My name is Bond. James Bond.

Everything is connected in today's world.  If you're surfing for Dingoos in 2015, you'll undoubtedly have come across websites based in China that are focused on only one thing: the production of every conceivable good, to fill the demand emanating from every inch of the infamous "long tail".

You won't of course have found any Dingoos for sale at acceptable prices - the Chinese factory system is brutal in it's rigour.  Look to something running Android and that scratches your back as well.  Often, competition works!

However, Christmas is practically (ok, kinda sorta ...)  around the corner, and if you're at a loss for what to procure as a gift to your most precious, you could do a lot lot worse than this.

You can find multiple listings on ebay or aliexpress if you concantenate "lighter" and "watch".  You won't find any if…

Oh, and then there was the GPD XD


JXD S192 Singularity Android Game Console looks like it actually has the chops

In these frigid times, the worst and driest Chinese console winter of recent memory, one would be forgiven for losing all hope of ever playing with a handheld in the sun again. Better to buy a PS4 and become a GTA V in mom's basement.  Nothing else required.
But then, this protocell comes oozing out of the JXD skunkworks, festering into evolved multilife and bridging the epochs of 2012 and 2015 in a single generational jump.  As usual, for something not quite released, it is stunning on paper:
Size Weightlength: 274.1mm
width: 143.6mm thickness: 53.3mm colour: black
DisplayMaterialFull HD Retina displaySize7 inches (diagonal)Resolution1920*1200 323ppiProcessorCPUNVIDIA Tegra K1 quad core, 2.0GHz ARM Cortex-A15GPUNVIDIA Kepler GPU, 192 CUDA coresCapacityRAM2GB LPDDR3Flash memory16GB support ; Micro SD (TF) UP TO 128GBGame SupportingAndroid GameNvidia special effect android games
Nvidia Tegra K1 chips Exclusive Games Google PlaySupportEmulatorsPSP、NDS、DC、PS1、ONS、N64、CPS1\CPS2\CPS3、Neo…

It took this guy to say it: "Company claps Commodore brand on back of generic smartphone, gets attention"

Well put, sir!

We, at the bleeding edge of this sort of thing, have known about merciless and unworth cash-ins on middle aged nostalgia for years. Slow news day at Wired. Thank goodness for the androidpolice! Like the G-police, they got your back.

Which actually brings me to today's topic (before, perhaps, I go slumbering again into 2016, maybe April): the way the mighty have fallen, I think we could crowdfund getting the Commodore logo onto this most suitable of unpunny devices, for, oh, a couple of fishbones and a broken pencil:

Has a nice ring (har har)  to it, don't you think?

Who's with me?

Say mwarhrrrr***drool*** to the GPD XD Android Gaming Console

You don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone. It wasn’t too long ago that an Android tablet with gaming controls was released every few months (and was supported for just about as long, but we won’t go there).  After a while, our eyes glazed over and we all stopped looking.

And then, nothing. I don’t know why. Good however, comes with the bad. Just like staying away from incognito mode on your browser can heighten the sensation of its eventual relaunch, there is now a curvy new pronm queen on the block: the GPD XD. I want it.

Here it is:

Cars, guns, balls! The freedom to choose between them all! That says. It. All. Yeah! What else does a handheld gaming console fan who’s been going dry need to wet his whistle? Those sexy curves, those round little nubs, those colourful buttons just begging for some delicate tweaking ….. oooooohhhhhhhh ….!

 But I digress. Here are its specs:

GPD XD Tablet GamePad

 CPU RK3288 Quad Core 1.8GHz

 GPU ARM Mali-T764

 System Android 4.4.4



Five arcade games you MUST play before you die

For me:4. Mr DoYou controlled a ballsy clown.  Read that any way you like, pun intended, as this pixellated blob from the golden days of 25c arcades could finish levels in multiple ways - eat all fruit on screen, kill all pursuers with his ball, flattening them with fruit, or collecting randomly appearing letters to spell a word.  All this while dodging enemies (what were they exactly?!) and tunnelling in the best possible way to create a torturous route which if done right, resulted in a killzone for your trusty balls of death! While always a classic, Mr Do never quite elicits the same response as Pac Man, which I put down to the fact that deep inside, we're all freaked out by Clowns.  That's not Mr Do's fault however.3. Bank PanicThis arcade gem looks today like something whipped up by a 3 year old - colourful blocky graphics and cheery simplistic music, but for gameplay it remains unique and unmatched.  You control 3 gunsights. Yep, 3, at the same time, each mapped to a…

Gamestreaming desktop consoles (PS3/X360/PS4/XOne) to Android (and other) devices

Universal Gamestreaming method

posted a guide (in spanish, use translator) for gamestreaming our desktop consoles (PS3/X360/PS4/XOne).

The main goal of this guide is providing an universal method for streaming/gamestreaming our desktop consoles, and get them on our devices such Android consoles, allowing to play on it in normal way, using the android console controls directly, and get a new way to play on desktop consoles, even in remote (outside our local network).

This guide is part of the Guide for Gamestreaming that i published some days ago. (and is so extensive for translating to english for now)

Note: WiiU is not included for now because there are some tech problemas that don´t allow to use this device for streaming.

The client devices may be from many kind.

Android deviceIOS devicePC WidnowsPC Linuxwindows phoneGoogle Chrome Browser (with add-ons enabled)

(Example running streaming of PS3 on Google Chrome browser via Kainy)
The client of the streaming depends on the the …