Monday, May 10, 2010

Teardown - Pictures of the insides of A330

Dingoonity’s avid hackers have posted some pics of an opened A330:


Look at the nice wireless antenna looking thingie in the top right … sadly, I think this is for the (optional) second controller only.  Go here for more!


  1. A330 is a Fake or forgery.
    1. Various logos
    2. On the chip there is no labeling dingoo, but some lincy
    3. Original Manufacturer «Dingoo digital» vs fake «Dingoo tehnology»

  2. The original Shenzen company ( released a press communicate saying that they never released an A330 and that the HKs are fake. Probably the true A330 that will be made will be modelled after Gemei's A330 i hope and will have the new CC1600 processor.

  3. I hope so, the gemei A330 design was really nice but that A330 by the producer of the fake HK's looks fucking ugly. Looks like a cheap psp knockoff. It's also just a dingoo in a different shell, I mean great it has more ram and a useless gamepad. Other than that nothing.

  4. the cc1600 is not a new processor, it is old and not really suitable for anything other than mp3 and low res video playback.

  5. Looks like 0shippingzone is now selling the A330 as well: