Saturday, May 8, 2010

Can’t believe I missed this …

Fresh and hot from, uh, August 2009, is this Geekdad review from of the Dingoo. The Geekdad column is never less than fun to read;  and here’s a sample to wet your appetite:, The a320 Handheld Emulator is a Pocketful of Gaming History, Aug 2009

Typically, I try and keep my shenanigans here at GeekDad to a minimum. I mind my Ps and, occasionally, even my Qs. When I review an item it’s typically something along the lines of a kid’s music CD or the occasional stroller, but today’s review is different. I am about to discuss a topic so taboo that readers’ spines may spontaneously contort and their hands twist to wretched claws upon the merest glance. I am prepared to lay bare the secrets of a device so diabolical that few dare speak its name. I have sealed my infernal pact with the shadowy forms that lurk beyond, and will shortly embark upon an extended tour of bone-bleached shores by way of this Stygian artifact.

Head on over if you missed it (like me!) the first time.

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  1. With the Dingoo 330 coming out the 320 is selling for about AUD $90 on Ebay and decided to picked one up. Well worth the $90 just to play 'Final fight' and 'punisher'. Now with the Mame and Amiga emulators, life can only get better.
    BTW I read most of your blog posts and didnt even release I knew you and your a close friend of Bones!