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Brian visits the Yinlips Factory; stumbles upon mystery 7” device …

Thanks to Typodermic’s cousin, Brian (don’t ask!), we now have a first hand account of where all that Yinlips goodness is made! Head on over to Brian Barrett’s blog here for his full impressions of Yinlips’ factory and showroom: it ain’t, but it appears somewhat larger than the Dingoo factory we uncovered in ‘09! Just like the devices they make, factories in China grow in size and features every 6 days, and cost 95% less to run! Here are some choice extracts from Brian’s article to wet your interest: Yinlips factory is located in a high tech park in NanShan district of Shenzhen. My taxi had quite a bit of trouble locating the factory, but I’ve come up with a system for helping them out. Taxi drivers here don’t seem to try and extract information from you since they know you don’t speak Mandarin. If I see a taxi driver a bit confused, I just call the place in question and hand him the phone. This has pro…

DeenOX’s massive PXN-86133 Android controller review

This was just too good - I had to reprint!Review PXN-86133 Command (Android & PC Compatible Thanks My thanks to the people of Willgoo I have paid attention and have taken the trouble to go personally to the various stores I've been researching, and performing test patterns that I designed to get results from existing alternatives. All this has not been easy, because in general the Asian vendors are not very predisposed to cooperate for testing, and not give much information about their products (which basically do not know its features and functions). For all these reasons, and for putting up with (I've been very heavy with the issue) reiterate my thanks, willingness and patience of the store. And the fruit of this research is the product of this review, PXN-86133 command sent to me to perform my tests and presented below. I hope you find it useful this article. Use of this review It enables this review, either by copying or referenciándola link to anyone who wants it, the…

Wireless game controller for Android consoles

PXN-86133 Android Compatible Game Controller

This game controller can be used on JXD S5110, Yinlips YDPG18A, Yinlips YDPG18 upgrade version, Ramos W17Pro Android Tablet and any device with USB-Host mode enabled! For more details and the tutorial of this controller, you can read this PXN-86133 Android Controller Review.Available now from this Willgoo link, for a mere $33.99!

Check out the BiTT Gametablet

Courtesy of Dingoonity:This is the Official, Brand New and Improved thread for Qware's BiTT Gametablet. Also, I'm here to announce that there is now an Official Website (below), which opened today for this truly
awesome Android 4.0 (Ice-Cream Sandwich) Gaming Tablet.   SPECIFICATIONS here:7 inch capacitive screen
Android 4.0
Shoulder buttons
Allwinner A10 SoC @ 1.2ghz
400 mhz Mali graphics
HDMI Out looks like a JXD 7100 … but with shoulder buttons! Read more and discuss here:, bl@ck_m@ge broke the news here first [Thanks bl@ck_m@ge!]: 30/6/12: Could this device be a rebranded yet-to-be-…

[Dingoo] ScummVM pre-1.5.0 (OpenDingux)

[Dingoo] ScummVM pre-1.5.0 (OpenDingux) Newly released/updated for the Dingoo Family of Consoles. The latest git of ScummVM compiled using the OpenDingux toolchain. All engines were enabled in this build. This allows you to play Myst Masterpiece Edition on your Dingoo. If you want to compile the latest git of ScummVM yourself just follow theses 3 steps: 1/ git clone git:// 2/ ./configure --enable-all-engines --enable-optimizations --host=dingux 3/ make dingux-dist Download Here

Android Gingerbread 2.3.4 now on OpenPandora

Thanks to Notaz, the Openpandora recently welcomed the ability to run Android 2.3.4: … although this is clearly not optimized. Still, if this excites you, read more about it in this great thread: .

Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich – ICS) released for YDPG18 and YDPG16!

As the headline blurbs, Yinlips has release Android 4.0 ICS firmware for the YDPG 18 (Upgraded versions) and YDPG 16!Get them here: to Jim Bitches for the news! Dude, is that really your name?:)Update 24/6/12: Here are some mirrors for the ICS firmware:G16
G18A ICS firmware
and new version of LiveSuite update firmware, follow this post this video.

Anyone have the minios files

I received a plea from someone (Lawrence) who seems like his need is great (not that I fully understand it though!). However, if you can help, please do; that’s what the scene is all about:You wouldn't happen to know where I could find the minios files for the jz47xx series? Used to be in the Ingenic ftp, but disappeared a long time ago. should have mtv_50 folders inside the rar file I'm reverse engineering a board based off of jz4755, see
similar to the gamebox gbx001If you can help, email Lawrence here!

JXD 5100 released

Another month, another JXD 5100. This time, we’re privy to a minime version of JXD’s S7100 – perfect if you like your gaming in a slab.  Heck, even the naming convention makes sense – 5” screen = JXD 5100.  Even I get that!Specs:

Here’s an early video of it in action:
As always, these are now available for preorder from our very good friends at willgoo here for a mere $107.99. And remember, if you register on and mention you are from Dingoo-scene, you’ll be added to the Dingoo-scene group and this’ll score you 7% off your purchases until 30 June 2012!

Gamelinbox is out in the wild!

Finally, the cheap and cheerful Gamebox …… looks like it might be living up to its promised glory: Here’s how to get Gamelinbox going:From:
Available GameLinBox: Linux Console "GameBox"
BETA II Rise of GameLinBox to "Google Drive".
These are the files to download: - The text file with the help - The contents of the MiniSD - GameLinBox In this beta, these are the bugs fixed: -Added support network virtual to run games like Quakux (Port of Quake) -Fixed access to folders reviews of Linux, that made ​​some games not find the settings. -Fixed bugs in the main menu (gmenu2X of MTorromeo) that prevented games with shine on, run. -Fixed bugs in access to folders in Linux and SD from the file browser. Fixed crash-power from the external connector. Now, it is necessary to use USB to play. still pending failure Button "C", which as you find out, …

Ayla releases PocketSNES emulator for OpenDingux

Ayla released PocketSNES emulator port for his newly released OpenDingux. It's bloody fast Quote
Hi, Here is a build of PocketSNES for OpenDingux (and OpenDingux only). The new features since the old version on the native OS include:
- a mono / stereo switch,
- a couple of bug fixes on the menu,
- support for 50Hz PAL games. Download here.
Sources available here. Have fun! Discuss it here: 2012-06-17
Author/Porter: Ayla
Download Source:

ClassicL337’s JXD S5110 video review

If you’re convinced, feel free to shop around and then pop over to get one from here.

Working analog stick in Chinese Android Gaming Devices – will we ever see one?

With the release this year of the Yinlips YDPG 18, YDPG 16, JXD 601, JXD 5110, JXD S7100 – and variants of the above, you’re all right to be a little confused, and likely a little cynical, about whether more choice is a good thing, or whether Apple should move into this space.The various devices all promise greatness but at this point, none of them implement a fully working analog stick, despite the hardware being present on all of them. The common response is to blame the manufacturer, but what is the real technical reason behind those sticks not working in any android N64 or PSX emulator?Robert Broglia, author of the .emu emulators (which do not emulate systems at this time which use analog sticks by the way) kindly shared his thoughts on this, as per the email trail below:Hi Robert I was wondering with your testing, whether you had any thoughts on the "analog controller" on the YDPG18. My understanding is that the controller is a true analog controller, but the version of…

Opendingux end user version released!

Big news from zear:OpenDingux is out for end-users!

That's right, after 2 long years, OpenDingux finally reached a first end-user release. Here's what the developers have to say:
Quote from: mth on June 16, 2012, 11:34:55 PM
It has happened, the egg that was laid two years ago has finally hatched: Ayla and I have declared OpenDingux to be ready for end users. So if you are using Dingux and would like a more polished distro, this would be the ideal time to try OpenDingux. Or if you are already using an OpenDingux pre-release, it is a good time to upgrade. You can download the kernel, rootfs and (if you are a developer) the toolchain from the OpenDingux Releases page. The installation consists of 3 steps:
install the dual boot loader, see instructions on the wiki; it is the same boot loader as for legacy Dingux, so if you already have it installed, skip this step
download the right kernel, put it in the root of your SD card and name it &q…

Willgoo Dingoo-Scene Group Offer!

Our very good friends at are offering Dingoo-scene users a discount of 7% off all products on their site until 30 June 2012!Simply create an account on Willgoo, and identify that you are from “Dingoo-Scene” when creating the account. Willgoo will allocate you to their dingoo-scene group, and you’ll get  the discount after that.

JXD v5200 vs JXD S601 video review!

For those of you who have always wondered (you know who you are), this’ll be the video of your dreams:

K1GBA … coming soon

The K1GBA, perhaps the best GBA emulator device is evidently soon to be available from here: folk at have teamed up with Obscurehandhelds to host a banner competition:Get Creative And Use Your Imagination – Design A Banner For!OK so you want to win yourself a shiny, fresh off the production line K1 GBA right? Well you’re in the right place! The folks over at have kindly offered up one of these joyous machines to the person who designs the coolest banner for their website. The winning banner will take pride of place at the top of and the winning artist will be rewarded with a free K1 GBA in their choice of Silver, Black or Blue!Feel like having a go? Why the hell not, eh? Keep reading for a rundown of how this competition will work.The banner must be 353×156 pixels in size and should be either .png or .jpg format. Once you’ve finished your masterpiece you sh…

A380/A320e dcastaway

A380/A320e dcastawayrecompilation (with Ayla's sdlwrapper) of dcastaway for dingoo A280 and A320e (dingux).
dcastaway is an AtariSt emulator.DOWNLOAD HERE:,1,0,0,72,597

Obscurehandheld’s YDPG16 review

Pop over here for Obscurehandheld’s great YDPG16 review, kinda lukewarm off the presses – you read it here second!Yinlips YDPG16 Review Android handhelds are being churned out of busy Chinese factories at an alarming rate. At times it seems like a new model is being announced every week, keeping up with the latest and greatest would be a cripplingly expensive hobby. So before we all jump on the capacitive screen and Android 4.0 bandwagon let us stop, take a step back and have a proper look at one of the more interesting current models.……Here to read more

Power A Moga Bluetooth Controller for Android devices … Are those analog sticks real?

E3 is buzzing with news of this dual analog solution for
Android phones – do a quick google to read posts like the one below from Kotaku:

This Elegant Controller Solution Could Change the Way Mobile Games are Made and PlayedThis Elegant Controller Solution Could Change the Way Mobile Games are Made and Played
When I first showed pictures of Power A's MOGA to my compatriots, they thought it was a brand new gaming handheld. In a way, it is. MOGA is a complete mobile gaming system aimed at making today's console-quality smartphone games play like console games. Mobile phone gaming controllers have come and gone, bulky add-ons proving more novelty than mobile gaming revolution. Accessory developers have been trying for years to develop a solution to the touch screen control issue, but up until now nothing has stuck. How will MOGA be any different? Instead of just creating a controller and tossing it out into the wild, Power A has created, as I said, the…

Skelrom v1 Custom Rom for JXD s5110 ICS released

[ROM] Skelrom v1 for JXD s5110 ICS
« on: Today at 02:12:56 AM » Hi, the main purpose of this rom is to serve as a complete backup to the system, since the important things work out of the box in this rom. I have modified some stuff to make the system a bit more stable. Skelrom ICS for JXD s5110 These files are delivered as they are,  so use it at your own risk. Flashing this ROM is your responsibility. Main features:
-   Based on last firmware ICs 1 ghz.
-   Fully Rooted (at kernel level, in default.prop)
-       All chinese emus and stuff removed.
-   Google play updated to last version
-   Default launcher removed and changed for Trebuchet launcher by cyanogen Mod.
-   Build.prop modified (XperiaPlay), so you can see more apps in google play.
-   Duplicated libraries deleted.
-   Minimum system speed changed to 250 mhz to correct sleep problems.
-   Setcpu free don…

Hot to use a USB controller on YDPG18/JXD601/any Android console without OTG or Bluetooth

Not bluetooth orOTG, but want to use a standard PC controller with your Android device? ruffnutts shows us how – thanks ruffnuts!

FCEUX (OpenDingux)

[Dingoo] FCEUX (OpenDingux) Newly released/updated for the Dingoo Family of Consoles. Hello! I've built latest fceux from svn, added autoframeskip and stripped some unnecessary stuff. Tested on OpenDingux, but should work on legacy dingux too. If you used fceu320 previously, please delete $HOME/.fceux/fceux.cfg Currently there is no GUI so use gmenu2x's file selector. Press L to exit. Enjoy! Download Here

GBA On The GCW Zero

Thanks to: On The GCW Zero
- qbertaddictAfter another day of requests for some GBA gameplay I put this together real quick. Most games play good but there is some sounds issues or an occasional hiccup from time to time. As you can see Final Fantasy suffers from the sound hiccup. There were also a few games that crashed. GTA was one of these games which is upsetting because I wanted to play it

New Yinlips official firmware for YDPG18A Resistive and Capacitive Screens, and YDPG16

Check them out here - report back as to how well they make your Yinlips sing, please!