Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Busbymod for Dingux

May 25, 2010

8bitbubsy has released a new MOD player for DINGUX!


After working days on this, I feel it's time to release a test version for you guys.
You might ask yourself- Why code this when he have GMU which already plays ProTracker modules?
- Well, I do this for fun, and my player is even more ProTracker accurate (and supports the EF0-EFF effect). Also, it has got a cool pattern viewer!
I know there are some bugs and small stupid things, but I'll fix them in a later revision.

If some modules skips, overclock to 430Mhz! (Like in the start of face_another_day.mod)
Or press X! X stops all drawing, thus saves a lot of cycles in my slow code.
Why this happens? Well, my textout routine is very slow.

NOTE: To load a module, you must pass the executable file an argument.
With Gmenu2x edit your bubsymod shortcut, then turn "Selector Browser" ON, then make "Selector Directory" point to a directory with your MODs. For instance; /boot/local/app/BubsyMOD-dingux/MODs/
Every time you run the bubsymod shortcut, you get lead to the directory where you can choose what module to play.

Discuss it here:

And again with the Dingoonity!

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