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ZloCada for Opendingux

ZloCada is a multiplayer platformer for OpenDingux and Caanoo.
The server address is set to If you want to use usb networking, change it to
In order to run the game, execute the "zlocada.dge" file.
Jump - A
Run - B
Exit - START + SELECT + UPDownload:,1,0,0,35,608


Method to install official ICS firmware for JXD s5100. Method is the same for gingerbread firmware and for the next coming skelroms.
You can get one at
Sorry about my english.

The Phantom Castle’s Mega JXD 5110 Video Review (Italian)

Part 1: Part 2:

YDPG18A Android game compatability list

Suneyes27 shares his findings on Android games that work on his YDPG18A – thanks dude!I've looked around for something like this (I own a YDPG18A) but have found nothing of the sort.
I know that we might have different devices, but I can say for a fact that the following android games DO work on mine: Dead Space - Works perfectly if you download the files through the apk, glitches out otherwise. Shadowgun - No issues at all, doesn't even need Chainfire 3D. Looks phenomenal. Riptide - Doesn't look that great, so version I have is probably meant for weaker devices. Dead Trigger - Make sure to download directly from the market, it's the only version that works now Need for Speed Shift - Menus for me are all blanked out, so I have to "guess"; game itself works okay GT Motor Academy - Strangely, the menus work in the default orientation, but to race you have to flip the YDPG18A upside down for it to work Gangstar Rio - Works flawlessly Six Guns - Crashe…

Droid X360 in action


Check out the Droid X360 – with two analog sticks(!)

Another Android ICS game console – this time with dual analog sticks that look PSP Vita like in execution! And they might even work too … maybe:Re: Introducing the DROID X360!! Dual Analogs and 1.5Ghz processor...« Reply #24 on: Today at 04:38:03 AM »
You guys can throw out those question you concerned. I will collect your FAQ(yep, the d-pad control you concerned mostly) and test them on this device. I will release the results in these coming days. Keep your patience.Stay tuned for the results of willgoo’s analog stick testing! Here are the rest of its specs:Specification:
Operate System: Android 4.0
Processor: Allwinner A10
Main Frequency: 1.0GHz
Memory: 512MB RAM, 8GB ROM
Screen: 5 inch multi-tocuh capacitive screen, resolution 800*480
Camera: Dual camera, front 0.3MP and rear 2.0MP
Screen: Size 5 Inch
Type: Capacitive Screen
Display: TFT

Retrogaming on Nexus 7 – by Qbertaddict


FCEU320 For OpenDingux

FCEU320 For OpenDingux
July 22, 2012, 10:46:47 AM by qbertaddict
d_smagin has ported FCEU320 v0.3 to OpenDingux and it seems to run really well. Quote
Hi, guys.
I've made my own version of fceu320OD, now with blackjack and hoo-- I've took DiegoSLTS's version, removed all legacy dingux stuff (minimal.c etc) and backported some sdl code from fceux. Now all subsystems are back on sdl, even sound. After some tweaks, the emulator runs fullspeed at 60 fps. Check it out and report. Sources are included. Note, that the emulator is compiled with opendingux toolchain and will NOT work on legacy dingux because of wchar. Press left shift for menu. Sound samplerate is tweakable again (8000 - 48000). Discuss it here:
Author/Porter: d_smagin

Android 4.0 ICS released for JXD 5100!

JXD has released ICS firmware for the JXD 5100 – that’s the square one we told you about not so long ago. Grab the new firmware here! And you’ll need a JXD 5100 to go with that, which you can get for a laughably parsimonious $107.99 from our very good friends at Wilgoo right here!

JXD 5110 running XBMC

JXD 5110 running XBMC - no need to wait for that long lead Ouya … here’s a portable media gaming device which you can use as a media center right now:): Thanks to coldshadow007 for the news!

Qbertaddict’s Yinlips YDPG18A, YDPG16, And JXD S5110 Comparison Video

The video was put together due to many questions that were asked on the dingoonity forums. I talk a little bit about each device and their strengths and shortcomings. There is a brief section showing benchmark scores and a little section about the battery life on the devices. If you want to see something else let me know. Links to all three products are here:
JXD S5110Check out qbertaddict’s site here:

K1GBA Now Shipping – and check out their faq

The long wait is now over, and the K1GBA is finally here and ready to ship!How is this device different from, well, something like this?Obscurehandhelds explains:“For those unaware of what the K1 solution is all about, here’s a quick run down. If you’re already up to speed you might want to skip this paragraph. Up until now if you wanted to play GBA titles on anything but a GBA, you had to rely on emulation. Emulators are great, but they’ll never be perfect. Some demanding titles don’t run very well or at all, some games have graphical glitches or slow downs and there are many other imperfections which can detract from the gaming experience. The K1 is a real reverse engineered GBA – this means that the hardware can run GBA titles natively and there is no emulation taking place. The result is that all those glitchy or broken GBA games will work just fine on the K1 hardware.”Here’s the official FAQ:FAQ On K1 GBA
The most of most FAQ: Q:What is K1 GBA SP Console? A: K1 GBA SP…

Ashen’s sweet YDPG18 mod

Kudos to Ashen, one of the members of our Yinlips Forum, who posted this massively great guide to how he modded his YDPB18 –  original post here! Very impressive Ashen, cheers!UPDATE 20/8/12: Read this for more information on how to make the RAM upgrade work!Heya everyone! This is my first post over here, I registered here specifically because I found so much useful information on this device here on these boards. I specifically want to thank Qbertaddict for his well put together and informative video's. After watching/reading a lot about this little device and tossing it around for over a month or so, I decided to take the plunge and finally purchased one. Shipping and service from Willgoo was very good and the free shipping was super fast, so thanks to them for that. I was more than a little bit underwhelmed when I received the unit though. Luckily I have a bit of a knack for taking things apart and making them my own and had made my purchase knowing full well that I'd likel…

ICS Rom running on YDPG16

Small demo of Ice Cream Sandwich on the Yinlips YDP-G16 nice little rom with usb Gamepad support out the box as well as working camera's Benchmark scored higher than the gingerbread rom :-) Download link to the rom: to install the ROM here.

OpenBOR For OpenDingux

The title says it all. Thank you Shin-NiL! Quote
Here's OpenBOR compiled for OpenDingux:
I think it is much faster now. Thank you guys for the tips! Discuss it here:
Author/Porter: Shin-NiL

PSP Vita vs YDPG18!


Italian JXD 5110 Review – by the Phantom Castle

How to install Dingux on the Dingoo A320e!

The A320E has been somewhat underloved – a stripped down version of the A380 with not much in the way of support – but all that now changes thanks to qbertaddict’s great guide on how to shove Dingux into this baby! This is a quick tutorial on how to install Dingux and Coccijoe's custom firmware on a A320e. It is a pretty painless process but if you have problems message me. While it is hard to brick this device it is possible. DO THIS AT YOUR OWN RISK!!!! THIS IS FOR THE DINGOOTECH A320E ONLY Thanks goes out to Willgoo for providing me with the device and Coccijoe and Alien Grey for the hard work they have put in to the DIngoo A320E Needed Files are here:
Thanks qbertaddict! If you’re inspired to try it, you’ll need a Dingoo A320e, yours for a mere $79.99 from here!

Link to Dingoo SDK to it!Update 6 July 2012: Whoops, in light of the comment, use this link instead:

Ouya: a $99 hackable Android game console designed by Yves Behar

We don't often report on startups without a physical product to their name, but when you've got sponsors like Ouya does, it's hard not to pay attention. According to a posting on AngelList, Ouya has recruited the talents of Yves Behar to build a $99 Android game console that you can connect to a TV, with a high-concept developer ecosystem that's as free as can be. Any developer will be able to publish games, claims the listing, and all games will be free to play. Even the underlying hardware is "built to be hacked" — every customer who buys a retail box will get a dev kit in the bargain, the site claims.As we alluded to earlier, though, it's not just Jawbone Jambox and One Laptop Per Child designer Yves Behar who's on board. The project's advisors also include Ed Fries of Xbox fame, Amol Sarva of Peek, Peter Pham of Color, and counts Juli…

LvivGOO - Lviv PK-01 Emulator For Native OS

LvivGOO - Lviv PK-01 Emulator For Native OS
July 01, 2012, 05:08:35 AM by qbertaddict
I have never heard of this machine before but it looks like it has some pretty good games. Thanks for the port Tim0xA Quote
LvivGOO Emulator of ukrainian personal computer "Lviv PK-01" (1986) for Dingoo A320 Flatmush Dingoo SDK used for development it here:'lviv-pk-01'/msg44563/?
Author/Porter: Tim0xA