Saturday, November 14, 2009

Video Review of Ugly Bastard Child of PSP Go

A while ago, noproblem on that other Dingoo site made another one of those “Don’t know why I want one but I must have it” discoveries, and promptly gave it a great name:

This was it:


And now someone’s bought one, and reviewed it done a prepubescent hatchet job on it:

Good to see it in action though, so just turn the sound down!

As Christmas is coming, if you really must, pop over here to buy one:


  1. That Gamer X thing was bullshit. : |

  2. its kinda a bigger screen dingoo, maybe not so fairly built, but come on, the guy doing the review is a jackass, for that price, it has loads of functions, hell i would pay the price of a pspgo for a console that just did .nes games and that system does a bunch of stuff like the dingoo, he doesnt apreciate at all what he has, he is comparing it with a pspgo where its a completly diferent system, both in functions (in that it probably has more functions than a pspgo) and price (you can buy 3 for the price of 1 pspgo)...

    he must be like 12 and thinks that everything should be in 3d or it sucks, he doesnt realize that most consoles nowadays dont even come with all the cables, dont come with games, that its so cheap because they do cut corners, if he wanted the finish of a pspgo he should go buy one and try and run .nes games in it... righh! lame ass...

  3. Painful review made by a 12 yo cool wannabe.

  4. He actually did a Dingoo review:

    Try not to rage.

  5. This kids a bitch he didnt even try to see if it played psx or n64 roms

  6. That's just bashing just to bash something... Credibility = 0
    I would love to have it actually^^

  7. I thought it was kinda what I could do and the intro graphics and camera were good and in focus.

    However, needs his testies to fall for the deep voice - I agree.