Sunday, November 15, 2009

Native firmware LynGoo updated to v 1.1

Spiller has updated his great Atari Lynx emulator to v 1.1:

"v1.1 (15 Nov 2009)

- Added screen rotation controls.
- Added sound on/off control.
- Added CRC32 checks to save/load state.
- CPU Speed set to 400MHz.
- Frameskip disabled; not effective.

Important note regarding save states
The format for save state files has changed in v1.1. This means that save states
from previous versions of LynGOO can no longer be loaded. This is an unfortunate
but neccessary change. On the bright side: save states should now be compatible
with the original Handy emulator and its ports.

Status with regards to some requests I got earlier:

Graphical glitches in Shadow of the Beast and Roadblasters have not been fixed yet.
Saving and loading the config is still not implemented; too much internals are changing still.
Adding a scanline filter is low priority and in reality I may never be able to add it.
Performance enhancements seem unneccessary now that LynGOO runs at 400MHz.

Grab it here:"

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