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My name is Bond. James Bond.

Everything is connected in today's world.  If you're surfing for Dingoos in 2015, you'll undoubtedly have come across websites based in China that are focused on only one thing: the production of every conceivable good, to fill the demand emanating from every inch of the infamous "long tail".

You won't of course have found any Dingoos for sale at acceptable prices - the Chinese factory system is brutal in it's rigour.  Look to something running Android and that scratches your back as well.  Often, competition works!

However, Christmas is practically (ok, kinda sorta ...)  around the corner, and if you're at a loss for what to procure as a gift to your most precious, you could do a lot lot worse than this.

You can find multiple listings on ebay or aliexpress if you concantenate "lighter" and "watch".  You won't find any if…