Monday, November 9, 2009

Diana or Anna: the naked truth and what it all means!

Hah, you thought I was just a fanboy, didn’t you? Skip right past the fact that I get to use the word “naked” on this site significantly less than is desirable, and you’ll notice things if you try hard enough. Just like this guy.

According to the data so far (check out the poll results and comments from here), Diana and Anna from V are just as hot as each other (though Zaxxon Q Blaque’s comment must surely have some Casting Vote effect, I say!).  This is an unquestionable truth, but you don’t come here for the bleeding obvious (go here instead). No, there’s much to be learned from this seemingly straightforward observation, starting with this: assuming that everyone who saunters by these parts is a Dingoo user, this result leads me to conclude, rather unscientifically (but hey, that hasn’t stopped me before) that:

1.  About half of all Dingoo users are old enough to remember how hot Diana was in 1983. Assuming you were 14 then (hey, who else had time to enjoy TV?), that makes you about 37.

2. The other half are only old enough to remember how hot Morena Baccarin was in Firefly in 2002 (as well as how we wuz all robbed when the powers of Murdoch took Firefly away from us. Yep, bad Fox. Take my love, take my land, and then take he show from us.) Ok, focus … right; applying the somewhat frustrated TV watching 14 year old rule, that makes you about 22.

37 and 22? Hey, that’s the difference between Gen X and Gen Y! We’re looking at the difference between those who remember Yie Ar Kung Fu in arcades and those who only go to play Dance Dance Revolution because their PS3 at home looks waaaay better than anything you have to pay to play. This makes sense, and leads on to some other reasonable assumptions:

* No one born before 1969 owns – or wants to own - a Dingoo! (“So it’s just like one of those tape recorders, is it?”)

* No one born after 2002 either (“Daddy, I pressed the screen and nothing happened!”)

OK, I’m tapped out. It’s Monday night. If you can build on the above, and work out more about the average Dingoo user, chip in below.

Some among you are wondering what this is all about, in which case, you probably shouldn’t watch this video, which adds very little to the above, and only has one redeeming feature. It makes me feel I’m not alone.


  1. 1979 here - and yes, Morena Baccarin is hotter :D

  2. LOL! Awesome! I am somewhere in the middle, being born in 1980 and making me 29, and have a fondness for both shows and remember the original V with great graphic detail... still, yeah, Anna hands down, but you already know that. :-P

  3. I was born in 1966 as well. Why wouldn't I want to own a Dingoo to play some of those classic old games..?

    Now, if someone would just port a 2600 emulator over to Native Dingoo, I'd be all set.

  4. Born in 1966 also.

    Big hair from the 80's rocks and so does Diana! Though not so much now since I now know how long it takes my wife to do her hair, and not even 80's style. That 80's style would open up another hole in the ozone layer.

  5. '68 here.
    I thought I was going to love Dingux but fell in love with native Dingoo instead. Dingoo is tremendously appealing to my age bracket for one big reason: we have seen 3 decades of platform progression, innovation, introductory price, and after market price. The delta between what it costs to buy a new platform/roms and what it is worth later on is enough for any sane person to run towards Dingoo. The last thing I want is a PSP portable or DSi when I know that I can play those titles free or nearly free another decade from now.