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Strip for Dingoo Entry 6

A Todorov strikes again:

Zdoom being tested on Dingux

Read more about zdoom here:

And another entry from A Todorov

Looks tasty!

Strip for Dingoo Competition Entry 4

S Bourbon has been busy – 110% effort, and more stripping please!Read more about the Strip for Dingoo Competition, and join the fun here!

Lord of the Rings for Dingux

Lord of the Rings Engine for Dingux v0.1
Resident dev, Shin-NiL, ported the rewrite of the game engine of Lord of the Rings by Interplay. The game captures the athmosphere of Middle Earth very well and it is regarded as one of the best Tolkien inspired games ever. It is an old-fashioned RPG covering most of the book events but adds more quests!Quote from: Shin-NiL on July 20, 2011, 07:00:03 PMLord of the Rings Engine for Dingux v0.1 (19/07/2011)
Based on Michal Beneš Lord of the Rings Game Engine v0.6.5Prerequisites to run the game
- Dingux installed with the latest elta's rootfs;
- Data files from the full game Lord of the Rings Vol. I for DOS;
- Extract the contents of the file '' to your miniSD card;
- Copy all data from the Lord of the Rings game for DOS to the directory 'DATA', which is included in 'lotr';
- Create a link with your favorite application launcher to the fi…

Riot Digital Competition Winners

Here are the winners, hidden in a shy video that doesn’t like being embedded … more here:

How to Reset Dingoo A320 without a paperclip …

OK, so maybe it’s less than earth shattering, but props to nhutchins for sharing:

Strip for Dingoo Entry 3

Oh, why the hell not?

Strip for Dingoo Entry 2

S.G.’s entry … on a roll now; more hot babes, folks!

Sodoku, Sokoban, Space Invaders, MineSweeper, PrBoom for the Gemei GA 330

THANKS DINGOOBR! - RELEASED FOR THE GA330Speak guys!Here on the blog DingooBR we missed several releases for the A330 Gemei ... And to redeem us, we have prepared this mega post with (almost) all the ports released so far for this console!Sudoku The famous puzzle game where you "fry" your neurons trying to put the appropriate numbers unless they are repeated horizontally, vertically and square.Do not know how to play? Check the rules of the game in this link .DOWNLOAD(Ported by Cex ...)SokobanAnother classic in which you also have to use your "gray matter" to arrange the blocks / boxes in the right place.DOWNLOAD(Ported by Cex ...)Space InvadersMore a "remake" of a great classic, where you must protect the earth from intergalactic invaders.DOWNLOAD (Ported by Cex ...)MineSweeperFor those familiar with the Windows Minesweeper, do not even explain ... For it is the same game where you must find out where the mines are located DOWNLOAD(Ported by Harteex ...)

Strip for Dingoo Competition Entry 1

Entry number 1 hit my inbox today! Keep them coming, please. By the way, whoever sent this to me – what are your details? You might well win by default:)

Unnamed Monkey Game for Dingux

Unnamed Monkey Game

Unnamed Monkey Game
Help Monkey through the level, collect the master key, and then find the exit door.
Monkey can jump on most enemies to make them fall over, and can then pick them up
and throw them at other enemies.
Monkey can also wall jump, by jumping next to a wall and pressing [JUMP] + [DIRECTION] to wall jump in at the same time. A skill that will show itself very useful...
PS. The TTCC2011 version contains a lot of bugs and glitches, and might crash once
in a while. We are very sorry for that and promise a more stable version
in the future (and more content rich!).
NOTE: If you have problems playing the game, please consult the video.

Schizophrenia for Dingux


Schizophrenia is a puzzle-platformer game about logic, perception, WW2, cloning, quantum mechanics, philosophy, cats with hats, beautiful women, ethics, Sweden, trains, burning snow-helicopters, failing hard drives and a small boy trying to figure it out. Well actually only the cloning part is true.
The included readme file has more information on why the game is unfinished and how to actually play it. You can also refer to:

Strip for Dingoo Competition

We get readers from all over the world, so RESPECT, I say, to our Russian friends, for this sort of inspirational activity: The above video asks the young and gorgeous of Russia to tear off their tank tops for Vladimir Putin (read more here: While admittedly, even Putin cannot match Dominique Strauss Kahn for sheer manliness, he must surely come a close second, so to speak. Down under in boring old Australia, there are no politicians like Vladimir Putin who can inspire this sort of passion (except maybe, this guy), so we have to make our own fun, and so I announce today, in direct competition to that other competition:The Dingoo-Scene Strip for Dingoo competition!Get a hot babe to tear off their togs (or do it yourself) while holding a Dingoo-type device of any kind, and email your pictures or video links to (Or just frickin’ use photoshop – we’re not precious about t…


Courtesy of Dingoobr:SMSSDL - EMULATOR SMS / GG FOR GEMEI A330/GA330Well, my dear friends, this is one of the emulators that was missing in A330: The Smssdl , which will allow the play of Master System and Game Gear!The emulator, ported by cex is working well, running perfectly (or near ) the games.
The controls are fairly simple:Y - Frameskip
X - Change the Save State Slot
A and B - respectively the A and B buttons
Start - Start
Select - Exits the Application
L - Load State
R - Save StateRecalling that the roms must be in the extension ". Sms" and. "Gg".The biggest problem was the previous version of the emulation speed of the Sega Master System, that with the implementation of the "frameskip" made the emulator to be excellent.Congratulations to cex by the port.DOWNLOAD


Courtesy of Dingoobr:GUITAR ON FIRE DEMO 1.0 FOR DINGUXNation Dingoo,as we have said in previous post , the team TEAM SOFT BR (Dihego, Danilo, Vanderson and Jessica) launched the game Guitar On Fire Demo 1.0 for Windows and Dingux.It is a simulator / game guitar, where you must press certain buttons as the music. It is much like the popular Guitar Hero and Rock Band . The game is based on GoF_Engine, a simulation engine of innovative portable guitar.
As noted in the file readme.txt , the game features improved stability in Dingux running at 400mhz. So there might be problems, try to set the overclocking menu for that game GMENUGame controls:Menu control:- D-Pad: Up - Up cursor
- D-Pad Down - Down cursor
- Buttons: A - Accept
- Buttons: B - BackIn game controls:- D-pad: up, down, left and right - Alternative frets
- Buttons: A, B, X, Y, L, R - frets
- Button: START - pause
- Button: START - Start the…

Astroland and Samegoo ported to GA330

ASTROLAND AND SAMEGOO TO GEMEI A330the coder Harteex ported two games to Gemei A330: the Astroland (game where you must land a spaceship without damaging it - this version has no sound) and SameGoo (the classic "blow" bubbles of the same color). The latter has even been ported to the system for it's native Dingoo A320.Enjoy!Discussion Forum Launches DingooBR (thanks Nenoboy!) here and here .SameGoo DOWNLOADAstroland DOWNLOADTa to Dingoobr for the news.

ILI3998 SiENcE's kernel

ILI3998 SiENcE's kernelToday at 12:01:12 PM by jagotuSiENcE was so kind that he released his dingux kernel for dingoos with ILI3998 screen. Everybody who ownes one, test it and give him feedback.Quotehi,
just because i was asked to build an kernel for ILI9338 here it is.
I don't have an ILI9338 Dingoo, so it would be cool if someone can test this.
Extract and rename 110705_ILI9338_zImage to zImage and put it on your sd-card.
The second file is only for programmers.
0) It's a modified version of the all know booboo legacy kernel.
1) RTC (already from boukichi's kernel)
2) PowerOff (already from boukichi's kernel)
3) Safe Reset (Start+Select+PowerButton Up) (already from boukichi's kernel)
4) hold key as SDLK_PAUSE to not lose the compatiblity with some games (already from boukichi's kernel)
5) i2c + fbcon p…

Legend of Zelda: Mystery of Solarus Dingux

The Legend of Zelda: Mystery of Solarus DX - (Demo)Today at 10:16:12 AM by jagotuThis is remake of the "Legend of Zelda - Mystery of Solarus". It's only a demo, but full version should be released soon.QuoteQuote from: Mystery of Solarus DX is an enhanced remake of our first creation, Mystery of Solarus. Written in C++, the project was unveiled on April 1st, 2008. Its objectives are to correct the many flaws of its predecessor: the battle system, the bosses, the use of items, etc. However, that is hardly all of of it as new graphical elements and musics will accompany you throughout the game. This Deluxe version will be the opportunity for you to relive the adventure in a brand new way, or even to discover it for the first time if you've never played it before!Controls (can be changed during the game)
B - action;
Y - item 1;
A - item 2;
X - sword;

Dingux Pang

PangToday at 11:13:25 AM by jagotuA nice game with simple idea - you're shooting up to split balls. Later levels can be tricky.QuoteHi, here is a new little game for dingux, it's a pang clone created by Michel Louvet
Select - Quit
Start/X - Pause
A/B - ShootDiscuss it here:
Author/Porter: Coccijoe
Download Source:

Dingux Comic Book Reader

Comic book viewer for small screensJuly 03, 2011, 02:57:32 AM by qbertaddictFinally a comic viewer for our dingoos!
Note: you need a swap file to use thisQuoteThis is the initial release of Comic Book Viewer for Small Screens (CBZViewSS).
It's capable of viewing CBZ comic books with JPEG files (quite known format) on Dingux-based devices (320x240)
Supported formats
CBZ comic books with JPEG files. For other formats use Jomic - - it supports conversion to CBZ with JPEG.
System requirements
Dingux device with 320x240 resolution. SWAP-enabled kernel and SWAP file for Dingoo A320 with 32mb ram. Didn't have any problems with 64mb A330, but anyway, consider using SWAP. Comix ARE HUGE.
Put CBZViewSS.dge to the desired folder of your SD card. Make a shortcut in gMenu/dMenu with ability to pick .cbz file.
.cbz file name should be p…

Dingoo IOS theme

For the ipad/iphone/ipod lover in you all … saugwurm’s theme …My first Theme for the Dingoo A320. As Basis I used the "Mac OS X Snow Leopard Theme for Dingoo" from "Tup".
You can download the "iDingoOS4beta" here,18790496/

$10 nD console … I’ll take 2?

mrLogan has drawn our collective attention to a brand new dream console, cheap enough for a cereal box with funky coloured buttons AND wifi …Check out the nD … Here’s wazzit all about:What is the nD?
The nD is a new open indie handheld gaming device currently under development by a team led by "bob's game" creator, Robert Pelloni.
How much will the nD cost?
The current target price for the nD is $10-20. It is being sold at cost with no markup. "It costs ten dollars because that's what they cost to make."
When will the nD be released?
The nD is currently in the prototyping phase. The first batch could possibly release by the end of 2011, although 2012 is a more realistic date. The target release date is currently "before the Wii U launch."
How will the nD be sold?
The first batch of nD units will be sold online through this website. As manufacturing ramps up, the nD will become available at retail loca…