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JXD S7800B - Maetel´s Custom ROM Supercharged Pombagira V1 Based on 1.5 04/21/2014

Another custom rom – the JXD S7800B is rolling in it these days; yay yay yay!: Maetel´s S7800B Custom ROM Supercharged Pombagira V1 04/21/2014 Based on : JXD Firmware 4.2.2 V1.5 0313 03/13/2014 Download Maetel´s S7800B Custom ROM Supercharged Pombagira V1 : 227MB Only ! List of changes : Stock AOSP Launcher 1560Mhz Kernel Right Thumbstick Range 1/-1 Removed unnecessary apps to made a "AOSP clean ROM" Play Store Compatibility Android Stock boot animation Fast Boot No more Status bar (Hold home to "recent apps" and "Volume - + Power" to take screenshot) Resolution Fix (Wild Blood and many others) Rooted New Mali 400 Drivers Supercharged New Wifi Drivers De

Maetel releases Exucaveira JXDS7800B Custom ROM

This is a Custom ROM for JXD S7800B based on JXD´s Stock ROM 4.2.2 V1.1.4 1.6Ghz with Root , Supercharged and Tweaked . Tested on 3188T and 3188 Devices. 20.000+ on Antutu ! Download V2 of Supercharged Custom ROM (17/04/2014) codename Exucaveira : Pictures : V2 List of modifications : Added/Modified : Stock AOSP 4.2 Launcher (No 3rd party or JXD but the real Android Stock launcher) Status Bar has been hidden by default (Visual area upgrade and all actions have Physical buttons, if you want open the bar hold power button and choose "Display Status Bar". To take a screenshot hold Volume Down + Power) 160 LCD Density 60Hz Fix (Thank´s to vektor from Openhandhelds) vSync fix (Thank´s to Phjanderson http://www.freak

New A380 Custom Firmware and a Chips Challenge Bonus!

Hats off to Alien Grey for continuing to support the device that’ll never die, the A380! Alien has released a new CFW … and to keep you playing, a new version of Tile World AKA Chip’s Challenge, for your Dingooing pleasure! Way to go! The new Dingoo A-380 CFW V2.11.04 "Exmortis II" is available for download: HERE :,0,0,0,42,721 What's new: 1. The kernel has been replaced with an updated factory kernel. The kernel has been updated by d_smagin for better compatibility. A second kernel is no longer needed except maybe for charging the battery. It's still possible to boot the factory kernel with the VMLinux files to charge the battery if necessary. 2. There's a new dmenu item added to enable and disable the swapfile. The first time you change the Swap in dmenu to On it's going to make the 128MB swapfile. This takes some time so w

Heroes of Might and Magic for Android devices!

Dreams comes true... Working Heroes III (and more PC classic on the way)! Hello all, There are great news for all adorers of Heroes of Might & Magic III and timeless PC games of 90's. Moscow-based software company Eltechs (previously known for their Android ports of Doom & Heretic) released a fully working port of HoMM3 onto Google Play ten days ago. Unlike VCMI and other previous methods of running this game on ARM devices under Android, this app (called Heroes 3 Runner) works surprisingly good! Yes, it's not perfect at all, there are some sound hiccups, occasional crashes and noticeable slowdown in scrolling/drawing, but it's more than playable - and everything works well (except of LAN/modem/Internet multiplayer, but hotseat is working, of course!). And Eltechs is keep updating this app (current version: 1.0.2).   Heroes 3 Runner (like similar Doom and Heretic ports