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Think most 8/16 bit emulators are pretty much perfect? This may change your mind.

Consistent with our mission to bring y’all the oldest possible news you may not already know, this is a great article from*cough* 2011, but from a great source, explaining why emulation still has a looooooooooong way to go to reach archival perfection: – is that 1.5ghz Quad Core machine you’re holding REALLY running Pong properly?

JXD S7800B running Call of Duty 4 NDS

A vid is worth a thousand words:

JXD 7800B deliveries just around the corner–here are some more videos to whet your appetite!

With Willgoo announcing JXD 7800B orders are almost ready for shipping – check them out, all ready for testing  …… here are some videos I missed showing test units in all their PS1, PSP and Kainy streaming glory to get you into the mood:Naturally, the urge to consume has hit, so go on here to get one if you like, and help me out!

iReadygo Much i5 Review by Deen0X

[REVIEW] Phablet/Console iReadygo Much i5 (5" Quad-Core)

Deen0X released their in deep review about this interesting gadget.

The article pretends to "introduce" to any new user interested on this device, giving information about many aspects of it.

The bad side is that the device don´t have a proper joystick driver, and you must use the own MuchKey (keymapper) to map dpad and left stick in separated way, but Tincore´s can give support to analog and make games such Dead Trigger to be played without problems. (but with linked controls). We hope this problem will be solved from manufacturer, because all are software related.

The good news is... everything else! good screen, good battery duration, good feeling.

This time, Deen0X's take their time to write the complete review in english, and you can read on the their Blog.