPG18 (A10) This thread I'll start with the tutorial YDPG18 Yinlips Update (A10) [/ B], and later, if my schedule allows, gradually add other relevant information for this model. There is already a thread for A9 model, but not for A10 version, which maintains some significant differences (the first difference is the way to upgrade), so I think it deserves this separate thread. The upgrade procedure is based on the using a program called livesuite Chinese, the same that is used to update other Chinese devices. How to update becomes the same in all, and only differ in the rom file. Perhaps also in th

JXD launches V5200 multiplayer Android console

From the friendly folk at, comes news of the JXD V5200, new from those prolific console making maniacs at JXD: JXD v5200- The first Android retro handheld supporting two players gaming via WIFI direct! No more WIFI modem but with the internal WIF direct technology. The WIFI connecting is similar to Dingoo A380. Thus, you can buy JXD V5200 Bundles and invite your friends to play retro emulator games together. At a glance: WiFi Direct All around simulator 7 seconds wake up from deep sleeping status( usually 30 seconds for others GPU: POWERVR SGX531 Mirror HD: Mirror any V5200s' screen to HDTV through HDMI connection. Feature: Storage: 4GB Chip: GP33002A (ARM Cortex A8 1GMHz CPU、POWERVR SGX531 GPU),256MB DDR2 Operate System: Support Google Android OS 2.3.4 Touch System: Two-Point Resistive Touch Screen: 5.0-inch(

Gamebox running Dingux Quake!

Thanks to Ruffnutts for the news!

New Custom Firmware for YDPG18 (A10 Updated version)

Props to md0 !   Hello again, Given that in the past few days I've looked into my market problem (as explained in an earlier post) and doing so required a lot of reflashing, I've decided to make a custom firmware that saves me the trouble of performing certain tweaks after every reset. I share this mod in the hope that it may be useful to some of you. It only works on the upgraded (A10) YDPG18s! Here's what's different from the current official firmware SKE602: - all stock emulators and libraries removed - google mobile fix (the browser would not connect to google mobile more than once - may not be a general problem) - lcd density changed to 200 dpi (the icons and buttons were too small IMHO) - mobile networks configuration support (for connecting 3g dongles - not tested) - gesture locking - various performance tweaks

JXDs601 VS Yinlips YDPG18 Updated N64 Emulation


Another Yinlips YDPG16 video


Linux booted on Gamebox GBX 1001!

Remember this promising but never quite hacked device , the Gamebox?: Well, nice to see some clever Spanish devs having their wicked way with it, and making progress on booting linux on it after all this time : Hi all again: Thanks for the feedback, the truth, I'm like a cloud. And calm that I was not gone to his head. Many of the forum and know me in person, and you can label me a "crazy" or "ugly" but not "cool" or "presumed". I am very humble to these things, therefore I feel overwhelmed with what I was coming. But what we, the first video from the GB booting Linux: As you see in the beginning, do a "sweep" by the disaster desktop I have. In the large laptop, I make compilations of U-BOOT-NAND on CYGWIN, responsible for the initial start (come on, the BIOS so we understand). Then see the Tablet-PC, where I KERNEL compilations, in a Linux "Real&quo