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S7800B SUPERCHARGED v2.1 - OC[Reparted]Ext2Int[CWM]MrktFix[UPD]

S7800B SUPERCHARGED v2.1 - OC[Reparted]Ext2Int[CWM]MrktFix[UPD] 2013/12/15« on: December 14, 2013, 02:02:36 AM »S7800B SUPERCHARGED v2.1 is out !!! This is a customized version of JXD's Stock Firmware v1.1.4 with several
fixes, enhances, loads of useful applications, and a selection of overclocked kernels.
WARNING !!! You are at risk of bricking your device should you choose to use the attached firmware & tools. You have been warned. You agree that any liability arising from the usage and/or sharing of the files below is strictly yours and may not be transferred to anyone else in this forum. Use at your own risk !!!
- Fixed Mali voltage values and power consumption, less heat during intense 3D graphics.
- Fixed USB OTG detection and mounting. Fixes USB Flash Drives access.
- Removed JXD's conflicting code that causes DraStic's initilization to fail.
  (Thanks to Fanatic & …

How to make a USB charge cable for the JXD S7800B

CyanogenMod 10.2 on the JXD S7300B - [S7300B][CM10.2/Android 4.3] Working/Stable release!

New and final beta release of CyanogenMod 10.2 on the JXD S7300B:New (and final beta release):
Everything is working as it should. Please report any bugs/issues you might find. A logcat is always welcome!
01/12/13 release:
Also, we are accepting feature requests. The next (and hopefully final, so we can move on to new projects) release will include the 3.0.50 kernel and more modules.Source: hacking!