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MAME4ALL Dingux v1.2!

Slaneesh bring great news today … though you’ll hve to wait for the file repository to update before it’s available! Thank’s Slaneesh!From: a new release of MAME4ALL Dingux - it's up to version 1.2 now.
The main changes are:
- Added A320 screen brightness option to frontend.
- Fixed bug with games containing multiple FM sound systems. Was allocating two identical FM tables and segmentation faulting when on exit (trying to free the same table of memory twice). This stops some games crashing on exit.
- More speed and smaller executable. Perhaps some of the larger games may run now?
See the included "whatsnew.txt" for complete details.
If you have any questions, please refer to the "readme.txt" and "faq.txt" first! 99% of questions can be answered in here if you look first. By all means, ask if you are unsure.I, Robot runs real…

SMSGGOO for native firmware updated to v3.2

From Dingoonity today:V3.2 : 29/11/2009
  # fix timing problem with accurante frame timing
  + add action replay code management
  + add fps display
V3.1 : xx/xx/2009 (not official release )
  # fix malloc/free pb to avoid hanging when lauching a second gameDownload here: SmsGGOOV3.2

Ole ole ole ole … Fifa 2000 on PSX4All

Fans of Fifa or PES will appreciate videos like this one:

Theme viewer for Native Firmware

Courtesy of Dingoonity News:djblagues has written a viewer for Windows that enables you to preview themes for Dingoo native firmware.Release Post (in French) = Viewer for Native Dingoo
Author/Porter: djblagues

Dingoo Mega Pack 1.0

Do you have complete control over all what’s released for the Dingoo (native firmware)? If so, you may ignore this. If not, here comes Dingoo Mega Pack to the rescue.First Dingoo Mega Pack is now released. This is a pack of games and emulators for native firmware.
You'll have to get the bios image required for LynGOO (lynx) yourself, since it's not legal for me to provide it in this package. See LynGOO.txt for more info.
*** Instructions ***
Just unzip directly to your dingoo's internal memory.
Readme files for games and apps are placed in A:\TXT\README so that they are easily accessible with the ebook reader.
If you run check_problems.bat it will tell you if there are any problems, such as missing bios images or conflicting emulators.
*** List of games/apps ***
* ColeCOO 3.1 (Colecovision)
* DOOENGINE 0.9c (PC-Engine / TurboGrafx-16)
* GNUBOY (Gameboy / G…

wirlked's wicked Dingoo art (Good for all that ails you!)

wirlked (PM me for his email, if you like, but you can also find him at the gueux forum link below), has sent a great set of links to me of Dingoo related themes/icons and gfx mods which he has made. Great work, wirlked, keep it coming, and I hope many people get in touch seeking your collaboration on other Dingoo projects!

"I make themes for Dingoo here :,0,0,0,50,217
And here,0,0,0,50,192

I have also make a graphic corrective for Beat2X, what allows to make comply colours and keys:

To finish, of what to show icons when we connect his dingoo on Windows.,0,0,0,15,219"

Brazillian Dingoo Doom Mods released

Thanks to Ezequiel for this news!:

"In our forum (brazilian dingoo forum) been released a two Mods of Doom:
--------------------------------------------------------------------------- #Mod one: Operation: Arctic Wolf Special Edition - Part 1 - Winter campaign based on the universe of Wolf3d, weapons, monsters, maps, ambient sounds and new textures.It has 11 new maps. By: DoomMage
#Mod Two Twilight Warrior - Campaign for special operations, weapons, monsters, maps, ambient sounds and new textures.There are 10 new maps. By: DoomMage
Download and images of Mods in:
(Portuguese) (Google Translation)
Sorry for the inconvenience I hope to contribute in some way with the scene dingoes, thanks for your attention, good morning (sorry for …

“Hello world” threatens to win DD Coding Contest

Here in the lucky land of Australia, we’re fond of revelling in the phenomena of Doing a Bradbury.  Which is to say, we’re extremely good at doing well, simply by showing up.If you’re into coding for the Native firmware, go here:’s your chance to do a Bradbury.  And c’mon people, no entries is just plain lazy. Really (Tsk tsk, says the one who still thinks line numbers are used).

Anyone heard from Sofia @ Shenzen Dingoo-Digital lately?

Well, Teamdingoo did, a week or two back (and I’m green with envy … no one seems to care about l’il ol’d Dingoo-Scene:()):Dear Teamdingoo Staffs,I hope all of you in the best spirit and healthy there.Please allow me to introduce myself firstly. This is Sofia from Dingoo Digital Company in Shenzhen, China. I am working in this company for more than half a year as an exporting department manager. We are the manufacturer of Dingoo A320 handheld game player.I write to you in the popupose to thank you with a grateful heart for all your support all the time. Please give my regards to all of your team members, tell them how we feel lucky to have all of your's kindly support,we apprecaite that so much. All of you did a good work and contribution to make Dingoo A320 to be a better console, so that the end-users benefited a lot. What a amazing team you are!For us, we will do our best to keep improving the console, we want it to be a well-know small retro game player worldwide. It will be mo…

JAVA very WIP for Dingux

Thanks to rookie1 for porting and difuno from Dingoonity for the care taken to report this:JAVA on Dingux (trial version), ported by rookie1Original post here:
Grab it from the link in the original post (provided you have no problem with the Chinese language) or here:
Translation of the original post here.
This is the SUN PHONEME CDC + MIDPATH that I ported to Dingux. Extract it to LOCAL folder. The compatibility of English games seems to be better than Chinese. It is suggested to download and play JAVA games of NokiaE 6X or E7 or above, due to the 320 X 240 screen resolution of A320.
It you want to get it on DMENU, edit menu_game.cfg and add in:MenuItem MIDPATH
Icon = "res/games/arkanoid.png"
Name = " MIDPATH"
Executable = "./"�����������…

Lyngoo Native Lynx emulator hits v1.2

And thanks to the guy at the Dingoonity forums who posted the link, here’s a video to get you in the mood: If you’re happyto settle for a Lynx that won’t double as a potential weapon in Cluedo, then just grab the Dingoo version here:LynGOO Updated to Version 1.2LynGOO the Atari Lynx emulator for the native firmware has been updated again here is a list of the changesQuotev1.2 (21 Nov 2009)
  - Handle system events (exit on USB plugin etc).
  - Performance optimizations.
  - Added overclocking controls.
  - Added lynx speed
Author/Porter: Spiller

Mini-SD cluster size when formatting can affect performance

Apparently, formatting with a cluster size of 32kb can improve Dingux performance, but isn’t recognised by the native firmware.  Read more here:, or use the English cheat notes below.  Russian to English translationRecent entries in the category of hardware and fashion
Dingoo A320 and compatibility with SD-cards.
By GRM on November 18, 2009 1:37 PM | No Comments | No TrackBacks
Interesting discussion was formed on zx-spectrum - the forum.
Collective Intelligence in the face of one of the users has revealed an interesting feature of the dinghy. When using a large size so happens that the producer reformats them with a cluster size of 32KB. This makes it possible to achieve some increase in speed, by reading more data at a time.
The experimental Digna with firmware 1.2 flatly refused to work with a card with a cluster size of 32KB. So Dingux worked, ever…

Replacement Dingoo batteries now on DX

Been burning your batt up with all that overclocking? Then perhaps you need one of these, now available from your friendly neighbourhood DX store.  Click here to buy one and I get some (hardly any, but some nonetheless) points! Heck, for the paltry $6.88 they’re demanding, postage INCLUDED, buy 2.

Dingoo Snes9x SDL update to v 1.39

Spotted and brought to our attention by Kronus Arm from Dingoonity news:Snes9x-sdl 1.39 20091118The Snes9x Dingux SDL port has been updated in a past couple of days, but nobody bothered to post this up, until I discovered this yesterday while chatting with a couple of friends over the Dingoo-Scene Chatroll.  Anyways go download it here:

FCEU320 v0.1 for Dingux – Port of FCEUX

A new Dingux NES emulator, from tha gama:Fceu320 v0.1 - fceux port for DinguxHi, this is a port of FCEUX for Dingux.
I was working on the NESEMU port but i found about fceux and decided to give
it a try since it was a more mature emulator.
You can download it here.
If you don't know how to install an app for dmenu, you can read the INSTALL file or search
in the forums for a more complete tutorial.
This is what i have done so far:
- Based on fceux version 2.1.2
- Great compatibility
- Builtin nsf player
- FDS support
   NOTE: You must put a copy of your fds bios (disksys.rom)
    in the /local/home/.fceux folder.
- Fullscreen support
- Zipped roms
Dingoo            Nes
Pad            Pad…

Dingoo hand made bling case

GRM Retro very kindly sent this link from one of his readers: this:Very nice!

Chris Kohler’s pRoN for Dingoo-users

Over at Wired, Chris Kohler has been celebrating the start of Yard (or Garage) sale season in his part of the US of A, by waxing lyrical as only he can about an experience that all Dingoo users might appreciate:Experience the THRILL of scoring a rare Vectrex!Be rendered tearful at the JOY of discovering the Dingoo’s Elder Spiritual Ancestor, the Famicom UFO Super drive Pro!Ululate at the PLEASURE of a while box of goodies for less than the price of a bucket of KFC!Recommended reading!

Native firmware LynGoo updated to v 1.1

Spiller has updated his great Atari Lynx emulator to v 1.1:

"v1.1 (15 Nov 2009)
- Added screen rotation controls.
- Added sound on/off control.
- Added CRC32 checks to save/load state.
- CPU Speed set to 400MHz.
- Frameskip disabled; not effective. Important note regarding save states
The format for save state files has changed in v1.1. This means that save states
from previous versions of LynGOO can no longer be loaded. This is an unfortunate
but neccessary change. On the bright side: save states should now be compatible
with the original Handy emulator and its ports.
Status with regards to some requests I got earlier:Graphical glitches in Shadow of the Beast and Roadblasters have not been fixed yet.
Saving and loading the config is still not implemented; too much internals are changing still.
Adding a scanline filter is low priority and in reality I may never be able to add it.
Performance enhancements seem unneccessary now that LynGOO runs at 400MHz.
Grab it here: http://www.vdkli…

GnuBoy freeze fix

In case you have a newer Dingoo without a paw mark on the back, you might have freezing issues with GnuBoy (native). Here’s a fix for the problem.Update: There has been reports both from people saying it does work and from people saying it doesn't. Feel free to write in the comments if it works / if it doesn't work for you (if you have the dingoo without the paw mark).This is a fix for memory leaks which caused it to crash on the newest dingoos, those without a paw mark.
I added my implementation of Spiller's great idea for an auto memory reclaim function.

Video Review of Ugly Bastard Child of PSP Go

A while ago, noproblem on that other Dingoo site made another one of those “Don’t know why I want one but I must have it” discoveries, and promptly gave it a great name: was it:And now someone’s bought one, and reviewed it done a prepubescent hatchet job on it: Good to see it in action though, so just turn the sound down!As Christmas is coming, if you really must, pop over here to buy one:

Dingoonity Custom Firmware 1.2

If you can’t get enough of the Dingoonity forums, try this firmware for a hit every time you turn your Dingoo on:

With some motivation from Codiak, I figured that after writing a guide about creating a custom firmware, I would actually release one for you fine folks to use.
Tested and working on my own Dingoo.
So here it is, the Dingoonity custom firmware 1.2
DownloadCourtesy of Dr “How to have a threesome when there’s only two of you” Manhattan Dingoonity God, omgmog.

Harteex working on Chipworld for Native OS

Anticipation is 9/10s of all gratification:ChipWorld is a clone of the Windows version of Chip's Challenge for Dingoo A320.
More information is coming at a later time.
Here's a screenshot (Work in progress, some of the graphics are not final)
No binaries yet, but check out Harteex’s site for more news from time to time here:

Wizznic for Dingux

For those who missed it, Zear has popped out a new Dingux game, Wizznic, a port of Puzznic:Grab it here:,0,0,0,25,215

GooPlayer updated for native firmware

GooPlayer is a music player for the Dingoo, which covers up for formats the built-in player doesn't play.
Just put your music files in the same folder as or in subfolders.
*** Changelog ***
* Support for XM, MOD and S3M files
* Fix crash which sometimes occured on files with non-english filenames (you still cannot play them though)
* Fix crash on non-pawed dingoos
* Added seeking, hold DPAD left/right to seek (only for OGG)
* Added folder support (multiple levels)
* Files are now sorted by filename
* Ability to skip splash screen with the A button
* If a song cannot be loaded, an error message will be displayed
Note about XM, MOD and S3M:
I can't show time for these files (I would have to calculate this myself), so instead I show another number for how far in the song you are.
Also, a few songs may repeat endlessly.

Alekmaul releases Manic Miner 1.0 for Native OS


Diana or Anna: the naked truth and what it all means!

Hah, you thought I was just a fanboy, didn’t you? Skip right past the fact that I get to use the word “naked” on this site significantly less than is desirable, and you’ll notice things if you try hard enough. Just like this guy.According to the data so far (check out the poll results and comments from here), Diana and Anna from V are just as hot as each other(though Zaxxon Q Blaque’s comment must surely have some Casting Vote effect, I say!).  This is an unquestionable truth, but you don’t come here for the bleeding obvious (go here instead). No, there’s much to be learned from this seemingly straightforward observation, starting with this: assuming that everyone who saunters by these parts is a Dingoo user, this result leads me to conclude, rather unscientifically (but hey, that hasn’t stopped me before) that:1.  About half of all Dingoo users are old enough to remember how hot Diana was in 1983. Assuming you were 14 then (hey, who else had time to enjoy TV?), that makes you about 3…

omgmog’s Dingoo native firmware flashing guide

Those “pretty” links really work … guess where this takes you: omgmog for the great guide!

Inkl Player 0.4

A new media player is out:* MP3 album art support
* FLAC support
* Media library added* Works on Dingoo A320
* Works on Windows
* Works on Windows Mobile* Automatic update added
* Improved reactivity
* Downloads synchronized lyrics automatically
* Settings menu added
* Supports skins for list pages
* Automatic power-off added
* Fixed some bugs on synchronized lyrics
* Various bug fixesInkl Player's Official Site

Dmenu 0.5 for Dingux

A new version of Dmenu is out:Dmenu 0.5 release.Dmenu project team released dmenu ver0.5 
Most works was done by timothy.soehnlin.
Thank you Tim for your hard work !
- Fixed a lot of SegFault bugs
- Change the mechanism that the next application is called
- Rename dmenu binaly to "dmenu.bin"
- Added a dmenu start up script named "dmenu"
- Added "SelectorDir" setting for menuitem and submenuitem
- Added new key binds in filelist ( L key - page up / R key - page down )
- Added "built in Wallpaper Selector with thumbnails"
- Added "built in Color Selector"
- Added ColorBar graphics for "built in Color Selector"
- Moved and Renamed the dmenu resource folder "/usr/local/home/.dmenu" to  "/usr/local/dmenu/resources"
- Moved "dmenu.ini"…

Mancala for Dingux released (Mandingoo was released in 1975)

A somewhat new game for Dingux from ZX-81:Dingux-Mancala: A Mancala Game v1.1.0 for Dingoo/Dingux
Hi All,
Mancala is a board game familly, originated in East Africa. The word "Mancala"
came from arabic word "naqalah" that means literaly "To move".
Dingux-Mancala is the "Awari" variant, and even if the rule of this game is simple,
the complexity can be compared to chess Game.
The AI is based on the source code of H. Huseby & G.T. Lines, for their
implementation of the classical Minimax algorithm.
How to use it ? Everything is in the README.txt file.
Sources are included, and this package is under the GNU public license,
read COPYING.txt file for more information about it.
How to play ? Here is the rules available from :
Awari is played on a board where each player owns 6 pits. In the initial

zimage with power off function for Dingux

OK, this is so old it’s rotting, but it is significant, so here’s the news: you can now obtain a zimage file which enables a working power off button in Dingux.  The lack of a power off button in Dingux (until now) meant you had to reset the Dingoo into the original firmware before powering down, which is irritating to say the least.  Read more here:

pof posts modified native firmware

pof has built on the new official Dingoo firmware, and released something which consolidates lots of recent goodness:My modified version of official 1.20 firmware, includes the following:
* Based on official 1.20 firmware (Y/B bug fixed!)
* Supports custom themes (system folder visible)
* Default language set to english
* Megadrive emulator fixed to use the quick double buffer technique
* Added NeoGeo Pocket emulator
* Added Game Boy Color (GBC) emulator
* Overclock apps included (select from 200Mhz to 430Mhz)
* Nice boot & logoff screens
* Fixed typos in english translation
* Default brightness set to 3
* Auto Poweroff set to 1 hour
1. Copy all the contents into the root dir of your dingoo internal UDisk.
2. Switch off your dingoo
3. Press and hold DOWN in the D-PAD
4. Switch on yo…

V … already on the Dingoo!

In case you were wondering, yes, we have been infiltrated; the Dingoo is based on Visitor tech, and just check out strider_mtk’s chat logo. And as you’d expect then, the hottest new show this season is already old hat on Dingoo! OK, so maybe we’re cheating, but where else can you play this quite so soon:(Don’t answer that.)It’s a surprisingly playable game too, according to Lemon64. Boot up Vice or Frodo, and show those hanging out for the reimagined conversion just why the A320 is so versatile and, well, just plain cool.Of course, this entire post has been an excuse to ask the question: Who is hotter: Diana or Anna? Diana|Jane Badler Anna|Morena BaccarinMake sure you vote on the sidebar before you go. -->

Beat2X1 0.1 for Dingux

Are you the Sultan of Swing, the Rajah of Rhythm or the Ayatollah of RocknRolla? You might find out if you play:Beat2x v0.1 for Dingux
November 02, 2009
Beat2X is a clone of a dancing rhythm game called Stepmania. Ported by the Yoannd to the Dingux.

Release Thread
Pack Urban released
You can add music packs in "packs" folder, rename it in pack1, pack2, pack3...
You can download more packs here:,0,0,0,57,1350,0,0,0,57,1385,0,0,0,57,1370
-Unrar folder and paste the Beat2x folder in your dingoo.
-Run ./beat2x
DPAD Right = Right
DPAD Left = Gauche
DPAD Up = Up
DPAD Down = Down
L = L
R = R
Y = Red
A = Green
X = Purple
B = Blue
No Pause fo…

Firmware 1.20 seen in the wild, fixes Y/B problem

Firmware 1.20 has been spotted in the Dingoonity forums.According to two posters, lak and onion, it fixes the Y/B problem. It also comes with 9 languages.The 1.20 firmware cannot be downloaded from the official Dingoo site yet, but hopefully it will soon.Dingoonity
Update: Here is the firmware link

Dingoo and Dingux troubleshooting guide FAQ thread

If you have a problem, if no one else can help, and if you can click here: , maybe the Dingoo and Dingux troubleshooting guide FAQ thread can help you.

Or maybe you can hire the A-team.

How to install Dingux (Linux on a Dingoo A320) using a Mac

A very helpful comment in this post by the prolific "Anonymous" [thank you!] is worth lifting up, for the benefit of anyone struggling with getting Dingux going using a Mac:

FOR MAC OS X 10.4 10.5 and 10.6

1. download latest dual_boot_installer from dingux google code page

2. find downloaded file (downloads folder from os x 10.5 and up), double click to expand this compressed .zip archive. decompressed folder will be created next to it, named dual_boot_installer_20090916 or similar.

3. move dual_boot_installer_20090916 folder to desktop

4. check which LCD type your dingoo has by going to its 'about' menu in system setup. go to the about menu and press A. it will give you information on your remaining diskspace. now press up, right, down, up, right, down. this will present a further diagnostic menu. note which of 'ILI9325' or 'ILI9331' is mentioned (write it down for later)

5. put dingoo into u…

SuperTux for Dingoo

Here is a new game:Hello, After many hours spent breaking my head for this game, we finally have my first release of SuperTux for Dingux.  SuperTux is a free game and free. It is a clone of Super Mario Bros. .. This game platform stages Tux, the Linux mascot. The game is played on ice or in ice caves. Mario mushrooms are replaced by penguin eggs, lives in small additional penguins and end with the arrival in an igloo.I am based on the GP2X version, a huge thank you to scache to sources, he had quite a change anyway ...
And thank you for �Mathnerd314 # supertux for assistance with the controls of the game Installation:-Unzip the archive and place the file in your Supertux Dingoo.
-Run. / SupertuxControls:At the start of the game, press X or START to start a game.DPAD Right = Right
DPAD Left = Left
DPAD Top = Top
DPAD Down = Down
X = Jump
Pull = A
SELECT = PauseSome minor delays sometimes.See the Readme…