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News on Yinlips YDPG27 and YDPG29

Over at obscurehandhelds, news has broken on these 2 new devices from Yinlips.  Head on over to read more there:

What do you want from Dingoo-Scene?

Gidday faithful readers! I started this site in March 2009 during a bad patch at work – back then, it was daily floggings until morale improved (it never did, by the way) and the one bright shining outlet for all that corporate repressed creativity was being able to do something fun, like follow a little known Chinese gadget called the Dingoo A320.  Well, fun for me, anyway. Here’s the very first post: March 2009.  Gee, Michael Jackson was alive!  Obama was popular! Openpandora wasn’t actually late yet, and Booboo still cared! The little world that Dingoo occupied has mostly rocked on. In many ways though, the hunt continues, as we are no closer to the ultimate handheld retro gaming device for the miser in us all. After all, that’s the #1 joy of these things: that they cost less than a Dry Thai Feather Massage (without the special) single PS3 game.  In this space, the next big thing

App installation speed on GCW Zero

Source: Published on 21 Oct 2012 by qbertaddict1 This video shows how quickly apps are installed on the GCW. I couldn't get too detailed but I think you will like the two games it installed with a single reboot!

Sonic Robo Blast 2 - OpenDingux

Sonic Robo Blast 2 - OpenDingux October 30, 2012, 09:56:12 AM by qbertaddict Shin-NiL is back on the scene with a great fan made sonic game. Quote Installation - Unzip the file contents to your memory card; - download files from the last version of the game (2.0.6) from ; - copy the following files to the directory created in the first step:      knux.plr      drill.dta      music.dta      rings.wpn      soar.dta      sonic.plr      srb2.srb      tails.plr      zones.dta - Run the file srb2OD.dge Known Issues - Despite a great effort in trying to optimize the code, the game slows down several times in the A320, especially in parts with many enemies on the screen; - the music does not seem to be loop

New JXD S602 Custom Rom by Naxaras!

[SCRIPT] Update!! Naxeras 1.2 RCO for JXD s602 Root, Clean, Optimice and more!!! « on: October 20, 2012, 07:28:19 PM » ###############################################################################                                JXD S602 Script R.C.O                                  CREATED BY NAXERAS                                V1.0 - FOR ICS 4.0.4 ############################################################################### Usin this script is your responsability. Use for your Own Risk ################ #  What does:        # ################ - Root easily your device. - Remove chinese crap aplications keeping stock emulators using "GameEmulator" - Full google Play by skelton. - Install Support for init.d - Add optimizations for battery, zipalign, wiffy, touchscreen etc...

Get your GCW Videos here …

This is the place to be for the near future as units of the hotly anticipated GCW Zero actually ship:

Yinlips YDPG27 video

Followers of this thread on the Dingoonity forums have been hankering for more information about the YDPG 27 – what appears to be a supersized YDPG 17 -  since July 2012.  A recent video of it in action is now on Youtube: Sadly, it doesn’t look like you can buy this yet, but keep coming back, we’ll keep you posted.

Willgoo selling UG007 Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean TV Box Bluetooth WiFi 8GB

A brand new Android TV Stick thing – but now with bluetooth! The latest Android 4.1.1 JellyBean TV BOX COMING SOON!- supporting external 3G, with Bluetooth, Internal Memory 8GB. This device accepts pre-orders now. We will restock it at the end of this month and send out your order at that time.            Specification: Operation System: Google Android 4.1.1 JellyBean, support external 3G, with Bluetooth CPU: RK3066 Dual ARM Cortex-A9 process. UP to 1.2GHZ, Mali-400MP4 Quad-core GPU RAM: DDR3 1GB Internal Memory: Nand Flash 8GB BT+Wifi Name: CDT-K25931 BT: MTK6622 3G: Support external3G Memory External: Support External Storage via. Micro-SD card, Support up to 32GB Networking: WiFi 802.11b/g/n 10/100Mbps With internal Antenna Graphics Type: Integrated Graphics Mali400, Supports 1080P video (1920*1080) Ports: 1 x USB 2.0 Host, 1 X micro

mame4All for Opendingux Version 1.0

mame4All for OD Version 1.0 October 23, 2012, 11:03:11 AM by qbertaddict Alaekmaul has released his version of mame4all on OD!   Quote Hello all, Here is a new emulator for OpenDingux, it is Mame4All, the multiple game arcade emulator Some games are  full speed on A320, lot's of games run slow, sorry about that ...   Discuss it here: Author/Porter: Alekmaul Download: Download Source:

Race Emulator For OPENDINGUX

Race Emulator For OPENDINGUX October 21, 2012, 03:39:49 AM by qbertaddict Alekmaul has ported RACE to OD. Race is a ngc/ngp emulator. The system has some great games on it. Check it out. Note: Filetypes are ngp and ncp   Quote Hello all, Here is a new emulator for OpenDingux, it is Race, the Neogeo pocket emulator Run full speed on A320. Discuss it here: Author/Porter: Alekmaul Download: Download Source:

Phantomcastle’s Italian JXD 5200 unboxing and review videos


Seagal releases updated NeoDingoo 0.1.2 and DingooVision 0.01

    NeoDingoo 0.1.2 and DingooVision 0.01     Hi! I´ve updated my neo geo pocket emu for dingoo a320 native firmware, and released a new emu, DingooVision, a Watara Supervision emulator (a great game boy b/w style console), here are the links: neodingoo 012 dingovision 001 And here is my webpage if you want more info or a screenshot: tHANKS!

Race (Neo Geo Pocket Emulator) on GCW Zero


Willgoo Thanksgiving Day Offer!

As a special thanksgiving day offer, our good mates at Willgoo are offering these cooler than Gangnam silicon console straps free with every android game console purchase! Another great reason to grab the brand new YDPG19 , YDPG17 , a JXD 602 or a JXD S5110 to celebrate those founding fathers! (They really founded android, if you think about it )

Kurmudgeon’s guide to rooting and removing bloatware for Yinlips YDPG19

A great guide for those looking to declutter and root their YDPG 19 … thank you Kurmudgeon ! Yinlips YDPG19 - How I Rooted Mine and Removed the Bloat. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK! « on: October 16, 2012, 04:48:54 AM » I just received my Yinlips YDPG19 today.  Wow did this ship fast!  I had it in my hands after only ordering it 7 days ago.  Any way, as soon as I opened the box and got a charge on this thing, I did what I do best and started hacking away at it.  After a couple hours, I have it rooted and have all the apps installed that I want and many of the stock apps removed permanently.  If you want to know how I did everything, just read this quick guide below. Note: I'm only providing this information so I can reference it later if I need to.  This worked perfectly for me, but if you mess up your own device, then Mr. Willgoo will get another sale when you re-buy one for yourself.  In other words, do this at your own risk, you alone

Skelrom custom reom released for YDPG16!

Skelton strikes again!: [ROM] Skelrom v1 for Yinlips G16 ICS (CWM) These files are delivered as they are,  so use it at your own risk. Flashing this ROM is your responsibility. Very important, you need to be in stock ICS firm and root before flashing this rom. Main features: -   Based on last official ICS firmware. -   Fully Rooted (at kernel level, in default.prop) -       All chinese emulators and software and stuff removed. -       Full google Play (or almost I think) -   Autozipalign at every boot -   Trebuchet launcher added -   No need of Game Manager at all. -   Emus and apps installed in data/apps (can be upgraded or uninstalled easily if you don't like them) -   Emus included and installed: GameBoid, Nesoid, Gensoid, GbCoid, Gearoid, Snesoid, Snes 9x, Tiger Arcade. -   Apps Included and

Quake ported to A380/a320e!

Alien Grey ports Quake to A320e/A380! Quake-WS for Dingoo A-380/A-320e « on: October 15, 2012, 02:58:59 PM » Did you ever wonder why your console has a larger screen? To play the widescreen version of Quake of course. Quake-WS is based on SDL Quake. It's build from the source code from Dosfish who probably never released a binary version from it. The source code has been changed by me to make it possible to run Quake at 400 x 240 pixels. I've changed the aspect ratio a bit to make it run widescreen. You need the Quake shareware pak0.pak file to play Quake-WS on your Dingoo A-380/A-320e. Put it in the "id1" folder next to the Quake-WS.dge. Download: Source Code: Enjoy Quake-WS and don't forget to start it from "3D Games" if you use the Dingoo A-380 custom firmware.  

JXD S7300–Dual Core, dual “analog”(?) + 1024 x 600 screen res = maybe awesome, almost certainly overkill?

DeenOX writes: JXDS7300 Gamepad « on: October 15, 2012, 01:13:22 PM » Yes, using the same name "Gamepad" as Archos, there is his competitor. JXDS7300 Quote S7300 dual-core GamePad born specifically for the game, the game will be 300% cool: ◆ 1 Shuang: the world's first high-definition dual-core GamePad first dual LR button GamePad , 1 GB DDR3 memory ◆ 2 cool: dual-core 1.5GHZ processor, dual joystick \ dual LR , dual speakers ◆ cool: game control, online battle mode, 3 types of Internet connections, increasing by 300% than single-core performance ◆ cool: 9 simulator game support high-definition games , 90000 Andrews ◆ 1024 refreshing: 1024 * 600 high-definition display ◆ 360 degrees cool: Left joystick 360 degrees direction analog right stick 360 degrees game perspective control (with PSV) ◆ m

Proosystem (Atari 7800 emulator) for Open Dingux released

PROOSYSTEM For OD Released! Alekmaul is at it again. OD and the GCW Zero now have a excellent Atari 7800 emulator with a full menu,  fast scrolling, and silky smooth 60 FPS gaming.   Quote Initial release. Discuss it here:!/ ProSystem OpenDingux V1.0 Author/Porter: Alekmaul Download: Download Source: Thanks to Dingoonity for the news!

openMSX 0.9.1 for Open Dingux released!

openMSX 0.9.1 for OD released! openMSX for OD! Fire up Space Manbow or Aleste 2 and have a blast! Quote Hi all, Announcing here release 0.9.1 of openMSX, combined with the post that we forgot to submit about the 0.9.0 release 6 weeks earlier... This release improves a lot on accuracy of floppy support, especially by the introduction of support for the DMK format. This means it should be possible to run all MSX disk software without patching it. Furthermore, our efforts to improve performance has some results: start up time has almost halved on a Dingoo A320! For the rest of the changes please see the discussion thread listed below: Discuss it here:!/msg50180/?topicseen#new Author/Porter: The openMSX Team

Snes9x for Open Dingux Released

Snes9x-OD Released. October 07, 2012, 03:46:29 AM by qbertaddict d_smagin has released a new updated and better version of Snes9x4D. It will work on legacy, opendingux, a320e, a380, and ritmix! Quote Hi, everybody. Please, meet Snes9x-od for OpenDingux Based on Snes9x4D v20101010 by ^SiENcE^ Source code is taken from What's new comparing to v20101010 - Sound is moved from OSS to SDL, it allows working both on legacy and opendingux - Added support for different resolutions: 480x272 (ritmix rzx50), 400x240 (dingoo a320e/a380)   and 320x240 (dingoo a320, gcw zero) - Added fullscreen scalers for all modes above - Gui is now called with SELECT+START combo, because ritmix rzx50 and gcw zero have select and B too close   which makes it hard to push them at

Proosystem, Tales of Phantasia, GB/GBC emulator, and Lufia on the GCW Zero

Great work as always from Qbertaddict!

wrzwicky posts new YDPG 18A Firmware!

New YDPG18A Firmware "wrz.8" « on: Today at 01:58:01 AM » I just finished my own custom ROM for this beast, and now you can enjoy it too!  Files are posted to Google code, and the whole kitchen is there as well. Yinlips YDPG18A, Android 2.3.4, release wrz.8. - New firmware by wrz. - Updated Adobe Flash to latest. - Removed emulators, games, and iReader. - Removed SKGameExplore. - Enabled game buttons on boot. - Minor performance tweaks to build.prop. Read more here , and thank you wrzwicky!

Yinlips YDPG19 now available

Yinlips has released its successor to the YDPG 18 – the YDPG 19! 100% for creative branding! Wow, like major redesign … not. Anyhoo, here are the details, straight from Willgoo’s website New upgrade device- Yinlips YDPG19 is available Now! The difference between 18A and G19 are: YDPG19 supports Wi-Fi wireless multi-player Kumite function- meaning you can play games with your friends; Virtual key mapping function; Dual HDMI output; Unique private mould [mode?], dual loudspeaker stereo, fashionable appearance and ring heat emission design [as good as any Vindaloo!]. Buying tips: The pictures showed on line now are the effect ones from Yinlips. The default color for this device may be Black and White. Main Function: Operation system: Android 4.0 ARM Cortex-A8, 1.2GHz, DDR3 512M 5.0 inch HD and highlight five-point capacitive touch screen Power VR SGX GPU, fully compatible with APK、3D games

Snes9X4D on the GCW Zero


Kainage Posts JXD S5110 Rabid ROM v1.0 (ICS)

[ROM] JXD S5110 Rabid ROM v1.0 (ICS) - Based off stock v2.1 ICS - Edited proper default prop to 0,1,1 instead of 1,0,0 - De-odexed and optimized .apk and .jar files - Added 1Mobile Market, ES App Suite - File Manager - Task Manager - Security Manager, CacheMate Cache Cleaner, Titanium Backup Root, WiFi Buddy, WiFi on and off, and Rootexplorer. - Upped CPU idle to 600MHZ from 150MHZ to help with sleep issues and better performance. - WiFi tweaks. - Build.prop edits for performance, ram consumption (200 free, varies). - Some minor graphics and font changes - New boot animation. "Zombies" If by using this mod the world comes to and end, or you are suddenly sucked back in time only to accidentally kill your grandfather leaving your future uncertain, I take no responsibility for the consequences. Oh yeah. same thing if it screws up your tablet.

Alien Grey posts new A380 firmware!

There's an update for the Dingoo A-380 custom firmware. You'll find it here: