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8 Bit Computer; $12

From WIRED:$12 Computer: Playpower Wants to Save the World 8 Bits at a TimeSAN JOSE, California — The Apple II computer is long gone, but its heart beats on in the developing world, where 8-bit computers sell for as little as $12. Now, computer scientists see a way of using those ubiquitous, primitive PCs to help kids learn — by playing games."It is about bringing affordable computer learning to the 90 percent of learners in the world who can’t afford a $1,000 or even a
$100 computer," says Derek Lomas, who is leading the team.…. The $12 computing system itself defies conventional expectations of what a computer today should be. The soul of the Apple II and a geek microprocessor favorite of the 1970s, the 8-bit 6502 processor is the heart of these computers. It is small enough to be contained within a full-size keyboard and sold for mere dollars. The keyboard also has a slot for game cartridges, and is usually sold with a mouse and two game controller…

Planet Hively

Planet Hively [Musicdisk]
July 23, 2010Here is a nice little musicdisk for us to enjoy.NOTE: You need to have the dingux mouse driver installed to select music.
Get it here:, my first port!   Was an easy one though, but i can´t describe how happy i am! More to come hopefully.   Planet Hively by IRIS & up rough port for DinguxIMPORTANT:
To be able to select tracks, you need SiENcE´s mouse driver installed and running!!!! Tried compiling with joystick flag but the demo somehow thinks the Dingoo is no joystick...Installation:
Copy where you want and add a link to the menu of your choice.
Don´t forget to run before running Planet Hively.Bug: When moving mouse vertically the volume gets changed. After running, you need to start the demo twice, the first time somehow doesn´t work. Have fun :-)Discuss it here: http://boards.ding…

[DINGUX] OpenTyrian

OpenTyrian update from: Sweetlilmre's Blog

Here is an optimised build of OpenTyrian that plays full speed with sound. This archive ONLY contains the executable: opentyrian.dge, please overwrite your old tyrian executable or get the datafiles if you do not have them from:

OpenTyrian @ GoogleCode

Other changes:
Key mapping now works (segfault in code fixed)Key mapping now swaps keys if an in-use key is chosenSDL mouse cursor removedSoft mouse cursor removed from upgrade etc. screensDisplay is centred
These fixes also apply to the GP2X version and the patches have been applied to HEAD in the mercurial dev tree so feel free to build your own :)

Get it from the archive.

Gnuboy 4D v 1.1

Gnuboy 4D v 1.1
July 22, 2010SiENcE has updated one of my favorite emulators for DINGUX. GNUBOY4DQuote-new Scaler (Scale2x) added!Discuss it here:
Author/Porter: SiENcE

Creeptea Dingux Demo

Creep Tea
July 21, 2010Here is a nice little demo for you guys.QuoteI've ported the demo Creep Tea to Dingux. Discuss it here:
Author/Porter: zeitpunk

Linacuba (Linecube)

LinaCuba (LineCube)
July 21, 2010Dang this guy is unstoppable. Another tetris clone for us to play with.QuoteHello,          If you like Tetris, you will surely like this game.  This is called LinaCuba (LineCube in English).  Enjoy..... Game Control:
-------------  Start                    : Press Start Button
  D-pad                 : Move the blocks Left, Right
  D-pad/Up           : Flip blocks
  D-pad/Down      : Fast fall
  Exit/Quit              : Press Select button to get back to
                                 the main screen during game play or
                                 Exit the game. Discuss it here:
Author/Porter: z_man3007

Super Mario War – April Fool’s Edition

Super Mario War (April Fools Edition)
July 19, 2010Dang another port! This time its SUPER MARIO WAR! This game is so much fun have a good time guys.QuoteGuess what now??? Its Super Mario War (April Fools Edition), hehe.   Enjoy... Game Control:
---------------------D-pad          : Move Mario Up, Down, Left, Right
Jump           : D-pad UPNote:  You need to use SWAP Kernal and SWAP files to play this game smoothly.   This game runs very fine on A330 with 64mb Kernel and SWAP.Discuss it here:
Author/Porter: z_man3007
Download:,0,0,0,35,374… let’s pretend for a moment it’s not late in July.

Tombstone City for Dingux

Tombstone City for Dingux
July 18, 2010ZX-81 is back and has given us a nice little port of a game from the TI99/A4 era.QuoteHi All, Tombstone city is a game developped in 1981 by Texas Instrusment for the TI99/A4.
(see My very good friend Buzz has developped his own version of this game for Linux, Windows and the Nintendo DS. Few days ago he has ported his game from Allegro to SDL. See buzz web site for detailsI've done several small changes to fit the dingoo screen size and keys.Discuss it here:
Author/Porter: zx-81
Download Source:’m sure someone, somewhere, has fond memories of what looks like a nifty little game!

Faraway – Shooter for Dingux

Faraway (Side Scrolling) Horizontal Shooter for Dingux
17/07/2010z_man3007 brings us another great Dingux port, this time a side-scrolling shooter:QuoteHello,
        Here is my first (Side Scrolling) Horizontal 2D Shooter ports to Dingux and its called Faraway.  This is the beta release and I am currently working on it.  So, you can expect the final version very soon.  Enjoy.... Game Control:
---------------------D-pad           -   To move the ship UP, DOW, LEFT, RIGHT
Fire              -    A Button
Start             -   Start Button
Exit              -    Select ButtonDiscuss it here:
Author/Porter: z_man3007

OpenXcom on Dingux

One of the best strategy games of the 8/16 bit age – now on Dingoo: Well, almost publicly  on Dingux – read more here: and here:

Python 2.5 v 2 for Dingux

Python 2.5 V2 for Dingux
July 14, 2010SiENcE has ported python 2.5 to dingux! Sorry i missed the first version of your release SiENcE my bad QuotePython 2.5 for Dingux V2
* size minimized (~28mb smaller)
* all tests removed from library (not needed)
* added Python 2.5 for Dingux
* python interpreter
* Modules support
* libpython2.5.a + includes (to build your own python application)
* all Libraries includes (+precompiled *.pyc)Get to build python yourself. You need to download my cygwin sdk.To run python on Dingux first run this script.
export PYTHONHOME=/usr/local/lib/python2.5/
export PYTHONPATH=/usr/local/lib/python2.5/Discuss it here:
Author/Porter: ScIENcE
Download: http://sie…

StarGun for Dingux

StarGun (Vertical Shooter) V0.1
July 14, 2010Hello,         Here is a nice little vertical shooter for you all.  Its called StarGun.  ENJOY.... QuoteGame Control:
------------- D-pad      - Move UP, DOWN, RIGHT and LEFT
Y Button  - Fire
Start        - Start the game
Select      - Exit the game or Return to the Main Menu during game play.Discuss it here:
Author/Porter: z_man3007

Spain rewarded for giving world Dingux

There is such a thing as kharma! Sleep well Booboo!:)

Dingux A320(32MB)/A330(64MB) kernel by SiENcE

Dingux A320(32MB)/A330(64MB) kernel by SiENcE
July 6, 2010SiENcE has released a new kernel for Dingux, pulling together many of the patched enhancements available in other kernels into one kernel.QuoteFeatures:
    1) RTC (already in boukichi's kernel)     2) PowerOff (already in boukichi's kernel)    3) Safe Reset (Start+Select+PowerButton Up) (already in boukichi's kernel)    4) hold key as SDLK_PAUSE to not lose the compatiblity with some games (already in boukichi's kernel)    5) TVout support (i2c + fbcon patch)    6) Swap file support    7) and future Virtual Mouse support (additional Tool needed !!! Release soon!)Author/Porter: SiENcE
Discuss: And a big thanx to Dingoonity for keepin’ things going while SPAIN WON THE CUP!


2H4U (Tetris and a wall breaker)
July 8, 2010z_man3007 has ported a nice tetris/wall breaker game for DinguxQuote2H4U, which stands for Too Hard For You, is an open source game, and a mix between a
Tetris-like game and a wall breaker. It requires good reflexes, coordination, and ambidexters
should have some advantages. Will 2H4U be too hard for you ? Control:
---------D-pad         ---   To move the wall braker Left and RightR Shoulder  ---  To move the Tetris blocks to the RightL Shoulder   ---  To move the Tetris blocks to the LeftA Buttons     ---  makes the blocks fall fastB Button       ---  To flip blocksY Button       ---  PauseStart Button  ---  Start GameSelect Button --- Return to the main menu during game play and
Author/Porter: z_man3007

Dingoo Megapack 2.0

Dingoo Mega Pack 2.0
July 7, 2010A new version of Dingoo Mega Pack is released. It's a pack of games, emulators and apps for the Dingoo native firmware.
It's compatible with HK A320 and A330.Quote*** List of games/apps *** Emulators
* Atari800 2.1.0 2010-03-15   (Atari 800)
* ColeCOO 3.1                 (ColecoVision)
* DOOENGINE 0.9c              (PC-Engine / TurboGrafx-16)
* GNUBOY                      (Gameboy & Gameboy Color)
* LynGOO 1.2                  (Lynx) (note, requires lynxboot.img)
* Mame4All 1.0                (MAME)
* O2EM 1.0                    (Odyssey2 / Videopac+)
* ProoSystem 2.0              (Atari 7800)
* SmsGGOO 3.4                 (Sega Master System & Game Gear)
* UnrealSpeccyPortable 0.07   (ZX Spectrum)
* WonderSwan 0.3              (WonderSwan)Games
* ArcadeVolleyball 0.2
* AstroLander��������…


July 2, 2010Don't know how I missed this. Thanks to Dingoobr for the newsQuoteKETM is a sprite based top scrolling shooter(shmups or twitch) for Mac OSX, Linux and Windows that uses an original combat system desgined just for this title. This system takes the manic shooter approach up a notch and will hopefully make even the most skilled of shmup masters break a sweat ^_-  ketm-0.0.6.tar.gz
Author/Porter: Studio Grey

Alienblaster Updated

AlienBlaster (2D Shooter) Updated
July 11, 2010z_man has updated this great little shooter. Thanks z_man!QuoteAdded feature in Version 0.1:
----------------------------- - Runs much smoother and faster
- All the objects have been scaled properly.
- All the menu and sub menu items have been positioned properly.
- Added PAUSE while playing game (During the game press L shoulder button to pause).
- Added Enemy display map (During the game press R shoulder button to view the map).Discuss it here:
Author/Porter: z_man3007
Gmu Music Player 0.7.1
July 3, 2010wejp has updated GMU again QuoteThe major changes since the last release, affecting the Ben NanoNote version, are:     * New introduction/help screen explaining the most important functions and their button mappings
    * Gmu now remembers the current track and position on exit and resumes on the next start at the same position (can be disabled)
Author/Porter: wejp

Rabbit v Flies Dingux

Rabbit vs. Flies 1.0 - Release!So today the release of the game Rabbit vs. Flies from the studioBearded Woman & Sons !Meet version 1.0The most anticipated event in the world of gaming consoles! Fearless rabbit is now ready to exterminate the hordes of flies directly to Dingoo A320 running Dingux!DownloadDo Bearded Woman & Sons will soon be a website (as long as it is being developed).


AlienBlaster (2D Shooter) Beta
June 30, 2010Here is a nice little arcade shooter for us to enjoy!QuoteHello all, Here is my 2D Shooter Port, AlienBlaster.  I really wanted to port this and finally got it working.
I like to give special thanks to one of our best dev,  mth for his help.  It still needs lot of works
and I am currently working on it.  So, expect another release soon.  Enjoy....   Control:
--------D-pad    - Move up, down, left and rightA Button - Regular fireB Button - Fire Special WeaponsY Button - Change WeaponsStart Button - Selecting Options and Starting the gameSelect Button - Exit and Return to Main menu while playing.L Shoulder Button - Change aircrafts for Player 1R Shoulder Button - Change aircrafts for Player 2Note: Use SWAP Kernal for very smooth game play.Discuss it here:
Author/Porter: z_man3007
Download: http://dl.o…

$37 Laptop!

Really. Click here to read more, though it’s slower than a Dingoo!