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Snes9x4D (For DINGUX) v20100330

Snes9x4D (For DINGUX) v20100330
March 31, 2010Snes9x4D (For DINGUX) v20100330Author/Porter: SiENcEThe amazing SiENcE has yet released a modified port of Snes9x to our Dingux and added SA-1 special chip support to run certain games such as "Super Mario RPG" etc. and also fixed some bugs and issues.So go grab the release now!Release Notes:QuoteSnes9x4D (for DINGUX) v20100330
=========================== 2010.03.30
+SA-1 Support added (Super Mario RPG, and all other SA-1 Games are working!!!)
-Savestates of SA-1 Games are untested (better only use InGames saves!
+renamed from Snes9x to Snes9x4D (for Dingux)
+new Snes9x4D Icon added
+Fullscreen scaling added again for Normal Mode
-Fullscreen scaling is not available in HighRes Mode (Menu-Option inactive)
+Autodetect Highres Games (Secret of Mana, Seiken 3 & Rudra no Hihou) and switch automatically to HighRes Mode

GMU Music Player 0.7.0 Final

GMU Music Player 0.7.0 Final
March 30, 2010wejp has updated GMU from beta to a final release News source courtesy of GP32X.comQuoteFinally: Gmu 0.7.0 is here!
After eight beta releases it is finally here: The Gmu Music Player version 0.7.0. This Gmu release comes with full source (GPLv2 licensed) and is available for the GP2X (with Open2X firmware), the GP2X Wiz, the Dingoo A320 (with Dingux) and the Ben NanoNote.
Please note that due to the new theme engine old Gmu skins are no longer compatible with this release. Creating new themes is rather simple though. For those who are interested in creating Themes for Gmu, just have a look at the supplied default theme for now. If I find some time, I�ll write a little theme creation tutorial later on.
Compared to the last beta release there are only a few minor changes and bug fixes. Most of these changes are relevant for porting Gmu to new devices and are less visible to the end user. Still, it is worth upgradi…

GUI Dualboot Installation for Dingux

GUI for DUALBOOT Installation
March 27, 2010NEOTHEFOX has released a helpful little GUI to make installing DINGUX even easier! News source courtesy of GP32X.comQuoteHOWTO:
1) Plug Dingoo in the USB port holding B button and make a hard reset, screen stay black, but your PC should find a new hardware
2) Install the driver from Driver directory
3) Open the installer
4) Select your LCD module
5) Press Step 1 (DINGUX logo will appear at the screen)
6) Press Step 2 and follow the instructions on the Dingoo screen Tested on Win7, based on original installer
Hope you enjoy it Dingoox.7z
Download: courtesy of Dingoonity!UPDATE: The links are down.
Use these:,0,0,0,15,296

VMUDingoo 0.1 – Sega Dreamcast Visual Memory Emulator for Dingux

VMUDingoo 0.1 - Sega Visual Memory Emulator for Dingux
March 26, 2010QuoteIntro and credits
VMUDingoo is a Dreamcast Visual Memory emulator for the
Dingoo A-320 Handheld running Linux. It's based on the softvms emulator by Marcus Comsted.
ROM selection routine by Ester (^Misato^) from Vieju.Net
CPU Speed code by A600.All other code is under the GNU GPL License (see LICENSE).Installing
Just drop the vmudingoo folder on your SD card under local/
and make a link to vmudingoo.dge in your favourite dingux menu.
Then drop some VMS roms (only VMS are supported at the moment)
inside the roms/ folder and enjoy.Controls
Controls are straightforward:DINGOO     VMU
......  .....
A       A
B       B
SELECT   MODEAnd L button for exiting f…

Noiz2sa for Dingux

Noiz2sa for Dingux
March 26, 2010QuoteYES. It's done! Noiz2sa is now on Dingoo (Dingux).I successfully ported this little masterpiece of shooter for our lovely Dingoo's.Fullspeed.
Full Sound.
Full Action.Nothing more to say.

fceu320 v0.3 beta

fceu320 v0.3 beta released!
March 25, 2010The gama has updated his wonderful port of FCEU againQuotev0.3 beta
* Added file browser to GUI.
* Rearenged all settings to three submenus: main, video and sound.
   Almost every original option is available now; like ntsc tv emulation,
   PAL timming, individual nes apu channel volume, etc.
* Added new 280x240 scaler in video settings.
* Merged last svn revision (4/03/2010).
* Added fcm and fm2 movie support.
* Added virtual mouse (gun) support.
* Added hotkeys support (See features).
* Added screenshot option to GUI.  The screenshot is saved in png
   format in the /usr/home/.fceux folder.
* Added softreset nes using power switch.
* Added option to save (override) default config to GUI.
   NOTE: There is no option to recover the default config yet.  So if you

Dingux Gmenu2x Polish Translation Pack

Hahar666 has posted a Polish Translation Pack for Dmenu2x.  Grab it here!Thanks Hahar!

UAE4ALL Update on its way!

Progress on UAE4ALL« on:Today at 09:58:08 AM »Hi,
Chui has asked me to update you on progress with UAE4ALL following the preview release a few weeks back.
He has been working hard to add additional features to the emulator and fix some minor bugs and hopes to issue the next release soon!
At stage it is hoped the following will be added.
- Mouse support
- Save states
- A super throttle mode to help skip through long load times, intros, etc.
- Quick controls to adjust volume, brightness, overclocking and throttle.
I have been helping him with some of the testing and he has asked that I attach the compatibility list (see PDF below). This is a list of the games tested for the development of the emulator, if a game is not on here it hasn't been tested. This games are the same as the list on his website relating to the Dreamcast version, plus a few of my favorites.
The great news i…

Someone bought an SP2

… and this is what he has to say about it, via Google translate:Etc. 暮Se 仕方無Ku new purchases and wait ...Goodbye. The entire bay.
After just a few this year. What you doing everybody.
● November 8 magical one day at the sea's Neo Slim 3000 has written an article that has a reservation, contact us for shipping delays do not even mention at all.
On the web, but to the notice of the shipment, would not be appalled and angry poem heard as far.
Water had been cut short because just interested bolt, instead of something I purchased the product.

At first glance, appears to A320 Fruit Street, is another product.
SINTAX DIGITAL upstart company called "SP2 SUPERFUN" This product is called, A320 aware of the person making the L, R is the same as the button is located.
MicroSD compatible, but keep the strap can not improve the overall quality Unfortunately.
Is also cheap and button the screen is l…

What about some SP2 Superfun?

This is exactly what I mean: who controls the marketing of this thing?!:Well, if you’d like to find out how much like a Dingoo it is, get one here: report back please!

Wonderswan emulator updated

Dswan, A Wonderswan Emulator for Dingux Updated
March 21, 2010^MiSaTo^ has released an update for his Wonderswan Emulator QuoteChangelog:
Now when you exit the emulator, you get back to the rom selector.
Fixed minnor

Dswan – Wonderswan emulator

Dswan, A Wonderswan Emulator for Dingux
March 19, 2010^MiSaTo^ has released a Wonderswan Emulator for Dingux!
Thanks goes to eule for the news QuoteHi, i've just released dSwan alpha 2.
It's a WS and WSC emulator for dingux based on OSwan SDL. Known bugs:
- It has no sound. The original emulator had Seal library, but i'm changing it to SDL_mixer.
- No rom selector.
- No zip support
Download: courtesy of Dingoonity.

Defeat Me!

Defeat Me! for Dingux
March 18, 2010QuoteDefeat Me! is a simple shooting arcade game where you fight against past versions of yourself After you have beating all the enemies of a level, a version of how you played that version gets added as an enemy to the next level. So any movement you do or any bullet you fire, will fire you back in the next level. Be careful!Also, each level has time which is represented as an slowly advancing row of bullet.This game is known to work on GNU/Linux, Mac OS X, and Microsoft Windows
Author/Porter:geisha studios

Monochrome Worlds

Monochrome Worlds for Dingux
March 18, 2010QuoteMonochrome Worlds is a simple puzzle game where players must help two people reach a common goal. These two people, one of them black and the other white, live in different worlds and must work together in order that both of them reach the gray-colored spot, which is the only place where they can share the same space. In order to help the other, each character can toggle some of the game's blocks from one world to the other and back again. This can lead to some interesting situations where a character must remove a block from the other's world in order to let her companion pass through.It is a remake of a Flash-based game called Monochro Observer created by Tatsuya Koyama. The motivation behind the remake was to be able to play the game in environments that have no Flash players available, such as the GP2X.This game is known to work on GNU/Linux, Mac OS X, and Microsoft Windows platforms

Prisonbreak for Dingux

Prison Break for Dingux
March 18, 2010QuotePrison Break is a simple game in which you must escape from prison without being seen by the guards that are looking for you. It is a clone of Jan Willem Nijman's Super Jail Escaper.This game is known to work on GNU/Linux, Mac OS X, and Microsoft Windows platforms.
Author/Porter:geisha studios
Download: you Dingoonity!

Vectoroids for Dingux

Vectoroids for Dingux Released
March 15, 2010 Eltaron has released a astroids clone for Dingux!
My apologies to Eltaron for not seeing this earlier Quote I've made a port of simple Asteroids clone, Vectoroids (
It's extremely hard to play it on such small screen
Download: courtesy of Dingoonity.

A sad, sad story …

In the very earliest days of this site, I tried hard to work out who makes the Dingoo. Some hints are here, and here, and as best as we can tell, it seems that there are 2 Dingoo companies, and they all belong to one company … or something. Anyway, it’s all quite mysterious and impenetrable. For a machine that’s sold just a few more than a dozen copies (*sarcasm, viewers, sarcasm*), you’d think someone in China’d be trying really really hard to export more of them. The way we see the Dingoo managed from China though, it seems as if no one really has central control of the machine – what with pawed, unpawed, rebranded versions, and fake new models – and now, look at the below, just a few Euro short as well! I wonder if all this seeming lack of awareness about how well the Dingoo is doing outside China has anything to do with the great firewall of China? (Segue: Stop the imposition of a similar firewall in Australia! Click here to stop Senator Steve “Killjoy” Conroy!).Anyway, this post …

EvilDragon’s speech on the Dingoo (et al) @ CeBit!

(Wow, he does look evil and dragon like!:)) Excellent speech!

Super Mario RPG on Snes9x

“I added special SA-1 chip support to Snes9x Dingoo port. Super Mario RPG runs fine. Just some issues with savestates and sound are left.”Discuss here.

A fix for HK Dingoos that won’t play native and community apps ?

Fix for HK Dingoos that wont play native and community apps and emu's
March 15, 2010dingoo-digital-usa and MTH have found a fix for the HK model dingoos that wont let you play native or community apps.
Its nice to see a reseller that puts in this much effort to help the scene.Discuss and share your results here:'t-play-native-community-apps-emulators/msg11434/?topicseen#newQuoteDo you have a dreaded HK Model that won't let you play any Native or Community based APPS or Games or Emulators welp I have a fix for you with MTH's help we solved the issue and now it works for them. Not sure if it works on NON HK or NON working A320's need testers to try it out and let me know. But here is the fix enjoy Author/Porter: dingoo-digital-usa, MTH
Download: News courtesy of Dingoonity.

Atari800 v2.1.0 for Native updated

Atari800 v2.1.0 for Native OS Updated
March 15, 2010alsp has released an update to his Atari 800 emulator for the native os!QuotePlease find new version in first post. 2010-03-15
   - Keys remmapping support (just save configuration and edit keys in Atari800.cfg
      file. Possible values for keys defined in Atari800Keys.txt)
   - Unique configuration file for folder (for example - you can put the game to some
      folder and setup unique keys for this game in folder configuration file)Please report about bugs to the e-mail in Atari800.txt file
Author/Porter: alsp
Download: courtesy of Dingoonity.

dx1-Rebirth for Dingux

d1x-rebirth for DINGUX!
March 15, 2010Zear the myth, the legend, and all around nice guy has released d1x-rebirth!QuoteHello everyone. Today, I've ported a new game - d1x-rebirth
D1X-Rebirth is a Source Port of the Descent Engine and provides classical Gameplay combined with a bunch of improvements and new features. The game is the same on the Dingoo.Installation (read HOWTO_INSTALL):
1) Copy ".d1x-rebirth" dir to "/local/home"
2) Copy "d1x-rebirth" dir to your favourite location
3) Copy the ORIGINAL DATA FILES to "[your_location]/d1x-rebirth/Data"
4) Run "d1x-rebirth.dge"Controls:
UP              - pitch forward
DOWN            - pitch backward
LEFT            - turn left
RIGHT           - turn right
A               - fire primary weapon
X               - fire secondary weapon
B               - slide on�…

SiENcE updates snes9x

Snes9x-139ff-ver20100313 for Dingux
March 13, 2010SiENcE has released a new version of his snes9x port!QuoteFinally i fixed the latest bugs. You can now play Secret of Mana, Seiken Densetsu 3 and Rudra no Hihou on your Dingoo. I also fixed my bug with Demon's Crest, Jurassic Park, Pitfall and Super Metroid.
I added zip rom support and a Menu Option to enable or disable Transparency. Of couse, SDD-1 support is also in to play Star Ocean. new Features:
+HighRes Support enabled (Secret of Mana, Seiken Densetsu 3 & Rudra no Hihou font problems fixed)
+Soul Blazer works now (i think only the german version was not working!?)
+Transparency Menu Option added
+Zipped ROM support (one rom each zip)
+support for SDD1 (Street Fighter Alpha 2, Star Ocean)
+Snes9x is started with 336mhz (can be changed in menu)Issues:
-only the half screen is captured when doing a savestate in a highres game��������…

Uguru updates PC Engine emulator: uPCE 0.5 Fish Preview

uPCE - 0.5 Fish PreviewuPCE New version, here the main changes.
0.5 Fish Preview
    - Changed some code in frameskip.
    - Solved a bug with keys in input submenu.
    - Compiled using profile (testing).
    - Cleaned and ordered some code.
    - A litte speed up.
    - Smaller binarie file.
Download: uPCE - 0.5 Fish Preview
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Gmenu2x wirlgoo theme

[Gmenu2X]Wirlgoo[FINISHED]« on:Today at 02:10:50 AM »Gmenu2x version of the Wirlgoo theme.

DOWNLOAD: know what courtesy of you know who.

Another Wonderswan emulator for native firmware!

WonderSwan: NuiWSC for the Native Firmware!
March 7, 2010Hontoria Jorge Jimenez has released a Wonderswan emulator for the native firmware! QuoteA beta WonderSwan emulator. To install, copy the NuiWSC.SIM to Dingoo A320 directory .\GAMECreate the folder .\GAME\WSC, in this folder copy the roms files who has .WAS extension.Click in the rom to play.Thanks to the openhandhelds archive for the news! nuiWSC.rar
Author/Porter:Hontoria Jorge Jimenez
Download:,1,0,0,71,286News courtesy of Dingoonity.


Symbolica 1.0 Dingux
March 9, 2010yoannd26 has released a port of Symbolica QuoteSymbolica v1.0 Dingux    
Symbolica pour Dingux Yoannd26's to G.o.D the autor of the game The symbols on the screen represent a numeric value in the
order as they are displayed on the right. As you move over
a symbol, it is decrements to the next lower symbol or
disappears.You can choose between random generated levels (default) and predefined levels.The random generated levels can be initialized with a custom seed, so experiment, find your favorite levels and play them again lateInstallation:-Unrar folder and paste the Symbolica folder in your dingoo.
-Run ./symbolica.dgeControls:DPAD Droite = Right
DPAD Gauche = Left
DPAD Haut = Jump
DPAD Bas = Down
SELECT = QuitThanks to the openhandhelds archive for the news! Symbolica_Dingux_v1.0.rar

DinImaVie picture viewer

DinImaVie ver. 20100303
March 5, 2010Zloud had released a pic viewer for DINGUX! QuoteGeneral
------- DinImaVie ver. 20100303DinImaVie is a basic image viewer for Dingoo Linux using SDL.It has the ability to rotate images, rescale images and can switch between images.Usage
-----DPAD Left / Right = rotate 90°
DPAD Up / Down    = rotate 180°
X                 = next image
Y                 = previous image
Select            = ExitConfiguration
-------------You can make your own settings by creating .dinimavierc in your home directory, the syntax and default configuration is:width 320
height 240
fullscreen 1
antialias 1that's all.DinImaVie.tar.gz
Download:,0,0,0,8,278News courtesy of Dingoonity.

Joyrider’s FbGrabDaemon – Capture Dingoo screens in Dingux

FBGrab Deamon Version
What Is It ?
Fbgrab is a program that lets you take screenshots from games and emulators, however up until now it was only possible to use fbgrab from a commandline console (telnet).
I made the fbgrab program into a deamon so that it keeps running in the background and listens for a certain keypress (specified in the keyconfig file), if the key (combination)
has been pressed it will make a screenshot of whatever you are currently seeing on the dingoo screen.
How To use ?
first edit the keyconfig file to your liking, you can specify key combinations by just editing the current config file setting 1 if the key needs to be pressed or 0 if it doesn't.
for example this is the default keyconfig file where you'll have to press L+R+UP to make a screenshot:

A much less irritating Dingoo review …

Certainly a lot better than the pubescent Tweeterman’s (hate mentioning it, but hey, freedom of expression and all that yah?). I do think it’s a shame Youtube Dingoo video reviewers never actually go on about Dingux in any detail.

DekUI theme Gmenu2x version

[Gmenu2X]DekUI[FINISHED]« on:Today at 12:56:50 PM »DekUI theme Gmenu2X version.

DOWNLOAD: courtesy of Dingoonity.

GPSP updated again

gpsp for Dingux updated AGAIN!
March 1, 2010GPSP has been updated again! Note: You will need the GBA bios for this emu.
Information about the bios needed can be found here: 20100302
fixed fake rotrv for dynarec
fixed cache flush for code in work ram.
added fullscreen.gpsp_dingux_20100302.tar.gz
Author/Porter: BouKiCHi
Source Code:
Author Website: courtesy of Dingoonity.

Dingux kernel with CDC/ECM Support

Original Dingoonity thread:Re: Rndis usb ethernet gadget problem on 64 bit Vista and up systems« Reply #6 on: February 24, 2010, 10:29:31 PM »Well, I decided to fetch and compile dingux kernel. I use "andLinux", and I had to overcome some config issues (e.g. neither "make menuconfig", "make gconfig" or "make xconfig" worked, and I didn't want to use naked "make config"), but let's leave my personal  system problems aside.
First of all, I fetched the Boukichi's version of kernel:
svn checkout dingux-code-read-only
(it took some time)
Then I ran "make a320_defconfig" and "make menuconfig" from dingux-code-read-only dir (the kernel's source root), and set my LCD driver to 9331 using procedure described in README.A320.
After that I went in the kernel menu to
Device Drivers->USB Suppo…

Nicky2 Ported

Nicky2 v1.0 Dingux
February 28, 2010yoannd26 has released a port of NICKY2 QuoteThis port is based on a cross-platform game engine recreation by Gregory Montoir, but original source code not found so i have use the PSP src. Thank's mth for scaler function SmileyThank's GradewInstallation:-Unrar folder and paste the nicky2 folder in your dingoo.
-Run ./nicky2.dgenicky2dinguxv1.0.rar
Download:,0,0,0,35,277News courtesy of Dingoonity.