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Eurovision 2010 – Dingoo Modding Competition Results

The friendly folk at are proud to announce the winners of their Modding Competition! Enjoy the winners:FIRST PLACE:
Cradle to Dingoo A320Author - Anton (i_ninja)Cradle is made of Plexiglas. We decided to go further than making a simple stand for the console and built-in USB cable for charging and data transfer.But this was not enough, set 6 bright LEDs, which are included in the installation of the console on the cradle.DiscussSECOND PLACE:Another competitive work.Again the cover, but other materials and execution.The work presented Anna (Arctic fox-chan)Case Dingoo A320Made from colored fleece on one side of the application, suspension of the chain. Suspension is sewn on both sides, can freely get Dingoo.Can be hung on a string of suspension, no zipper.Discuss
THIRD PLACE:The first work for the competition.
Author:Alex (emploi-kun)Loops for pouch attachments for Dingoo A320.Outer layer of black genuine suede, the inner layer of colored nylon.��������������…

Tic Tac Toe

Tic Tac Toe (Board Game)
June 28, 2010Sorry it took so long to post this. I was busy as heck this weekend  QuoteRequirementsYou will need Mouse support on your dingux.
Use SiENcE's virtual mouse and his Kernal to get mouse
support on your dingux.Game Control:
Press and Hold R Shoulder button while using dpad to move the mouse cursor
and click on either 'Human vs. Computer' or 'Human vs. Human' by pressing
Y, B, or A button.At the bottom right, you'll notice it now says "X's Turn".Use the mouse pointer to choose a position on the game board, and press
(R + A) buttons to place a piece.  The "turn" display at the bottom right
will now read "O's Turn."Quitting
To quit, press the [SELECT] button on your Dingoo.For more info. please read the readme file.Discuss it he…

Virtual mouse driver for Dingux

Virtual Mouse Driver for Dingux (beta3)
June 25, 2010This virtual mouse driver is usuable like a real mouse in every Application that supports a mouse!QuoteYou need to use my Kernel or a Kernel that supports CONFIG_INPUT_UINPUT, CONFIG_INPUT_MOUSEDEV! Successfully Tested with:
-DosBox (Ultima Underworld)
-Exult (Ultima 7) - release soon
-SDL Testapps26.06.2010 - virtual mouse driver (beta3)
DownloadHappy MousingSiENcE^2010Discuss it here:
Download: Thanks to Dingoonity for all da newz!

Quadromania v.03!

Quadromania V0.3
June 26, 2010QuoteFirst: SiENcE's Virtual Mouse and his Kernal needs to be installed. Game Control:Moving the Cursor:      Hold the R shoulder button while pressing the D-pad.Left Click:                       Hold the R shoulder button while pressing A button.Quit:                                 Press SELECT button.  Also press the SELECT button  to get back to main menu while playing.Thanks and enjoyDiscuss it here:
Author/Porter:z_man3007 and zloud

Snex9x for Dingux Updated

Snes9xFor Dingux Updated
June 27, 2010Here is a new version of snes9x. This is NOT Science's port. Release Notes:QuoteSnes9x I applied for a long time. There are no new features. Compare the same scene in one game. 400MHz operating speedCurrent (20091124ver?)
ON 21 ~ 22fps full screen
OFF 27 ~ 28fps full screen20100625ver
Full Screen ON 26 ~27fps!
OFF 27 ~ 28fps full screenFeature is not increasing. Frame rate is only improved.
Oh, then the default 336MHz and has full screen operation.I have tried it and it runs very smooth when overclocked above 400 but there is no FX Chip support. Discuss it here:

Madbomber for Dingux

MadBomber for Dingux
June 20, 2010QuoteHello Guys,   This is z_man3007 here with Madbomber V0.1.1 ported to dingux.  EnjoyGAME CONTROLS
-------------  [ LEFT D-PAD ]       --     Move the bucket left.  [ RIGHT D-PAD ]     --     Move the bucket right.  [ START OR A ]      --     Fire. (Cause the Mad Bomber to drop bombs.)
  [ L SHOULDER ]      --     Pause / unpause.
  [ SELECT ]             --     Quit the game, return to the title menu.Note: On next version ZEN mode will be fixed.Discuss it here:

Arcade volleyball for Native

Arcade Volleyball For The Native Firmware
June 16, 2010Nzeemin has released a nice little game for the native firmware.QuoteControls:
Menu: Up/Down, Start
Player1: Left/Right=move, Up=jump
Player2: Y/A=move, X=jump
Game: Start=exit to menuDiscuss it here:

Gmenu2x Updated

gmenu2x updated
June 17, 2010Santino has updated gmenu2x. You are now able to overclock beyond 430! USE AT YOUR OWN RISK!Quote---------------------------------------------------
This is gmenu2x ported by joyrider and unlocked by
santino to clock your dingoo from 50 up to 500 mhz.
But remember the Ingenic JZ4732 was designed to run
at 400 mhz so its a matter of luck how high you can
clock your dingoo till it freezes or gets fried.
Also if it not gets fried its lifetime will shorten
if you overclock it high and often.
So no warranty at all and use it at your own risk! To use it just replace your gmenu2x binary with the
one coming in this archive. It should be located in
/local/gmenu2x on your sdcard.santino
need some help?
irc#dingoonity on freenode

GpSp for Dingux updated

gpsp for Dingux updated AGAIN!
June 16, 2010GPSP has been updated again! This time santino has updated it. Note: You will need the GBA bios for this emu.
Information about the bios needed can be found here:, I have improved the gpsp version for dingux a bit. Now it has real fullscreen 320x240 and you can control the volume from the ingame menu. Its compiled with advanced profiling to gain some speed, but dont expect a miracle.
Author/Porter: Santino

Bluecube 4d Tetris clone

June 16, 2010Here is a nice Tetris Clone for us to play QuoteThis is a Tetris-clone I ported from a GP2X game, which in turn is a port of a Linux game. Discuss it here:

BubsyMod Dingux

BubsyMOD-dingux Updated
June 11, 2010QuoteChanges:
- MUCH faster textout routine (ascii-sorted bitmap now, no need to iterate through an ascii table)
- No surface locking/unlocking (not needed in Dingux SDL, saved A LOT of cycles! Yes it really did, test yourself.)
- Faster "Amiga period to hertz increase" calculation
- Proper "change volume" routine
- Other optimizations and small fixes Now you can play modules with no skips even when underclocking to 200MHz... :-)
Well, there's a little skip in face_another_day.mod in 200MHz, but that's because it use an extremely slow tempo some places.Discuss it here:
Author/Porter: 8bitbubsy

!Reader for Dingux

!Reader for Dingux« on:Today at 04:08:53 PM »Hello!
I've just ported to dingux the GP32 and GP2X !Reader e-reader, supporting txt, rtf, html, chm and pdf (text).
It's a fast port but it seems to work, please report bugs :-)
Inside the zip you have a Readme with instructions.
Thanks to hardyx for the gp2x port ;-)
Download here:

Enjoy the beautiful game!

Expect to see less Dingoo on Dingoo-Scene this month:)! Go the Socceroos!

Me asleep since October 16 – SDK Development kit for Dingoo Native Firmware

Development SDKs and resources« on: October 16, 2009, 09:54:11 PM »When developing for native OS there are a number of different options available for this.
Dingoo SDK - Multiplatform
Led by flatmush and meant to be the everyones SDK.
"I've combined approaches from multiple sources to create a platform independant Native Dingoo SDK.
It contains the source for all the tools used to create it and contains sample applications, libc source code and makefiles to show users how to simply and cleanly make applications for the dingoo.
Dingoonity Thread
Project page at Google Code
Official SDK (S2SDK) - Windows
This is the official SDK provided by Dingoo Digital. Includes the possibility to compile and test your applications on Windows. The SDK can be considered bloated.
Installation Guide
Older toolchains
flatmush toolchain - Windows
Note: This s…


June 9, 2010QuoteHello guys,               Here is my first game port for DINGUX, it's one or two player maze game based on the classic Atari 2600.   How to play:
--------------You can play in either one- or two-player mode.  Push the Left D-pad or Right D-pad, to select the number of players.Press A or START button to start the game.
Press SELECT if you want to get back to the titile screen while you are playing.Press SELECT at the title screen to quit the game.General Control:
-------------------At any time during the game, press SELECT to return to the title screen.
Press L Shoulder button to pause the game.Discuss it here:!-maze-game/


Battlepong v1.0
June 9, 2010QuoteThis is my first release. Started out as helping port BattlePong for z_man3007_ but I kind of took over. I soon discovered there was no battle in battle pong...
So its just pong with one and two player modes, hopefully i will add a couple of modes at some point to make it more battle like. Screenie
Select - Go back/Exit
Start/A - Select item
L - Swap ball (4 to choose from)
Player 1
Up - Move up
Down - Move down
Player 2
X - Move up
B - Move downDiscuss it here:
Download: Dingoonity!

This man is Australia’s Minister for Telecommunications

Please, watch how we are suffering down under – this is the same Minister who support imposing ISP level filters for the entire freaking country, using a secret blacklist: Presumably, it’s to protect us from … from … this …“There’s a staggering number of Australians being in having their computers infected at the moment, up to 20,000, uh, can regularly be getting infected by these spams, or scams, that come through, the portal.”Please click on the link above to help the cause!And he’s not terribly far from this: Or this:

Put that old Amiga monitor to use

This is good to know:Dingoo on CM8833-II Monitor! (my old Amiga CRT)Hi!,
    Just connected my Dingoo to my old Amiga monitor via composite connection...and BOY!!! what a difference.
The picture quality is far superior than when connecting to a TV via SCART. Games look almost as good as orginal arcade versions now.
I now have screen sizing control and a much brigher output than before.
Also video playback (PSP fromat works best for me on my Dingoo) seems to de-block and come out much sharper.
I hope someone gets Dinxus to O/P on screen some time...that would just be the icing on the cack.
Just seen that TV output is now working on DINGUX???

OpenMSX 0.80 released!

OpenMSX 0.8.0  is out (including binary for Dingux):
"With this release we also provide a first official binary package for Dingux on your Dingoo hand held."

Exult – Ultima 7 on Dingux!


Timeless Demo

Timeless Demo ported to Dingux (+src)
June 5, 2010SiENcE has released a demo he has ported. Code:[/img]The Timeless Demo was released 1994 by Tran. It was the first of Tran's esoteric screensavers. It has great music, and fluid blendings.

Discuss it here:

Wow! Dingux gets TV out support!

Finally, Dingux gets TV out!:Dingux gets TV OUT SUPPORT!
June 5, 2010uli has come back to the scene with a BIG BIG release. TV OUT SUPPORT IN DINGUX! QuoteHi, guys. Long time no see, huh?  Check out my latest hack: sure to read the README. It has a couple of problems, but mostly works for me.Have fun.Discuss it here:
Download: Uli for el Presidante!

SameGoo and Stopwatch updates

SameGoo and StopWatch UpdatesHarteex updates 2 Native Dingoo apps and made some fixes and updates.QuoteSameGoo
* Code moved to new SDK
* Compatibility fix for A330 and HK A320
* Last game score displayed at the top when in the highscore list
* Currently affected objects are highlighted Download
For source or the X760+ version, visit my site.StopWatch
* Code moved to new SDK
* Compatibility fix for A330 and HK A320
* Allow Gemei X760+ to use buttons X+A for a lapDownload
For source, visit my site.Discuss it here:

Dingoo hacked by Stephanie – 64 mb ram!

Dingoo A320 modded to the EXTREEEEM (A320 with 64MB)Our resident wonder hacker Stephanie continues to astound all of us with her technical wizardry. After creating an SPL so that Dingux on the Dingoo A330 can fully utilise its given 64MB of ram, she has now gone and physically modified the Dingoo A320 to give it 64MB of ram, and allowing it to use the 64MB-capable Dingux.This isn't an easy mod to carry out, but if you're interested she has posted the full guide over on her blog - can discuss this amazing mod in the discussion topic - give Stephanie lots of Kudos for the great jobAnd thanx to Dingoonity for the news!While you’re over at Stephanie’s page, check out the other lovely Dingoo Mods/Articles:Dingoo Mod – to the EXTREEEM!Dingoo A330Dingoo Serial Port Step-by-StepStill AliveUnobtanium?Dingux – Keeping Me Out Of Tr…

Toddler releases new Dingux local pack

They are here: Part 1
Part 2
Part 3 on:
- Eltas RootFS 20091208
- zImages from bkc_a320 (Dingux poweroff and RTC kernel ver 091224)
- gmenu2x (31/01/2010)
- FastForward Theme (toddler mod)
Games included:
Another World (Raw)
Ascii Portal
Biniax 2
Dodgin Diamond 2
Frontier 2 Elite
Giana Winter Jumper
Giana’s Return
Great Giana Sister (Openggs)
Kobo Delu…

Dicer v 1.1

Dicer v1.1
June 1, 2010Here is a nice dice emulator from vladar Note XDPIRATE CLICK HERE: I'll show you lazy!QuoteDice emulation program. Created with flatmush's SDK.Dice types:
dF   - FUDGE dice (-1, 0, +1)
d2   - coin
d4   - tetrahedron
d6   - cube
d8   - octahedron
d10  - deltohedron
d12  - dodecahedron
d20  - icosahedron
d100 - 2d10Controls:
A - next dice
B - prev dice
X - more dices
Y - less dices
R - show/hide results for each dice
START - roll
SELECT+START - exitDiscuss it here:

GnuBoy 4D – Gameboy Color emulator for Dingux

GnuBoy4D (for DINGUX) v1.0
June 1st, 2010SiENcE has released GnuBoy4D a Gameboy Color emulator for Dingux Code:Whats New?
-MENU by pressing LEFT- and RIGHT-Shoulder Buttons together (no conflicts with SELECT or START)
-Screenshots for Savestates
-Speed enhancements (~200mhz it runs most times @60fps)
-new Scaler added (Scale2x still a bit buggy)
-Savestates bugfix when loading a Savestate (other than default) for first time
-new Backgrounds
-Menu is taken from joyrider gnuboy port (THANKS!)
-ported from newest gnuboy sources 1.0.3

Discuss it here:



Fheroes 2 – Heroes of Might and Magic! – for Dingux!

Fheroes2 release #1
June 1st, 2010Zear is at it again, his latest release is a port of fheroes (a free implementation of Heroes of Might & Magic using SDL) for Dingux. A brief readme:Code:How to make it run:
Copy the original data/*.agg into the data directory.
Copy the maps files (*.mp2) into the maps directory.Game was tested with elta's rootfs. Might not run on others.Controls:
* D-PAD  - move cursor
* A - cursor clickMenu:
* SELECT - go back/quit game
* START - acceptIn-game:
* B - cast a spell
* X - next hero
* Y - hero/town dialog
* L - mini-map
* R - hero/town selection
* SELECT - game menu
* START - end turn

Discuss it here:




And this is why, despite the pretenders, Booboo’s Dingux Legacy shall outrun them all!

And while you’re at it … can anyone help Marie?

I received this recently as well … can anyone help>I'm a rather rabid gamer and web developer who doesnt know linux/unix but somehow I've managed the following with my new a320:
1. i have dualboot installed
2. i have dingux installed
I'm trying to use psx4all and i have to say i don’t know what I'm doing or why i can't get any of my games to run!. I feel like a helpless retard and I'm hoping someone as skilled/versed in this technology as you are[Larry rolls over in stitches, falls off desk, hits head and becomes vegetable], can maybe help me understand what I'm doing wrong.
I've pulled several different versions of wildarms2 and its my understanding that it CAN play on a psx, iphone and an a320.
So far I've encountered the following errors on my .bin file(s)
1. segmentation error
2. the file attempts to load and kicks me back to the main menu
Ive read and read…

Today only, Dingoo-Scene simulation of Craiglist

StriderMTK, Vampire Mike, one of this site’s longest serving readers (as in “serving time”, I suspect:))  needs cash fast and has the following collectibles for lovers of fine, video gaming devices everywhere:Anybody interested in an original GOLDEN AXE tiger LCD game, SQUISH Nintendo Game n' Watch, or a full boxed, unused Tiger console (remember that?!  HA!) Let me know.Drop him a line here; he’ll receive!Cheer Strider Vampire Mike!

376 Dingoos … y’all don’t forget clicking now on that there button now, y’hear … -->

(But only once, please).  376 is a large number of children to have, but a pathetically small number of actual Dingoo owners.  This makes me wanna crawl under a rock and just give up on Dingoo-ing forever.  The only thing that is a remote consolation is that if there are only 376 actual Dingoo owners out there, there must be, like, 3 owners, of this ever.

1wierdguy reviews his Letcool gamestation

With some brilliant editing from me … :)Re: Letcool Gamestation « Reply #50 on:Today at 11:23:14 AM » My Letcool has arrived. Heres a pic of it next to my (now dead) dingoo.

First impressions of the unit itself are good. The letcool is light but feels very sturdy and well built.  The larger size means it fits better in the hands with my fingers resting comfortably on the shoulder triggers. The shoulder triggers are clicky like the dingoos but the start/select and volume buttons are not. The main face buttons are very nice with a similar feel to the A320, they are a bit bigger though. The dpad looks bigger but a quick check with the ruler reveals it to be the same size. It feels a bit stiffer than the A320s but it could be just newer.
The mini control pads feel very nice with a very solid d-pad that is deeply concaved in the middle holding the thunb very nicely.The face buttons are quite clicky and the shoulder buttons are soft rubber not hard plastic.�����������…