Sunday, November 22, 2009

Mini-SD cluster size when formatting can affect performance

Apparently, formatting with a cluster size of 32kb can improve Dingux performance, but isn’t recognised by the native firmware.  Read more here:, or use the English cheat notes below. 

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Interesting discussion was formed on zx-spectrum - the forum.
Collective Intelligence in the face of one of the users has revealed an interesting feature of the dinghy. When using a large size so happens that the producer reformats them with a cluster size of 32KB. This makes it possible to achieve some increase in speed, by reading more data at a time.
The experimental Digna with firmware 1.2 flatly refused to work with a card with a cluster size of 32KB. So Dingux worked, everything was read in mode, card reader, but never saw one mp3shka, or ROM.
Decision - to reformat the card with a cluster of 4kb.
Probably will not work and intermediate values, but in any case, do not despair immediately after purchase card, if something suddenly failed to start immediately.


  1. Interesting! Some research would be adequate. :D

  2. Actually, the correct link is here =)

  3. And how does one format with a cluster size of 32?