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Dingoo in current c’t magazine!

One of Germany’s premier IT mags, c’t, features an article on the Dingoo in its current issue! Can true respectability be far off?  Check out more here. And the comments (2nd one!) here!

Iphone mates with PSP GO and NDS

Check out this new listing on DX, which has the following features:- Color: Black
- 4.3" TFT screen (16:9)
- Can be used as MP3, MP4 player, voice recorder, digital camera, video player, mini game player, DV camera, picture viewer, text reader and memory storage
- Support video formats: RM/RMVB/3GP/MP4/FLV/AVI/ASF/WMV/DAT/VOB/MPG
- Support audio formats: MP3/WMA/AMR/AAC/FLAC/APE
- Picture browsing support JPEG format, preview, slide show, zoom and 3D switch
- FM tuner function
- Support TV-out (NTSC/PAL)
- Built-in 3.0 MP camera and MIC, support still image and video capture
- Support GBA/GBC/GB/NES/SMD/SMC/BIN/SWF game files download
- E-book support independent bookmark, auto turn over, page turn-over time setup
- USB 2.0 device slot
- Others: Time display, calendar, clock
- Internal memory: 4GB
- Support up to 8GB Micro SD/TF …

Bubble Dizzy

yoannd26 ports Bubble Dizzy for dingux
February 24, 2010Bubble Dizzy is an arcade style action video game developed by the Oliver twins and published in November 1990 by Codemasters. The game involves Dizzy being forced to walk the plank of a pirate ship and from the sea bed use bubbles to float back to the surface and dry land. Release thread is here: v1.0.rar
Author/Porter: yoannd26
Download: Your Sinclair!

Mysokoban GP2x ported

Joyrider ports My Sokoban Gp2x for dingux
February 24, 2010Sokoban GP2X is a remake of the classic sokoban game.You as the player need to push boxes to specific locations
in the level. Once all boxes are pushed to the correct spots the level is finished. Release thread is here:
Author/Porter: Joyrider
Download:,0,0,0,25,272News from da horse’s mouth!

Joyrider releases Blockdude

Joyrider releases BLOCKDUDE!
February 22, 2010A remake of an old TI-83 game called Blockdude developped by Klas Kroon, the original game was written by Brandon Sterner which are both based on the blockman game by soleau software, The objective of the game is to get to the exit door. You can only move one step up at the time.  Release thread is here:
Author/Porter: Joyrider
Download:,0,0,0,25,271News courtesy of Dingoonity!

Sdd1 now supported on SNES9X …

… or something like that:Snes9x 1.3.9ff ver20100221 for Dingux updated again!
February 21, 2010SiENcE has released a new version of the SNES9x that now supports SDD1QuoteI added full SDD1 support. So you don't need graphicpack anymore ;-)
Author/Porter: SiENcE
Download: those a little less in the know on SNES hardware, a quick google tells me that:The sdd-1 and spc7110 were custom chips built onto some later snes carts that acted as decompressors for certain gfx data on these carts. both chips had little or no documentation and no-one up till now could figure out the compression algorithm for the sdd-1. So: runs better, goes faster, uses less gas and with no carbon emissions!

SNES9X with Star Ocean support!

SNES9x for Dingux with Star Ocean support (snes9x-sdl-1.3.9ff_ver20100218)
February 18, 2010SiENcE has released a new version of the SNES9x that now supports STAR OCEAN!Quotehaha  , finally i got Star Ocean working on Snes9x for Dingux. Of couse with Graphics Pack, but i'm working on full SDD1 support.
Speed seems to be fullspeed at 400mhz.Download+Sources: you modify the source or have any Patches or Ideas, or not working ROMs, please report them here!You need Star Ocean + GraphicPack (optional +Eng Translation). You can get it at romnation dot
Author/Porter: SiENcE
Download: News courtesy of Dingoonity.

Open Beats of Rage updated

OpenBOR v3.0 Build 2711
February 18, 2010A new version of OpenBOR has been released!
For more information on OpenBOR and changelog information go to lavalit.comOpenBOR v3.0 Build 2711.7z
Author/Porter: Shin-NiL originally but not sure who updates it now
Download: courtesy of Dingoonity.

Dingux-Go v1.2.0

Dingux-GO: GO Game for Dingux v1.2.0 (skins)
February 17, 2010ZX81 has released Dingux-GO v1.2.0 QuoteHi All, GNU-Go is an ASCII command line GO game running on MacOS X,
Windows and many Unix systems. (see GNU Go web site)Dingux-GO is a port of GNU-Go 3.6 on Dingoo/Dingux and i've added a Graphical User interface.Special thanks to Pharyon for the nice background picture. What's new then in this release ?- Add new skin feature
(You can design your own using default folder files)
- Many new original skins designed by NinJato !Big thanks to NinJato for his hard work on skin graphics.How to use it ? Everything is in the README.txt file.Sources are included, and this package is under the GNU public license,
read COPYING.txt file for more information about it.For those who wonders how to play go ? here is a good site !
Author/Porter: ZX81

Last Christmas, I wrote you a FAQ; the very next day, you gave me a Wii …

reelclerk collated/wrote a Dingoo FAQ on Christmas eve last year which deserves (slightly) more prominence if you’re beginner on this device.  It’s equally useful if you’ve had the device for months but never ventured beyond the e-book reader:Dingoo A320 FAQ - Got these from all over the place, I am sure people will let the post know if there is a correction. Q. How easy is it to load games onto the Dingoo A320?
A. Very easy - just drag and drop the files onto the Dingoo using the USB disk interface. Works like an external HD.
Q. Do the games have to be placed in specific directories to work?
A. No, games can be placed anywhere, although it is a good idea to arrange them according to the machine they run under, for example GBA, MVS, CPS1, CPS2, etc.
Q. How does the Dingoo A320 know which emulator to use to play a game?
A. Each emulator has a file type mapped to it. When a game is selected, the console checks the file…

Dingux THOM released by ZX81

23:16 February 14th, 2010Dingux-THOM: A TO7-70 emulator for Dingux v1.1.0Posted By: zx-81
Hi All,
Thom is one of the best emulator of the Thomson TO7 home computer running on MacOS, Windows and Unix.
It has been initially written by Sylvain Huet in 1996 (see, then Eric Botcazou (see continued this project and added many news features.
Here is a port on Dingoo for Dingux of version that i had previously ported to Gp2X, Wiz and PSP.
How to use it ? Everything is in the README.txt file.
Zx.PS: If you're looking for games for this emulator, please have a look
on this french web siteThanks ZX81! A T07-70 emulator! Next week, a THX-1138 emulator will be released.

Alsp releases beta version of Atari 800 emulator for native firmware

From Alsp on the Dingoonity forums:


Please find result of my hard weekend work - Beta version of Atari800 emulator for Official Firmware.
It is port of latest version of Atari800 emulator (v2.1.0)

Just extract archive to some folder in internal memory and start '' via "3D game".
After it press "L" -> choose Run Atari Program -> Choose any Atari Image to run

Whats new:

- Initial port of original version
Keys in emulator:
up,down,left,right, A - joystik
start - start
select - select
Y - option
B - return
X - space
L - emulator menu
R - reserved for keyboard
Power - soft reset

- danzeff on screen keyboard support
- possible bugs fixing ;-)

Known bugs:
- working only from internal drive

If you will detect some bugs - please report here..."

Cax updates ScummVM!

The hardworking Cax, inspired by, um, greatness, has improved ScummVM for us all:13/02/2010 - ScummVM On Dingoo As It Was Meant To Be (my mod of ChaoticBob's Dingux port of ScummVM):
I wanted to play Larry on ScummVM, but it had no virtual keyboard.
As I discovered later, in fact it has 2 keyboards built-in, but requires adding a file and a code modification to use them.
In addition I enabled all engines ScummVM supports, added missing files, upgraded to 1.0.0 sources, and stripped the binary.
Here is a binary package of ScummVM 1.0.0 for
Zip file contains directory named "scummvm". Extract the zip into local/emulators folder.
Read the README file for the full info about this mod.
The modified source code can be downloaded here:scummvm-1.0.0-chaoticbob-cax.src.tgz Spasiba, Cax!

Another win for Amiga fans!

The Dingoo’s one and only Amiga emulator has been improved!UAE4ALL for dingux Preview 2
February 11, 2010Chui has released UAE4ALL(an Amiga emulator) preview 2 for Dingux! QuoteI recommend to use the original A500 kickstart 1.3, md5sum: 192d6d950d0ed3df8040b788502831c2 It is needed people for testing all games of web game list and send me the results by email. PLEASE, TRY WITH THIS NEW PRE-RELEASENow works games that uses group-0 exceptions like 'Shadow of the beast' and I have unloaded sound core.uae4all.rar
Author/Porter: Chui
Download: always, thanks for Dingoonity for this and the rest of the news, Barack Obama for steering us out of the GFC, mummy and daddy, Mr Eastwood for directing so well, and the Wiensteins, for always, always believing!

Ganbare! Natsuke-San (がんばれ!菜月さん!)

A game with carrots has been released:Ganbare! Natsuki-San! (がんばれ!菜月さん!)
February 11, 2010Ganbare! Natsuki-San! (がんばれ!菜月さん!) has been released for dinguxThanks to BouKiCHi for the news!
Author/Porter: Alpha Secret Base (author) 31 (port)


February 11, 2010Meritous has been released for dingux Note: This game requires elta's rootfs: about this game can be found here: to BouKiCHi for the news!
Author/Porter: Lancer-X/ASCEAI (author) 31 (port)

GPSP Updated

gpsp for Dingux
February 11, 2010GPSP has been updated!Note: You will need the GBA bios for this emu.
Information about the bios needed can be found here: lot of changes and finally dynarec works! special thanks
gpSP developers
gpSP zaurus porterimportant note for developers:
dingoo A320 doesn't have MIPS32R2 instructions like EXT,INS,ROTR,ROTRV.
those instruction used in dynamic recompiler(dynarec) and a part of mips assembler.
what I did in the porting is replacement instrucion to
Author/Porter: BouKiCHi
Source Code:
Author Website:

Dingux-Int – Intellivision emulator

A new intellivision emulator:Dingux-Int: Intellivision Emulator
February 11, 2010ZX81 has released a Intellivision emulator for dingux! QuoteHi All, Jzintv is an emulator of the Intellivision videogame system written by Joe Zbiciak running on many systems such as Linux, Unix, Windows and MacOS.
See official jzintv site for further informations.Here is a port on Dingoo runing Dingux of the version 20051204 that i had previously ported to Gp2X, Wiz and PSP.How to use it ? Everything is in the README.txt
Author/Porter: ZX81

Atari 800 v2.1.0

Alsp has a new release:atari800 v2.1.0 with original interface
February 9, 2010alsp has released an Atari 800 emulator for us!QuoteHi, Please find latest atari800 emulator with sources ported to dingux
I have used original atari800 sources with SDL interface and make small changes to it.
Keys in emulator:    * up,down,left,right, B - joystik
    * start - start
    * select - select
    * A - option
    * L - emulator menu
    * R - reset (Y+L - cold reset)
    * X - space.dge file included to the archive, atari800.dmenu - dmenue section for emulator
PS: any atari image file as command line paramenter working fine...Update (9 Feb 2010):
Changes:    * danzeff OSC added (R Key)
    * PAL palette little bit changed (black and grays)
    * Keys remappe…

The people have spoken

OK, I’ve zapped the most potentially irritating widgets.

PV2X picture viewer ported to Dingux

pv2x ported to dingux
February 6th, 2010Zear is on a roll. This time he has ported pv2x a picture viewer for dingux! QuoteChangelog:
Release #1 06/02/2010
* initial release based on svn42 version
Compiled by Zear, release #1, 06/02/2010
Author/Porter: zear

Chui releases UAE4ALL – Amiga emulator

The missing piece is now in place! With this release, Amiga fans are finally catered for on the Dingux. UAE4ALL for dingux Preview
February 6, 2010Chui has released UAE4ALL(an Amiga emulator) for Dingux! QuoteI just adapt UAE4ALL for Dingux and I think that works fine but needs overclocking. I suppose that it could have some bugs because it is the first pre-release.uae4all-dingux-preview.rar
Author/Porter: Chui
Download: thread here: more Dingoos will now be sold!

Duke Nukem Forever not released on Dingux!

Duke Nukem forever has not been released on Dingux!Read this to find out why:

eDuke32 updated

eduke32 updated
February 6th, 2010Zear has updated his already excellent port of eduke32.
Here are some notes from the chanlog QuoteRelease #2 03/02/2010
* updated the game to svn1594
* bug with item names showing in a wrong order is now fixed
* added icon and .dge extension for better gmenu2x supporteduke32-dingoo-r2.tar.bz2
Author/Porter: zear

GPSP for Dingux

gpsp for Dingux
February 5th, 2010Well it was only a matter of time...GPSP for Dingux! It's not perfect but its a start and the source code is available!Note: You will need the GBA bios for this emu.
Information about the bios needed can be found here: for dingux ( slow ) gpsp/SDL for ZAURUSをベースにさせていただきました。なんでスローかというとC言語なCPUを使っているからでして。
Author/Porter: BouKiCHi
Source Code:
Author Website:

Oldplay for Dingux

Oldplay for Dingux:OldPlay for Dingux
February 5th, 2010QuoteThis is a port of a great music app for the gp2x. Currently i have ported the following plugins: - FLAC
- Modplug
- AdPlug
- Sidplay (based on sidplay1)
- Mad
- game_music_emu
- vorbis
- TimidityAnd i have replaced the old pokecubed plugin with a
new one based on vgmstream, currently only suports
adx but i will test other stream types later (I can get
some help with these).Almost every internal feature is supported:- Playlist
- Zip support
- Themes
- CPU scaling
- Keymapping
- etcOldPlay for Dingux
Author/Porter: the_gama

The best Dingoo emulators for each platform

I dunno about you, but it used to be easy remembering what was emulated, and what was not on the Dingoo. We’ve certainly come a long way from the early days of the handful of native in-built native emulators only. I dunno about you, but it used to be easy remembering what was emulated, and what was not on the Dingoo. This Dingoonity thread will help you work it all out:

Why is this man troubled?

Watch the video. Far be it for me to speak in support of the big bad evil world of investment bankers, but should the dude really be sacked for appreciating a beautiful woman? Join the cause here:

Video of Gmenu2x in action

Gmenu2x has been hailed as a “gamechanger”.  Here it is in action on the Dingoo: