Dingoo Snes9x SDL update to v 1.39

Spotted and brought to our attention by Kronus Arm from Dingoonity news:

Snes9x-sdl 1.39 20091118

The Snes9x Dingux SDL port has been updated in a past couple of days, but nobody bothered to post this up, until I discovered this yesterday while chatting with a couple of friends over the Dingoo-Scene Chatroll.  Tongue

Anyways go download it here:

Enjoy. Grin


  1. Who did it? There is nothing at g17.

  2. It's on some weird japanese Dingux blog, that has the same theme as Booboo's blog. I also think there's a performance drop in this release, so feel free to stick to the old release as all you're really missing is a low-battery warning.

  3. Change Log in:


  4. Well I would hate to see the password

  5. Confirmed, this new release drop performance/fps, so I put the old release again.


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